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How to get radiant skin the “Pura Vida” way this spring… How your lifestyle can give you the “skin of your dreams”!

Happy Spring Hello readers and as they say here in Costa Rica where this spring edition of my skin blog comes from! Pura Vida!

Pura Vida is not only a way of greeting your near and dear ones here but also a way of life in Costa Rica where this expression means “living a pure, simple life”. The Ticos (Costa Ricans) live by this principle and believe that by living in the moment, enjoying nature and natural resources whilst doing things you have an inherent passion for and slowing down to enjoy life is the secret to a happy and fulfilled existence… This philosophy has resulted in Costa Rica being voted one of the happiest places on earth!
As we flow from the Winter in to Spring with the hope of new life blossoming around us I thought of of how a Pura Vida way of life and it’s benefits of a happy, fulfilled existence could not only enhance our lives but also enhance our skin.

I can see how living a life of Pura Vida can not only enhance one’s life but also enhance one’s skin and complexion by adding vigour, vitality and radiance by simply tweaking our life style … no expensive creams or cosmetic treatments required! This is what I’d like to share with you. So as we step in to what I hope to be a fresh and happy spring season for you all my skin tips come from a place of enhancing our lifestyles to improve our skin…


My top tips of how living a life of “Pura Vida” may help you in having the healthy, radiant skin you have always desired:

1. Disconnect to reconnect to alleviate stress: It well known that stress can worsen common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne thereby dulling our complexion. We live in a world today where there is a demand to always be connected and aware of what’s going on around us with instant access to email, social media, news made super easy by smart phone technology. Whilst modern day life is convenient and global in its connectivity a certain amount of disconnectivity is essential to ones health and well being, particularly in terms of reducing stress and anxiety. Spending some time away from our screens affords us the time and space to re-centre and refocus resulting in a re-energised and calmer you! We also now know that mobile phone screens are a harbouring ground for bacteria and viruses therefore staying smart phone free and of course keeping our smart phone screens clean can prevent bacterial/viral infections of the face resulting in fewer beak outs and even cold sores.

2. Get out there … an active life adds to your skin health
Any form of physical activity increases our blood circulation and releases endorphins resulting in a sense of well being. Activity is not only good for your general health but also essential for skin well being. Exercising outdoors or indoors is good however in our busy and often indoor lifestyles getting out and about is what the “Pura Vida” way of life encourages and promises to boost your skin with an added extra oomph factor to your skin.


3. Responsible sun exposure can enhance your skin’s radiance
Part of getting out and about and spending time outdoors also involves the essential and healthy sun kissed glow that sun exposure gives us. I spend a large amount of my time as a Dermatologist who specializes in skin cancer and skin cancer surgery advising patients on the risks of sun exposure however I will be the first to admit that sun exposure if performed responsibly i.e. with the use of adequate and appropriate sunscreens with correct clothing to protect our skin from burning or excessively tanning can actually benefit our skin’s radiance and our general well being. In the land of “Pura Vida” people wake up in the early hours before the suns rays get strong and exercise outdoors whether it be yoga or running on the beautiful beaches. Generous application of sunscreen combined with activity in the outdoors gives our skin radiance and vitality by vitamin D synthesis which is well known to enhance immunity whilst strengthening our bones. The benefits of Vitamin D in many medical and skin conditions is currently being studied and validated. As with everything in life the idea is to balance adequate sun exposure whilst preventing excess tanning and burning and this balance is achieved differently for different skin types.


4. Find a passion and pursue it: You may ask how finding a passion enhances our skin? Whilst there is no research proven trial; which has looked in to how this enhances our appearance … finding a passion enhances our drive, ambition and sense of accomplishment… all factors essential for a happy fulfilled life. When we are happy and fulfilled we stress less and don’t sweat the small stuff… and we know that stress and anxiety can dull our glow. Doing one thing which makes you happy everyday may be better than applying that expensive cream you were thinking of investing in!

I’m a huge believer that although there is a role for creams, medicines and other surgical and non surgical treatments for skin health; a healthy lifestyle which promotes a sense of well being and happiness can achieve the radiant flawless complexion we all dream of. A trip to the land of a “Pura Vida lifestyle” reinforced my beliefs enough for me to share this ethos with you. The best thing about lifestyle is that we can take it with us wherever we go … and live it even here in the UK So until next time “Pura Vida” amigos! SR


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