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Top 5 tips to help your skin sparkle this NYE

How to put your best skin forward as you step in to 2016; my top 5 tips to help you sparkle this NYE

I hope you had a great Christmas, Hello readers and are now looking forward to the fun, excitement and happiness which 2016 hopes to bring. Before we get to 2016 though the biggest and best party night of the year is almost upon us. I’m sure you’ll agree that we would all like to put our best foot forward to step in to a bright and Happy New Year. In this blog post I share with you my top 5 tips for putting your best skin forward too, hoping you jump with both feet into a health, happy and successful 2016.

My top 5 NYE party skin tips:

1. Exfoliate your skin in the days prior to NYE: It’s time to get out the face and body scrubs and spend some quality moments scrubbing away the dead skin cells leaving fresh, healthy glowing skin behind. Beware if you already have some post Christmas acne though as scrubbing on acne laden skin can make your acne worse. If you have no acne, choose a scrub, which is gentle on your skin as often it is the rubbing action combined with a fine and soft particulate scrub, which gives you the best results. Harsh scrubs can leave your skin irritated and overly dry.
2. Keep your skin and hair hydrated with a good moisturiser and try using a moisturising BB cream/foundation on your face and neck on party night:
It’s hopefully going to be a long and fun night bringing in the new year, so having your skin keep up with you is of utmost importance. You can achieve this on NYE by moisturising it well to withstand the cold when you’re outside and glow when in the warmth inside. There are many moisturising i.e. cream based rather than lotion or powder based BB creams or foundations out there. It’s a simple matter of choosing the right one for your skin (one that you’ve used before and gives you a dewy natural look). Don’t forget your luscious locks either as there’s something about a shiny mane to complete whatever look you have planned. Some olive oil or any hair mask that adds moisture to your hair, leaving it well conditioned on a daily basis leading up to NYE will help you get your hair shining for the big night.

3. Keep those lips shining with long stay lipstick:
There’s going to be plenty of drink and cheer on NYE and we all know how lipsticks quickly transfer from our lips to our martini glasses (or any other glasses you may choose this NYE)! If you want to keep those bright lips speaking volumes all night long, you may want to choose those you know to last longer. A double application with an in between blot might also help as will appropriately moisturizing your lips prior to applying your chosen rouges à lèvres.
4. Keep that Christmas sparkle on your skin whilst you go in to the New Year:
We all love a bit of sparkle at Christmas and why not keep that on NYE. Apart from having healthy skin that naturally sparkles there are various body glitters available which give you an extra glow as you shine bright on NYE. Just remember to scrub it off your skin the day after as little glitter particles can clog hair follicles and pores if not washed off.

5. Keep those eyes twinkling bright: Waterproof and smudge-proof mascara/eyeliners and eye shadows if applied correctly can frame your eyes and have also been scientifically proven to make your eyes appear larger to others. So by applying the correct eye make- up you could keep your party eyes from looking tired this NYE, as you dance your way from 2015 in to 2016.

Finally I wish you all a fun, happy and safe NYE, and in the words of a much loved patient of mine: hope you mix style with ease or “get your Steaze” this NYE, which I believe starts with great looking skin! Happy New Year.

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