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5 top reasons why STOPtober could end up saving your skin

SKINtober STOPtober SAVE YOUR SKINtober… 5 top reasons why STOPtober could end up saving your skin

What a wonderful time of the year we are in, the Autumn leaves have spread their colour on our streets, gardens, and parks and their lingering warmth in our hearts. October also promises to be a meaningful month with the research proven promise that if you stop smoking for 28 days you are 5 times more likely to stop smoking for life!

We have all heard of the harmful effects that cigarettes have on our general health but what about our skin health? For all us fashion and image conscious chicas and chicos we must be aware that cigarettes are just as detrimental to our skin, hair and nails as they are to our lungs. My hope this month is to highlight the top 5 reasons why stopping smoking could save your skin and almost certainly your life!


Five reasons why STOP SMOKING will SAVE YOUR SKIN…

1. Decreases oxygen in facial skin.
Recent research suggests that as little as 30 min of smoking can significantly decrease your skin’s oxygen content. We know that our skin needs oxygen for cell function and cell repair. For all the facials and skin care products we often use to maintain our skin health, (which from personal experience I hasten to add don’t come cheap) may have their effects destroyed by even half an hour of social smoking. So think about it the next time you buy that fabulous night cream which promises to take away all your wrinkles!

2. Changes the colour of our skin.
We have all seen long -term smokers and their skin. Smoking changes the skins natural colour to pale-yellow with a sallow appearance. This is more apparent in white and Mediterranean skin types. If you have been going to all that effort on keeping that September skin shining detailed in my last post, then it’s definitely time to swap the cigarettes with a healthier lifestyle and skin care regime for sure.

3. Increases fine lines and wrinkles.
Most of us are aware that smoking accelerates the formation of wrinkles therefore resulting in a prematurely aged appearance. Most of us however don’t know that smoking also increases fine lines that are not always visible to the naked eye, this has been measured by using skin moulds and profilometry in scientific studies. So what does this mean? The effects of even social smoking on your skin, which may appear pristine now may be getting damaged with each cigarette you smoke with visible changes appearing often when it is not reversible. What lies beneath in this case definitely matters and is worth preserving before it’s too late.

4. Results in thin, dry and lack lustre hair.
If your mane is your pride and joy and let’s face it we all take pride in styling our hair so that it’s shiny, healthy and appears effortlessly just right! Then this may come as a shock that smoking can lead to hair loss and dry brittle hair. Smokers often have poor diets due to the effect of nicotine acting as an appetite suppressant. This may lead to malnutrition and the lack of absorption of trace minerals, vitamins and amino acids, which combine their effects to give us healthy, thick and shiny hair. Apart from a shiny thick lustrous mane the smell of our hair also signifies health and vitality. The smell of nicotine as you know is very hard to disguise. Smoking cessation could give you hair that reflects your truly fabulous aroma and get rid of the stale musty smell that cigarettes leave behind!

5. Stains your oh so gorgeous finger nails.
I don’t know if you guys ever look at people’s hands …I know for a fact I do a lot! There is nothing more elegant and beautiful than gorgeous hands. Our hands are on display more than we think… In some cases even more so than our faces and beautifully manicured hands and nails go a long way in creating first impressions in interviews (that oh so important hand shake) , first dates, first job placements … and may more of those firsts in life.
Smokers, if they have been smoking for a period of years rather than months often develop brown-orange staining called nicotine staining on the fingers and nails, which are most in contact with the cigarette. You will agree this isn’t a good look any time of the year!

Finally a heartfelt message to all you fabulous Hello readers … Don’t wear the effects of nicotine on your skin for any longer, you all deserve healthy fabulous skin which leaves a great impression wherever you take it!

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