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Top 5 tips to get that September skin shining

September skin; the in limbo phase when our summer memories and summer skin still remains but has to acclimatise to the crisp autumn days and hint of colder weather on its way.

Many of you may know that your skin conditions itself to its surrounding environment and climate. As the days become colder and we start wrapping up there are some simple things you can do to keep that healthy summer glow and even improve your skins luminance well in to the autumn.


Shine your September skin with 5 simple interventions:

1. Don’t ditch the sunscreen

I know this may seem ludicrous that we hardly have any sun, it’s raining almost every other day and it’s colder so why should you be wearing sunscreen? Well, like most people you have probably been away this summer and have a glorious suntan. Our skin can loose its glow with excessive tanning and weathering from being the great outdoors leaving a dry and leathery appearance especially with long term excessive sun exposure. Sun protection is imperative for general maintenance of skin appearance, texture and for the prevention of skin cancer. Even the UV rays found in the British autumn sun shine can have harmful effects, especially after periods of short yet sharp sun exposure as we have on holiday. Regular sunscreen will help to gradually reduce your tan and prevent further sun damage whilst keeping your skin well emmoliated this autumn.

2. Find a good gradual tanning moisturizer that suits your skin type
There are plenty of moisturisers available that maintain and enhance a gradual tanning effect. This is a safe and effective way of maintaining your tan and adding some September shine!

3. A healthy diet with some essential ingredients for that healthy glow
It has been research proven that a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables particularly those rich in carotenoids and antioxidants i.e. brightly coloured fruit and vegetables such as carrots, apricots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, beetroot etc. when consumed through food rather than tablet supplements enhances the colour of ones skin and gives that healthy luminant shine. So bring on the September antioxidant rich smoothies for that September shine.



4. A good exercise regimen
For most of us the summer is a time for sun sand and wine! The extra summer cocktails and drinks at the beach clock up high sugar intake which often feels fabulous at the time but can take toll on your skin and body causing break outs and weight gain. Both of these can leave our skin looking less than at its best. A regular exercise regimen and maybe getting back in to your favourite sport will release endorphins and keep your skin and mood shining this September.

5. Exfoliation of your skin
Sometimes overly tanned or weathered post holiday skin can be left dull with uneven pigmentation. Often a good exfoliation regimen followed by good emmoliation can take away the dead layers of the skin revealing the healthy glowing skin that lies beneath. Good exfoliants include natural scrubs such as salt or sugar based scrubs or mild chemical peels and vitamin A (retinoid creams) for the face and neck. My advice is to go to a Dermatologist if you are considering a chemical peel or vitamin A creams as they will have good understanding of your skin, accurately advise you on the type of peel which will be right for you and most importantly will be able to deal with any complications if they arise.

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