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Post holiday skin blues and how to treat them

Welcome back from holiday Hello readers! Dare I say it but our summer holidays are nearing finale especially if the great British weather this week is anything to go by! Most of us have hopefully enjoyed some well-deserved time out this summer wand have some great memories and stories to tell. If you’re anything like me then you may have packed in so much fun in to your limited time off that you need recovery in particular skin rescue recovery on your return.

I thought it would be topical to share with you the top 5 post holiday skin ailments which commonly manifests in clinic and help you guys with tips on getting your skin mojo back this Autumn.


1. Post holiday spots/acne

The sun, sea and sand although great for the sun-kissed glow we seek can cause can cause over secretion of our oil producing glands in the hot and often humid climates chosen as popular holiday destinations. A combination of oil excess and pore blockage by thick sunscreen, sand and often lack of sleep with late nights can cause post holiday acne.
Treatment: Gentle face wash with benzoyl peroxide as its main ingredient (this can be found over the counter in many acne combatting face washes).
Avoidance of skin scrubs (makes acne worse) combined with non- comedogenic moisturisers. If this alone doesn’t help you may need to see your dermatologist for topical or oral antibiotics or other prescription acne treatment.

2. Dry lack lustre hair
Swimming in the sea or even in chlorinated swimming pools can strip the essential oils from our hair, which give’s it it’s healthy lustrous shine. Often over the holidays we tend to style our hair more frequently than when home and excessive hair styling (straightening or curling, hair dye or blow drying) breaks the di-sulphide bonds which keeps our hair structure.
Treatment: One needs deep conditioning treatment to repair the frazzled out hair cortex and restore its natural shine and lustre. My advice would be to find any deep hair conditioning treatment over the counter and use it once a week for 4 weeks after your holiday. Daily application of hair protective oils such as Argan oil can also help condition your hair back to shape and shine.


3. Dry skin
In warm humid climates our skin tends to retain its moisture however skin irritants found out doors such as sand or chemicals in skin care products combined with a climate our skin isn’t used to can result in dry skin or a flare of eczema.
Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise. By using a greasier moisturiser than you’re used to i.e. thicker creams, ointments or balms you can replenish the lost oil from your stratum corneum (outer layer of the skin). If moisturizer for a week isn’t helping you must see your Dermatologist for advice.

4. Insect bites

Bug bites especially mosquito bites can be a real pain to endure and ultimately to cure once back from holiday.
Prevention is the real key here with appropriate use of topical mosquito
repellent . My personal favourite is Avon Skin So Soft®, which also has SPF
30 sunscreen content enabling you to be both mossie bite and sun- burn free!
You may need a moderately potent topical steroid obtainable from your
doctor if the mossie bites aren’t self resolving.

5. Brittle or chipped nails

Now if you’re the adventure holiday loving sort or have even been camping or hiking this summer then your hands and feet and especially nails may have born the brunt of the adventure.
A good mani-pedi may do the trick however a cheaper DIY method may be to invent in a good hand and foot scrub and moisturizer and take biotin supplements available in any health shop. Biotin has been scientifically proven to strengthen your nails and hair.

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