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How to become Sun Savvy Chic this summer- What to wear to sun protect your skin

Hello again everyone. We have now understood some important concepts of sun protection in the form of sun creams and how to apply them correctly, therefore the next point of focus may intuitively be …What do you wear this summer to be sun savvy and chic?

As we approach the summer holiday season there are some important suitcase essentials I would like to make you aware of, which may quite truly “save your skin” from the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation (UVR), skin cancer and in the process keep you looking youthful.


How to stay Sun Savvy Chic this summer:

  1. The more your skin is directly exposed to the sun the higher the UVR your skin is exposed to. The right clothes to wear therefore are clothes that cover most of your skin whilst in direct sunlight. When you’re in the shade you can afford to wear less clothes therefore reducing your risk of sunburn.
  2. Bright fun colours are sun savvy. Darker or brighter coloured clothes which are fun in the sun absorb UVR and barrier harmful UVR from reaching the skin.
  3.  The weave of the fabric matters. If you wear material which is loosely woven i.e. has lots of spaces between its threading it allows more light and UVR through. Aim to wear tightly woven fabrics such as tightly woven cotton, silk, corduroy polyester and lycra.
  4.  Wear the right size of clothing and maybe even loose fitting clothes. The tighter the clothing the more the stretch revealing gap areas in the threading with greater penetrability of UVR.
  5.  Protect your face, ears and scalp as you can’t really wear clothes to cover these areas. Your summer head- gear should be a wide brimmed hat with the brim being approximately 3 inches wide so as to prevent sunburn to these areas. Choose a hat, which is also tightly woven and doesn’t allow light through.
  6.  Sunglasses which reflect at least 99% of total UVR should be your sun savvy window to the world this summer. Skin cancers around the eyes a common finding in my clinics and can be difficult to detect to the untrained eye, which often delays diagnosis and treatment. You can’t really apply sunscreen well around the eyes so covering them well with oversized sunglasses or wrap around sunglasses will help keep your eyes safe in the sun this summer.

Do you know your UPF also known as Ultraviolet Protecting Factor?

The really sun savvy fashionistas are donning sun protective clothing which relies of understanding UPF. We know sun creams have sun protection factor; clothes however are measured on their UPF; which is an indicator of their ability to resist both UVA and UVB penetration. For example if a T- shirt has UPF of 50 this allows only 1/50th of total UVR you are exposed to reaching the skin. It is important to understand though that wearing a bikini with UPF 50 will not prevent sun damage to the rest of your sun exposed skin! You can get sun protective clothing in a variety of shops and online.

Happy sun savvy chic shopping!

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