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Apr 13

The Lomography Camera

Lomography Diana FYou would have to be under a rock not to realise that we live in a digital community. We do everything online; pay bills, watch TV, communicate with others, share content, shop and sell. So it’s only natural that digital cameras have taken more of centre point in our lives. Whether it is a camera that is part of your phone or full blown SLR we always need one to capture pivotal moments of our lives. However as popular as digital cameras are there is a massive community who still use analogue cameras. Take Lomography for a start – the brand is a magazine, shop, and a community dedicated to analogue photography. Lomography was founded in the 80s by Igor Petrowitsch Kornitzky, and Michail Panfilowitsch Panfiloff in a bid to create a better version of the Cosina CX-1, which was the premier analogue camera of that time. Boy did they succeed; the cameras are very bold, eye catching and very quirky. They look very good very good on the eye too and are often featured in magazine shoots or in the hands of celebrities. TV presenter, Alexa Chung has been spotted with a camera at a fashion show.

The cameras range from £25 to over £300 which makes it accessible to more or less everyone. They all have a retro look that is rather kitch and are such fun to play with. Their bestselling models are the Diana Mini and Flash, Lomo Lubitel 165, Diana F+ and Fisheye No2. I got to play with the Diana F+ Gold Edition for a few weeks. It was a bit of a challenge getting my head round using a camera that was not digital but once I had it was pretty smooth sailing. The model was created in 2007 as a tribute to the original Diana camera which was an analogue icon of the 1960s. It has original features of the late Diana camera; the lightweight plastic body, the simple shutter, the color-dripping lens and soft-focused surprises. But it also has brand new features like Pinhole and Endless Panorama options. It is a really cool camera to play with and would make a lovely present for someone if you want to give them something cool and original.

To find out more about Lomography cameras just go to their website.

Feb 13

Celebrities and their Cameras

Alexa rocking a vintage camera.

Alexa rocking a vintage camera.

It all started with Koo Stark, remember her? The sultry brunette who dated Prince Andrew back in the 80s. In order to deal with the paparazzi frenzy she decided to arm herself with a camera and start snapping them while they descended upon her. That is back in the day when cameras were produced on film and not every Tom, Dick and Harry had one. Well now since the digital takeover SLRs and shoot and point models are now seen in the hands of practically everyone. Now you can’t move without seeing celebrities with cameras. Cheryl Cole was a vision in pink Chanel on the cover of last December’s UK Glamour but it was her her cute gold camera that stood out to me. The camera that she was holding was the Lomography Fisheye No. 2 Gold Edition. Then there was fashionista darling and socialite, Olivia Palermo who appeared on the cover of Spanish Marie Claire last April. It was a retro glamour shoot by Sergi Pons and styled by Florence Reveilaud. She was wearing pieces from Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Valentino and holding an old vintage camera. It’s not just in magazines that celebs have been seen with cameras, they have been sighted on the town with their little beauties. Alexa Chung has been spied front row of the Chanel fashion show sporting a Diana F+! Lomo camera and One Direction’s, Harry Styles was also spotted with a Fuji Instax camera. Lomography often known as Lomo are a brand who produce a wide range of retro cameras in great colours that look really great in the flesh as well as on screen. Look out for a review on the brand shortly.

Pic taken from Flickr thanks to Biscuit99

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