Apr 14

X-mini WE and X-mini ME

X-mini WE Product Images newAs we embrace the digital world part of that includes mobile working. Whether you are based at home or worked from your local cafe you will need all the tools to make your day effective. That includes laptop, cloud drive, wifi or mifi and music. The X-mini WE and X-mini ME  is the world’s first thumb-sized portable speakers and a way that you can take your music with you. You can use it with your mobile phone or tablet to stream all your favourites via iTunes or whatever format it is placed in.

The X-mini WE is multi functional; it is activated via Bluetooth but also acts as a Bluetooth dongle. You can plug it into your headphones or old stereo system and turn them into Bluetooth enabled devices too! The WE model also has NFC capability which is easily paired to tapping. The X-mini ME is operated via wifi.

I tried the X-mini WE and I was very impressed with the sound quality. The speaker has a lot of depth that can fill a room despite its miniature size giving you amazing sound when and where you need it. The X-mini WE and X-mini ME is a fantastic miniature, ultra-portable speaker for all music lovers. More excitingly they come in a wide range of colours that will suit your individual style.

The X-mini WE is £29.99 and X-mini ME is £19.99 – both available from John Lewis

For more information just visit the website.

Mar 14

Marshall Rocks and Rolls

Marshall Product Range
The legacy of the Marshall brand began in a small drum shop in Hanwell in the 1960, where Jim Marshall sought to create a harder, crunchier, richer sound.  After decades of wonderful success, Marshall have introduced a whole new range of audio equipment to satisfy our sensory needs; we are talking about headphones and speakers. The headphones are quite impressive and celebrate the spirit of the 60’s with vinyl leather, brass accents and fret grille detailing across their product range. Taking inspiration from the power of live performance, over 50 years of expertise has been placed into the Marshall Headphones collection. These headphones are not just pretty to look at but they are effective and very comfortable. If you are into rock music or love your bass then these headphones are for you because they pick up on the acoustics from electric guitars and drums. Rock on!
For more information about the Marshall headphones just go to their website.

Feb 14

Livescribe Smartpen

LivescribeCan you remember life without a smartphone or a tablet? Neither can I. You can do everything from watch videos, read emails and catch up with friends and family on Social Media. What else could you possibly need? Enter Livescribe 3 - a smartpen that allows you to transfer all your notes, drawings and recordings onto your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Livescribe brings notes, words and ideas to life. Livescribe smartpens make it easy to connect paper and pen to the digital world and fundamentally change the way people capture, access and share what they write, draw and hear.

This amazing smartpen allows you to do all sorts of things such as:

  • Allow you to write on Livescribe dot paper and watch everything appear instantly on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices with Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology.
  • Use the built-in microphone on a tablet or smartphone to create interactive “pencasts” that synchronise recorded audio with written notes.
  • Convert handwriting to text to create tasks, reminders, contacts and calendar events.
  • Add photos and text memos to notes to add context and clearly communicate details. Share written notes, photographs and diagrams as PDF files over Mail, Messages Evernote, Dropbox and other apps.


Livescribe 3 is compatible with iOS devices that are Bluetooth Smart Ready, including the iPhone 4S or later, third-generation or later iPad, iPad Mini, and the fifth-generation iPod touch or newer. The free Livescribe+ mobile app is available from the App Store℠ for devices running iOS 7. This latest addition to Livescribe’s line of award-winning smartpens is designed with the look and feel of a quality fountain pen combined with the intelligence of a mobile device. It would also make a fantastic Valentine gift. Two versions of Livescribe 3 are available at £129.99 and a Pro Edition with a smart leather portfolio at £169. Livescribe smartpens are available in the UK from Apple, Amazon, Selfridges, Amazon and other leading electronic and online stores.

We are giving away a FREE Livescribe pen to one of our followers. All you need to do is drop me an email with ‘Livescribe’ in the address line.  The deadline for the this giveaway is Tuesday 18th February.

Dec 13

Christmas Work Party Tech Kit

Christmas Work Party Tech Kit

In case you haven’t noticed it is December which calls for mass opening of advent calendars and Christmas decorations going up. The build up to Christmas also means the looming work party which some dread but a lot of people actually look forward to. Lots of food, drink and dancing – what’s not to love? Technology can make planning for the Christmas work do a lot easier, from buying an outfit last minute, getting home or booking a last minute hotel. I have put together a tech guide for your Christmas work party.

Finding the Perfect Outfit
You have been slaving like a dog all week, meeting deadlines and buying Xmas presents so you have not had time to choose the right outfit which means eeek you have nothing to wear to the party. What’s a girl to do? Get apping. Practically every decent fashion brand has an app where you can pick out an outfit and have it delivered in 24 hours. ASOS, Net a Porter, Topshop and Marks and Spencer.

Getting There
Running late for the party or those heels are just not public transport appropriate? You might want to think about calling a taxi or better still your own cab. Hailo London and Get Taxi offer a service where you can book a cab to arrive at a specific time or call on demand. You can use their apps or book online and better still you can track the whereabouts of your driver in case you are getting frantic. Climatecars is the new kid on the block and London’s green alternative to black cabs and minicabs. They have a large fleet of environmentally friendly hybrids, all with leather seats and stocked with free Belu mineral water and magazines.

Staying Connected
There was a saying back in the day that if its not on TV then it never happened well today if it’s not on Social Media then it might as well not have happened. What better way to capture the fun and frolics of your xmas do by sharing images or footage on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However despite how amazing our phones are they do tend to run out of juice half way through the day so it would be a great idea to invest in a mobile phone charger. Nokia do a great universal portable USB charger and other brands do a charging covers so you can swap your original cover for the one that charges up your phone.

Getting Home
After a great night you might need to think about making your way home so in order to avoid missing the last train or tube just download thetrainline or thetube apps that will give you details about the last train and even what platforms to head to. Any delays or issues will be alerted to your attention. If you fancy splashing out and making the most of the evening then Hailo London, Get Taxi and Climatecars will be at your beck and call.

Get a Room
We all love a drink at a party and if you can’t get merry at the Xmas work do then when can you? However as fun it is to be merry it is not at all fun to drink and drive. So why not book a room in a hotel for the night so you can enjoy yourself and not worry about going over the limit? Hotel Tonight is the perfect app for this, you can book a room in any hotel within your radius at a moment’s notice. So you can choose to do it in the afternoon before the party starts or halfway through the party or even after the party has ended. The app picks up all the best deals for you so it is quick and easy and after a few short steps you can have a nice warm room all booked for you.

Don’t Drink and Drive
It’s the morning after you might want to head straight home but you might want to check whether you are still over the limit. The Alco Sense Lite is perfect for this and will easily fit into a small purse or pocket. More importantly it is accurate, quick and easy to use and fit easily into a pocket or bag. So no getting stopped by boys in blue for you.

Jul 13

Get Fit with TechnoShape

Sinitta and TechnoShape

Former pop star, Sinitta getting into shape with TechnoShape

After complaining for the last five years about not having a decent summer we have been blessed with a scorcher of a summer. The last few weeks have been truly epic; eating ice cream in the late evenings while wearing flip flips and maxi dresses and sipping Pimms in the pub garden while soaking in the sun. However with flimsy summer wear comes high maintenance and I am not just talking about being fuzz free but making sure that your body is in tip top condition while baring all in those figure hugging outfits. The idea is to put in the work during the winter so you can ripe the benefits now however, if you were lazy and slacked off in the earlier part of the year don’t worry help is at hand. TechnoShape is a brand new fitness device that is used to get rid of stomach fat and the flab around the waist. The device helps to sculpt and tone your torso in just a few weeks.

TechnoShape is used by celebrities such as Lisa Snowdon, Peter Andre, Sinitta, Gabriella Ellis, and Millie Mackintosh and it is hugely popular in Europe and Dubai. It works by applying TechnoShape’s unique Pressure Pause Therapy (PPT) to your stomach through the Pressure Chamber while you are on the treadmill, cross trainer or exercise bike. This allows blood circulation to flow around the midriff which results in the fat burning from the stomach to the waist. Another benefit of TechnoShape is that it increases your metabolic rate and improves circulation, which in return rejuvenates the skin. A minimum course of twelve 40 minute sessions three to four times a week is recommended.

A 12 session course costs £550 and available in selected gyms nationwide.

For more information on TechnoShape check out their website.

Jul 13

The Navigator by Skullcandy

Navigator_Pink_Mic 3_Snake_Rev 1 (white background)Talking of models, Kate Moss is not the only one to lend her name to a bit of tech – Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen, Chanel Iman and Jessica Stam are the faces of Skullcandy – a brand who have been making waves with their amazing headphones for a decade. The four stunning supermodels have been the faces of the Hesh 2 which is the follow up to the iconic, Hesh – the original Skullcandy headphone. Skullcandy are renowned for its huge cans, thumping bass and having a large canvas for original artwork. The Navigator is just one of many models that come under Skullcandy, it is an onear set that is a lite version to the Aviator. The features of the Navigator are: supreme sound that delivers attacking bass, natural vocals and precision highs. The built in Mic3 allows you to have complete control of any IOS device; this means that you can pause to accept calls and turn down the volume easily to hear announcements. The ear pillows have a soft leather touch memory foam that provide ultimate comfort and there are also detachable cable for mobility.

I have to admit that the Navigator is a real beauty, taking them out of the box I was awed by how pretty they are. Plus they are really light; they are designed that you can fold them up and slip them in your bag. Folded up the Navigator actually looks like a pair of chic sunglasses. The cord is also wrapped up in a black toto to keep the headphones and cable safe. Of course the sound is amazing as it promises. It comes in four colours, black, white, royal blue and hot pink. At £84.29 it is really good value.

For more information go to the Skullcandy website.

Jul 13

Kate Moss Teams Up With Carphone Warehouse

KateMoss-CPW_02Kate Moss is the face of yet another campaign except this time it is for a tech brand. Yup, Britain’s most famous supermodel has been snapped up by Carphone Warehouse to create a full range of fashion accessories for smartphones and tablets. Rather like her gig for Topshop, Kate Moss has used her iconic brand and much acclaimed style to put together a collection of stylish and sexy accessories. This is part of a campaign by Carphone Warehouse to launch a new category called fashion tech aimed at the fashion-conscious smartphone user. Well this should be interesting. Kate Moss may not be everyone’s cup of tea and she has put her name behind quite a few brands but I am really excited about this collaboration. Her impeccable style should result in the production of some really gorgeous cases for smartphones and tablets. Lord know that I could do with a really sexy looking one. Also Carphone Warehouse have been lugging a bit when it comes to tech style, so they have a lot to gain from this project. If Kate can do for Carphone Warehouse what she did for Topshop then they will laughing all the way to the bank.

The Kate Moss Accessories Collection will launch this summer and it will be available online at Carphone Warehouse and all stores nationwide.

Jun 13



With so many different phones on the market we all need a jazzy case that will keep it safe but also look good at the same time. But with all the various styles it can be bewildering to choose one that suits you and your lifestyle. Enter CaseApp, a platform where you can create your own case. All you have to do is go to their website, upload an image (as high resolution as possible) edit it to your satisfaction, click preview to see what your final case will look like and submit your order. You can let your imagination run wild and have whatever style you want, a picture of yourself or your favourite celeb, floral images, slogans or branded ones like the Chanel one that is so popular with the stylistas. Their wide plethora of cases and skins are displayed on their Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. If you don’t want a case then you can go for a skin which is designed for iPhones, iPads, Androids, and laptops. The cases are compatible for iPhone 4/4s and 5 as well as the Samsung Galaxy 3.

I was kindly given credit from CaseApp to create my own case. I used the image of my header and ordered a case as well as a skin. I found the process to be very simple; rather like using The package arrived just under a week later and I am really pleased with the results. The quality is pretty good and the material for the case is really nice and durable. From now on CaseApp will be my go to place for new cases.

CaseApp is run by StickerApp Sweden and for more information you can visit their website.

Jun 13

High Tech Hair Styling Tools

GHD Eclipse

The GHD Eclipse

When Prince William and Kate Middleton announced their engagement in 2010 it was not the ring that got everyone’s attention – as spectacular as it was. No it was Kate’s glossy, bouncy brunette waves that had the media and all the fashionistas going gaga. Since then everyone has been trying to achieve those glossy locks. The good news is that you don’t need the budget of a Duchess to get your hair to all amazing, thanks to a plethora of hairstyling tools out there you can have hair like Kate in just a few short minutes. Hair tools have come a long way from the simple straighteners that were on the market in the 90s and now brands spend a lot of time and money researching ways to create advanced models that can work wonders on your tresses. I have listed the top five hair straighteners on the market.

GHD Eclipse
This is the new one model from GHD. If you are after a high end straightener then look no further. The Eclipse can work on any texture from fine and straight to thick and curly Afro hair. It also a very fast model and can style larger sections of hair at a time which is great for early mornings. The new GHD Eclipse uses a more effective heat to deliver the best and fastest results yet. A really fantastic investment tool.

Priced at £195

19mm Candy Apple Red Instyler (800x397)

The InStyler

InStyler 32mm Special Edition Bundle V2
This tool straightens, curls and create volume and shine to your hair. It contains a rotating heated polishing cylinder, four rows of precision-aligned bristles, and a thermal shield that protects the skin from the heat. The InStyler is a real joy to use because it really lifts your hair from the root and creates a lot of volume. The beauty of the InStyler is its versatility which allows you to straighten your hair but still achieve a lot of fullness. They are available exclusively from Boots or you can purchase from the InStyler website.

Priced at £79.99.


The BaByliss model


BaByliss 2098U Elegance Metallic Purple Straightener
With its beautiful design and salon quality performance, the BaByliss model ticks all the boxes. It is a powerful, sophisticated straightener and styler in one. It is all ready to straighten or style in just 15 seconds with ultra fast heat up and recovery. The Pro 230 Elegance gives you the freedom to straighten and style your hair. Along with straightening your hair to a smooth, sleek finish, the curved design lets you easily create waves, curls and movement in your hair with a flick of your wrist. Wrapped up in a stunning high gloss metallic purple finish, the BaByliss is everything every girl dreams off.

Priced at £79.95

Nicky Clarke Salon Pro Straightener with Comb £49.99 (2)

Nicky Clarke Salon Pro Straightener with Comb

The Salon Pro Straightener with Comb
Hairdressing supremo, Nicky Clarke kills two birds with one stone with this little beauty. The comb teeth glide through your hair effortlessly without snagging it and the ceramic plates smooth over your hair creating a very slick finish. Most importantly the Salon Pro Straightener contains a Tourmaline plate which locks in moisture into your hair which stops it from being damaged. The Salon Pro Straightener with Comb is perfect for ladies who are low on time but high on maintenance.

Priced at £49.99.


The Yogi Curling Wand

Yogi Curling Hair Wand
If fancy something a bit unique and funky then these are your best bet. The Yogi Wand comes in a variety of styles such as zebra print, snake skin and hot pink. The wand is lightweight, quick and easy to use. The ionic and tourmaline ceramic technology will deliver super smooth hair with long lasting results. They will also allow you to create a variety of looks from big bouncy waves to super straight locks and flirty flicks.

Prices has been reduced from £64.95 to £34.95.

Jun 13

Mujjo iPad Mini Case


Mujjo are a Dutch company who started off making winter gloves for people to use while using touch screens. They turned out to be a great success which led to the company moving into making covers for Apple products such as laptops, iPhones and iPads. The cover for the iPads Mini is their latest edition. Subtlety is the name of the game for Mujjo covers; their signature colours are soft greys and browns, creating an air of casual comfort. All of their products are crafted by hand using fabrics like wool felt and leather. The wool felt gives the iPad cover a sturdy feel that allows you peace of mind when carrying your device around. The leather at the top provides a simple closure and keeps your device secure. There are also snaps and rivets lined to keep your iPad mini from touching anything but soft, thick wool felt. The storage compartment allows you to store documents, earplugs and anything else you desire. This cover feels very light in your hands and does not add any bulk so it it the perfect case for your iPad mini.

For more information about Mujjo cases visit their website.

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