The Beauty of Vine

I always get a bit wary when a new Social Media platform comes along and sweeps everyone off their feet. Four years ago it was Tumblr which was flavour of the month and then Quora, Instagram and Pinterest followed, while Pinterest and Instagram are going strong, Tumblr has dropped off and Quora is barely noticed. So when I heard the mutterings about Vine on Twitter I was highly sceptical but after taking it in I can see just how effective it is. So exactly what is Vine I hear you ask. Well it is a mobile service that lets you capture and share beautiful and short looping videos. Each clip is around six seconds and allows you to record the sounds, voices, and scenes around you. The app is pretty simple to use and there is no painful editing needed. You just record, upload it and share and share alike on all your other social media channels. This really works brilliantly for events such as parties, press launches and premieres, projects such as fashion shoots, DIY and as well as personal adventures like holidays. Vine is a fantastic way of featuring new products that have been launched. Bloggers, online journalists and brands will be in their element here because Vine allows you to have an up close and three dimensional look at the products they are reviewing. To me it is like a mini You Tube but with the interactivity of Twitter which is no surprise as they are the people behind it.

Vine is available from the App Store but only for iPhone and iPad Touch but I can’t wait for it to hit the Android market. It will go crazy!

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