February, 2013

Feb 13

Celebrities and their Cameras

Alexa rocking a vintage camera.

Alexa rocking a vintage camera.

It all started with Koo Stark, remember her? The sultry brunette who dated Prince Andrew back in the 80s. In order to deal with the paparazzi frenzy she decided to arm herself with a camera and start snapping them while they descended upon her. That is back in the day when cameras were produced on film and not every Tom, Dick and Harry had one. Well now since the digital takeover SLRs and shoot and point models are now seen in the hands of practically everyone. Now you can’t move without seeing celebrities with cameras. Cheryl Cole was a vision in pink Chanel on the cover of last December’s UK Glamour but it was her her cute gold camera that stood out to me. The camera that she was holding was the Lomography Fisheye No. 2 Gold Edition. Then there was fashionista darling and socialite, Olivia Palermo who appeared on the cover of Spanish Marie Claire last April. It was a retro glamour shoot by Sergi Pons and styled by Florence Reveilaud. She was wearing pieces from Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton and Valentino and holding an old vintage camera. It’s not just in magazines that celebs have been seen with cameras, they have been sighted on the town with their little beauties. Alexa Chung has been spied front row of the Chanel fashion show sporting a Diana F+! Lomo camera and One Direction’s, Harry Styles was also spotted with a Fuji Instax camera. Lomography often known as Lomo are a brand who produce a wide range of retro cameras in great colours that look really great in the flesh as well as on screen. Look out for a review on the brand shortly.

Pic taken from Flickr thanks to Biscuit99

Feb 13

Samsung Solar Charger Set

Anymode Wireless Phone Charger

London Fashion Week (LFW) is finally here and I can feel the buzz in the air. One thing about LFW is the hectic schedule that everyone has which involves hotfooting it to shows all over London, attending launches and smoozing at the various parties. All this plays havoc on your feet and not to mention your mobile phone that really works overtime tweeting, texting, emailing, snapping pics and instagramming. The last thing you want is to be stranded with a dead phone. So those clever people at Anymode have come up with a wireless charger for the Samsung S3.

You can charge your phone and battery or spare battery by placing it on the charger which connects to an electricity supply. The advantage is that the spare battery can also be charged without the phone needing to be connected ensuring that you never run out of power wherever you are. The charger is very light so can be shoved into your bag with all your other essentials. It is also environmentally friendly with a  solar panel which can be charged up any time and anywhere very quickly. Ever so handy for when you are caught out.  I found the charger to be very user friendly and also very light to carry around. You literally just throw it in your bag and you are off and ready to go. It’s such a relief not having to worry about accessing a charger point or trying ti stuff your actual charger cable in your bag.

The set comprises of the charger, battery and charger cable and is priced at £85 and is available to buy from 1st March.

Feb 13

Topshop Goes Gaga with Google

Cara Delevingne poses for Topshop and Google's collaboration

I bet you thought you had seen it all when Burberry along with other designers started transmitting their latest collections by a live feed. Well think again because Topshop have knocked the ball right out of the park when it comes to fashion and technology. Their show on Sunday 17th February has been Dubbed “The Future of the Fashion Show,” and no surprise considering what they have in store. The iconic high street store have employed wearable, high-definition micro-cameras that will be shown on a selection of Google platforms, from YouTube to Google+ Hangouts. There will also be real-time model cams that sets out to capture exactly what it is like to strut down the catwalk, as well as a Be the Buyer app that will let you create, remix and share mood boards featuring your favourite pieces. Pinterest eat your heart out. A Google+ Hangout will be up and running to give fashion addicts a chance to view and interact with the Topshop design team as they put the finishing touches on the collection.

However before all the fun starts there will be a pre-game show in the form of a red carpet hangout, featuring celebrity arrivals at the Tate Modern venue which of course will be broadcasted on Google+ and YouTube, not to mention the digital window displays of the flagship store on Oxford Street. Beyond cool. Mementos from the show such as make-up and music tracks used on the catwalk will also be available for immediate purchase. All I can say is wow! Go Topshop and go Google. This is amazing on so many levels. Everyone knows how exciting a fashion show is but you don’t really get to see the other sides and all the effort that goes into it from various parties. Not only will Topshop be showcasing their new pieces to a global audience in a way that engages and inspires people but at the same time they will be benefiting from all the content that is created whether it is tweets, likes and valuable feedback. It’s a total win win situation.

You can catch the Unique show by Topshop on Sunday 17th February at 3.00pm.

Feb 13

The Beauty of Vine

I always get a bit wary when a new Social Media platform comes along and sweeps everyone off their feet. Four years ago it was Tumblr which was flavour of the month and then Quora, Instagram and Pinterest followed, while Pinterest and Instagram are going strong, Tumblr has dropped off and Quora is barely noticed. So when I heard the mutterings about Vine on Twitter I was highly sceptical but after taking it in I can see just how effective it is. So exactly what is Vine I hear you ask. Well it is a mobile service that lets you capture and share beautiful and short looping videos. Each clip is around six seconds and allows you to record the sounds, voices, and scenes around you. The app is pretty simple to use and there is no painful editing needed. You just record, upload it and share and share alike on all your other social media channels. This really works brilliantly for events such as parties, press launches and premieres, projects such as fashion shoots, DIY and as well as personal adventures like holidays. Vine is a fantastic way of featuring new products that have been launched. Bloggers, online journalists and brands will be in their element here because Vine allows you to have an up close and three dimensional look at the products they are reviewing. To me it is like a mini You Tube but with the interactivity of Twitter which is no surprise as they are the people behind it.

Vine is available from the App Store but only for iPhone and iPad Touch but I can’t wait for it to hit the Android market. It will go crazy!

Feb 13

Knomo cases

Knomo coversWhen I upgraded my laptop oooh about two years ago I wanted a really funky cover to go with it. After perusing the Apple accessories section my eye caught a bright and red shiny case made by knomo. It was fur lined with a zip pocket and looked as classy as hell. Needless to say I snapped it up for around 50 pounds but believe me it looks a lot more expensive and two years later it does not even have a scratch on it. knomo’s mission is to create a bag that really works with your busy lifestyle. They offer the tech savvy a selection of perfect urban bags and accessories designed to blend style and practicality. The brand was founded by three South African born friends who run their global empire in London. knomo have become the go to place for seriously sexy covers, cases and bags for your gadgets. They have captured this so well that bloggers all over the world sing their praises.

The new range by knomo is pretty amazing with covers for iPads, iPhones and laptops. I really love the leather bags for the Macbook Air sleeves and the envelopes are really stylish. However it is the iPad where knomo have come up trumps with a zip sleeve that is made in premium dragonfly snake leather. It is just gorgeous and as a lover of blue it truly speaks to me. The pattern looks a bit ordinary on a laptop tote and does not really translate on an iPhone cover but it looks fabulous on the iPad. The cover is just the right size to show off the pattern.

You can buy knomo cases from department stores such as John Lewis or order it directly from their website.

Feb 13

Samsung Galaxy SIII

Samsung S3

So after a lot of umming and urring, tooing and froing I have finally snapped my the Samsung Galaxy S III. I was torn between the Samsung Galaxy S III orS3 as it is known and the Samsung Note II but the S3 won due to practicalities and good old fashioned economics. I was planning to use the Note as a mini tablet and maintain my Blackberry Bold but that was not possible due to the fact that you cannot have the same mobile number operating on two phones and it makes no sense to have two separate sim cards. With S3 I can use it as a phone and a micro tablet so the decision was made. I picked up the phone on Saturday and I  chose the pebble blue as blue is my signature colour. I have heard how great the S3 is but I was not prepared for how fabulous it turned out to be. The concept of the S3 is that it is inspired by nature, it is designed to see, listen, respond, and enables you to share the greatest moments of your life. Well I can confirm that it lives up to its words.

First of all the camera function is amazing and rivals any DLSR and makes every image you take look clear and crisp. The camera syncs with Google so you have all your data ie contacts, calender and emails on tap. Also the web browser is excellent and loads quickly – the phone is even powerful enough for you to watch videos on it. The best thing about having an Android phone is the amass of wonderful apps that are at your disposable. With Blackberry you are more or less an outcast and do not have access to decent apps, so to be able to experience the wonders of Instagram and Kindle is awesome. Even the apps that I was using on my Blackberry such as Whatsaps, LinkedIn and Facebook are enhanced on the S3. What I love about the S3 is Google Maps, on the Blackberry it was total pants but on the S3 it works like a dream. I tested it on Monday when I headed off to the BenefitXmas do and it got me there safe and sound.

Ok the touch screen takes a while to get used to, the prescriptive text can be annoying and I will admit that the phone is a bit on the large side in comparison to the Blackberry but all I need is a great case and I will be home and dry. The only downsides that I can think of is that you have to charge it quite a few times during the day. I charge it at night and then once again during the day. Luckily it has a facility where you can see how much battery life you have left and you get a signal when the phone is fully charged. The S3 comes with 16GB so I don’t need to worry about running out of space with all my images bur considering that it has Picassa on it which holds all my old images then that is a good thing. I can confirm that the S3 is a joy to use. Together with the Griffin Stylus Pen that I was gifted by the kind ladies from Talk PR I am ready to take on the world.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is available on all major mobile network providers.

Pic taken from Flickr thanks to JonR Cook

Feb 13

Hello to Style & Tech

Me09e_smallHello everyone and welcome to my brand new spanking blog about Style & Tech especially for Hello. I will be writing about everything that is tech related, so whether it is the new iPad, the whizzy new camera that everyone is going wild for or that sexy gadget that will make your life fabulous – it will all be covered here. I am a real tech geek and have always been since I was knee high and so when everything went all digital I was in my element. Having an abundant of information at my disposal as well as digital devices to play with is a dream come true. This blog will be where I review new releases and keep you in the loop of all the latest releases.

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