Apr 14

X-mini WE and X-mini ME

X-mini WE Product Images newAs we embrace the digital world part of that includes mobile working. Whether you are based at home or worked from your local cafe you will need all the tools to make your day effective. That includes laptop, cloud drive, wifi or mifi and music. The X-mini WE and X-mini ME  is the world’s first thumb-sized portable speakers and a way that you can take your music with you. You can use it with your mobile phone or tablet to stream all your favourites via iTunes or whatever format it is placed in.

The X-mini WE is multi functional; it is activated via Bluetooth but also acts as a Bluetooth dongle. You can plug it into your headphones or old stereo system and turn them into Bluetooth enabled devices too! The WE model also has NFC capability which is easily paired to tapping. The X-mini ME is operated via wifi.

I tried the X-mini WE and I was very impressed with the sound quality. The speaker has a lot of depth that can fill a room despite its miniature size giving you amazing sound when and where you need it. The X-mini WE and X-mini ME is a fantastic miniature, ultra-portable speaker for all music lovers. More excitingly they come in a wide range of colours that will suit your individual style.

The X-mini WE is £29.99 and X-mini ME is £19.99 – both available from John Lewis

For more information just visit the website.

Mar 14

ghd Pastel Collection


Fashion Week might be over but the new ghd collection is all about the catwalk. Taking inspiration from the next season’s trends ghd have released a new limited collection in luminous pastels. The ghd pastel collection features the ghd IV professional styler in periwinkle, jade and lavender for spring/summer. Each ghd pastel styler features ceramic heat technology to straighten and smooth hair and a rounded body to create perfect curls and waves.

The specs for the products are below:

  • Sleep mode: switches off if not used for 30 minutes
  • Universal voltage for consistent performance when travelling
  • Round barrel: creates curls, waves and flicks as easily as it straightens
  • Professional-length 2.7m power cable


ghd who are dubbed the ‘Aston Martin of Haircare’, are celebrating their 13th year of transforming the way women style their hair around the world.  The iconic British brand seems to be loved by all. Not a bad achievement at all.

For more information about the ghd pastel collection just go to the website.




Mar 14

Marshall Rocks and Rolls

Marshall Product Range
The legacy of the Marshall brand began in a small drum shop in Hanwell in the 1960, where Jim Marshall sought to create a harder, crunchier, richer sound.  After decades of wonderful success, Marshall have introduced a whole new range of audio equipment to satisfy our sensory needs; we are talking about headphones and speakers. The headphones are quite impressive and celebrate the spirit of the 60’s with vinyl leather, brass accents and fret grille detailing across their product range. Taking inspiration from the power of live performance, over 50 years of expertise has been placed into the Marshall Headphones collection. These headphones are not just pretty to look at but they are effective and very comfortable. If you are into rock music or love your bass then these headphones are for you because they pick up on the acoustics from electric guitars and drums. Rock on!
For more information about the Marshall headphones just go to their website.

Feb 14

Livescribe Smartpen

LivescribeCan you remember life without a smartphone or a tablet? Neither can I. You can do everything from watch videos, read emails and catch up with friends and family on Social Media. What else could you possibly need? Enter Livescribe 3 - a smartpen that allows you to transfer all your notes, drawings and recordings onto your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Livescribe brings notes, words and ideas to life. Livescribe smartpens make it easy to connect paper and pen to the digital world and fundamentally change the way people capture, access and share what they write, draw and hear.

This amazing smartpen allows you to do all sorts of things such as:

  • Allow you to write on Livescribe dot paper and watch everything appear instantly on iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices with Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology.
  • Use the built-in microphone on a tablet or smartphone to create interactive “pencasts” that synchronise recorded audio with written notes.
  • Convert handwriting to text to create tasks, reminders, contacts and calendar events.
  • Add photos and text memos to notes to add context and clearly communicate details. Share written notes, photographs and diagrams as PDF files over Mail, Messages Evernote, Dropbox and other apps.


Livescribe 3 is compatible with iOS devices that are Bluetooth Smart Ready, including the iPhone 4S or later, third-generation or later iPad, iPad Mini, and the fifth-generation iPod touch or newer. The free Livescribe+ mobile app is available from the App Store℠ for devices running iOS 7. This latest addition to Livescribe’s line of award-winning smartpens is designed with the look and feel of a quality fountain pen combined with the intelligence of a mobile device. It would also make a fantastic Valentine gift. Two versions of Livescribe 3 are available at £129.99 and a Pro Edition with a smart leather portfolio at £169. Livescribe smartpens are available in the UK from Apple, Amazon, Selfridges, Amazon and other leading electronic and online stores.

We are giving away a FREE Livescribe pen to one of our followers. All you need to do is drop me an email with ‘Livescribe’ in the address line.  The deadline for the this giveaway is Tuesday 18th February.

Dec 13

Christmas Work Party Tech Kit

Christmas Work Party Tech Kit

In case you haven’t noticed it is December which calls for mass opening of advent calendars and Christmas decorations going up. The build up to Christmas also means the looming work party which some dread but a lot of people actually look forward to. Lots of food, drink and dancing – what’s not to love? Technology can make planning for the Christmas work do a lot easier, from buying an outfit last minute, getting home or booking a last minute hotel. I have put together a tech guide for your Christmas work party.

Finding the Perfect Outfit
You have been slaving like a dog all week, meeting deadlines and buying Xmas presents so you have not had time to choose the right outfit which means eeek you have nothing to wear to the party. What’s a girl to do? Get apping. Practically every decent fashion brand has an app where you can pick out an outfit and have it delivered in 24 hours. ASOS, Net a Porter, Topshop and Marks and Spencer.

Getting There
Running late for the party or those heels are just not public transport appropriate? You might want to think about calling a taxi or better still your own cab. Hailo London and Get Taxi offer a service where you can book a cab to arrive at a specific time or call on demand. You can use their apps or book online and better still you can track the whereabouts of your driver in case you are getting frantic. Climatecars is the new kid on the block and London’s green alternative to black cabs and minicabs. They have a large fleet of environmentally friendly hybrids, all with leather seats and stocked with free Belu mineral water and magazines.

Staying Connected
There was a saying back in the day that if its not on TV then it never happened well today if it’s not on Social Media then it might as well not have happened. What better way to capture the fun and frolics of your xmas do by sharing images or footage on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. However despite how amazing our phones are they do tend to run out of juice half way through the day so it would be a great idea to invest in a mobile phone charger. Nokia do a great universal portable USB charger and other brands do a charging covers so you can swap your original cover for the one that charges up your phone.

Getting Home
After a great night you might need to think about making your way home so in order to avoid missing the last train or tube just download thetrainline or thetube apps that will give you details about the last train and even what platforms to head to. Any delays or issues will be alerted to your attention. If you fancy splashing out and making the most of the evening then Hailo London, Get Taxi and Climatecars will be at your beck and call.

Get a Room
We all love a drink at a party and if you can’t get merry at the Xmas work do then when can you? However as fun it is to be merry it is not at all fun to drink and drive. So why not book a room in a hotel for the night so you can enjoy yourself and not worry about going over the limit? Hotel Tonight is the perfect app for this, you can book a room in any hotel within your radius at a moment’s notice. So you can choose to do it in the afternoon before the party starts or halfway through the party or even after the party has ended. The app picks up all the best deals for you so it is quick and easy and after a few short steps you can have a nice warm room all booked for you.

Don’t Drink and Drive
It’s the morning after you might want to head straight home but you might want to check whether you are still over the limit. The Alco Sense Lite is perfect for this and will easily fit into a small purse or pocket. More importantly it is accurate, quick and easy to use and fit easily into a pocket or bag. So no getting stopped by boys in blue for you.

Dec 13

The Lenova Yoga Tablet

YogaTabletwithMagazineIt’s been a month since I have been using the Lenovo Yoga Tablet and I am becoming more enraptured by it. The Yoga Tablet 8 is Lenovo’s first multimedia mobile device. It stands out in many ways, for a start it is shaped like a magazine with a bar at the bottom that allows you to use it in three modes; one where you can hold onto it while you read, another where you can tilt it while you type and surf the net and the last one where you can perch it on a table while you watch TV shows and make Skype calls. Basically the tablet adapts to your needs and lifestyle as opposed to forcing you to adapt to the technology. The Yoga also has an amazing up to 18 hours of battery life which is so handy and means that you are not charging it every night. The screen resolution is very good and all things look bright and beautiful from video, blog posts on feedly and websites. The audio is pretty nifty too with Dolby® audio and front-facing speakers which create a powerful surround sound experience. While I had to use headphones with the Acer Iconia to listen to my TV shows, the Lenovo provides a much better experience. The bluetooth keyboard makes this the ultimate companion to take around either as a work station or as a tablet. No more lugging around a heavy laptop for me. It’s not all perfect though, the Lenovo suffers from the odd glitch or two which means that I have to turn the power off and back on. Also certain radio apps takes ages to kick in, put it this way when I try to open Talksport I could have made a cup of tea and come back but the numerous pros make up for it.

For those of you who don’t know Lenovo used to be IBM till the Italian company bought out the personal computing division in 2004. Lenovo became a worldwide known brand when they sponsored the Torino Winter Olympic Games in 2006. Ashton Kutcher is the face of the brand and its newest product engineer and it was his face which appeared out at us during the livestream at the launch event in Milan. I am not sure what his expertise is in tech hardware but Ashton is a pretty savvy businessman so I am sure he will be an asset to the brand. The Yoga Tablet comes in two sizes, 10 inch and 8 inch models and is priced at £249 and £199 (VAT included) respectively. Considering that prices for the iPad start at £399 then you are frankly laughing. On the tech spec side the Yoga Tablet runs on MT8125 for Wi-Fi models and MT8389 Quad Core processors for 3G models with 16 or 32 GB capacity and feature Android 4.2. It can even charge other devices such as smartphones via its USB on-the-go. I just love this tablet!

For more information about the Lenovo Yoga Tablet just go to the website.

Nov 13

The Top Five Mobile Phones for 2013

It’s been a pretty big year for gadgets and an even bigger one for smartphones with numerous releases such as the LG, Samsung Galaxy 4, Nokia Lumias, HTC One and the iPhone. I have put together a list of my top five phones for 2013.

Samsung Galaxy 4Samsung Galaxy S4
This is Samsung’s biggest release of the year aside from the Samsung Tab 3. It is the most powerful and desirable device that they have created yet bar the Tab. For those of you who dread large phones you will be pleased to know that the S4 is the same size as the S3. It feels like a completely different phone from the S3 and in my opinion it is a much better design – the chrome on the side gives it a much more premium look and on a more practical level it allows you to grip it a lot easily. More importantly the keypad is easier to type on and the functionality is a lot more appealing. The S4 has an amazing camera (13 megapixels!) and has been described as one of the best on the market. I would certainly second that, the pictures you take with the S4 contains lots of colour and light and only the Nokia Lumia 925 and 1020 can rival it. It is the OS with 441 pixels per inch that makes this model stand out, the screen resolution contain very sharp text and video and you are not hampered the dreaded blackout that you get with the S3 when the sun comes out. Other perks from the S3 are a much faster processor and more storage space for media thanks to an expandable memory card slot. There is also Bluetooth 4.0 and 4G. On a downside the battery life does not last much longer and you still need to top up half way through the day.

The Samsung Galaxy 4 comes in white, blue, black and red and is available on all mobile networks.

Blackberry Q10BlackBerry Q10
This is about the only phone on the market that offers a QWERTY keyboard. In true Blackberry form you have to switch on the phone from the top but the Q10 has a twist, you can swipe up from the bottom of the display to switch it on. It is the perfect size as it fits into the palm of your hand and feels sturdy and safe in your hands. Aesthetically this is the most stylish Blackberry with a keyboard and is based on the Bold 9000 which I loved. That model was 50% screen and 50% keyboard but the Q10 is 70% screen and 30% keyboard which works very well. On the technical aspect it has two gigs of ram, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, 345 hours standby time and up to 13.5 hours talk time and supports 4G. The screen resolution is 720 pixels x 720 pixels but as the screen is smaller than most smartphones you do get a pixel density but overall an awesome screen.

The OS is Blackberry 10 and to use the model you create two profiles, one for work and another for personal use. Each profile can have its own data, apps and network permissions. You can access your work email, documents and company intranet from your work profile, then switch to personal use, secure in the knowledge that all of your sensitive data is protected. You have an 8 mega pixel camera which allows you to take pictures that are clear and sharp, you can also manipulate your pictures by cropping, lightening and darkening. For those of you purists who hate touching the screen there are loads of shortcuts on the keyboard that allow you to carry out functions such as scrolling, zooming in and out, going back pages, searching documents and reloading web pages. The downside of the Q10 are the lack of apps also you can’t turn auto brightness on or off which is a tad annoying.

The Blackberry Q10 comes in black and white and is available on all mobile networks.

Nokia Lumia 1020Nokia Lumia 1020
If you want an amazing camera then this is the phone for you, in fact this is the only phone for you. The Nokia Lumia 1020 has an incredible 41 megapixels so you can create supersize images. In fact the Zoom feature allows you to blow up an image to poster size. You have a lot more control over this camera – you can change the exposure, shutter speed, ISO focus or white balance – or you can just leave the camera on auto so it makes the adjustments itself. The PureView technology produces sharp and crisp images which are amazing on the eye. The video captures footage with stereo sound even at the loudest concerts thanks to Nokia Rich Recording, which handles sound pressure levels six times louder than conventional smartphone microphones.

The 1020 opens and closes apps very quickly which is pure bliss after using the S3 which left a trail of apps in your wake while eating up your memory. The 1020 is slightly chunkier and larger than its predecessor but the design is very appealing if you like colourful devices. The exterior has a zoom lens on the back but it is tastefully designed so it does not look obstructive. The downside is that the camera amp on the back prevents the phone from lying flat on the table so no typing while it is on the table. Also there is a bit of delay between taking images which is really annoying if you are shooting a live event.

The Nokia Lumia 1020 comes in yellow, white and black and is available on all mobile networks.

HTC-One-miniHTC One Mini
If you are not at all in love with all the large phones on the market then you HTC One Mini might be the one for you. It is a sleek compact version of the HTC One phone and fits perfectly into your pocket fit. It may be smaller than its bigger brother but the mini still packs a mean punch by hosting features such as HTC Zoe which is a three-second living photo that brings your pictures to life and HTC BoomSound, which delivers amazing sound through front-facing stereo speakers. There’s also HTC Blinkfeed, a personalised homescreen that delivers updates from news channels and social networks. A perk for those interested in the mini is that it contains the updated Zoe Highlights feature, which automatically creates a 30-second montage of your best videos and pictures – set to a soundtrack of your choice from your music library. Design wise the HTC Mini is quite impressive with the chrome casing that makes it look very expensive, I always like the way the model curves at the back so it can slot perfectly into your palm. Genius. On the tech side the mini contains Snapdragon 400 processor making it dual-core, 1.4GHZ, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, 13.27 hours worth of 3G talk time and an impressive standby of 692 hours. The device contains an UltraPixel Camera which captures 300 per cent more light than traditional smartphone camera sensors. The speed of the camera is impressive and allows you to take great images while you are on the move or capturing fast paced action.

The HTC One Mini is comes in silver, red and blue and is available on all mobile networks.

iPhone 5s
There is always mass hysteria when Apple drops a new phone and it’s no different when the iPhone 5s was released a few years ago. This model runs on iOS7 which is more sleeker and cleaner than iOS6. This OS is for people who love colour because trust me it is full of it. Surprisingly this is one of the smaller models on the market and is dwarfed by the likes of the S4 and Nokias but it is really pretty to look at. It is very light and beautifully made with the chrome and metal casing however it is very fragile so if you buy this phone you need to be careful that you do not drop it. The 4 inch display has a screen resolution of 1136 x 640, making it razor sharp at 326DPI.

The new A7 chip gives you CPU and graphics performance up to 2x faster than the A6 chip. Even more impressive, A7 makes iPhone 5s the first 64-bit smartphone in the world. The camera combines the best of the HTC Mini in that it takes great pictures in the dark and of the S4 and takes lovely daytime shots. What makes this phone stand out is Touch ID which registers your finger print which is invaluable in case your phone is lost or stolen. The downside is the battery life which is very weak although it does charge very quickly.

The iPhone 5s comes in silver and gold and is available on all mobile networks.

Sep 13

Celena Cherry Talks About The Honeyz, The Big Reunion and Tech

The HoneyzEarlier this year everyone was glued to The Big Reunion which is a show about 90s pop groups who were making a comeback. The format was that the groups would reminisce about their glittery life as a popstar, talk bitterly about the trauma of the break up and then hug it all out after a mini meltdown. Then the real work would beginning – training tirelessly for a massive concert at the Hammersmith Apollo. The result was a combination of Jeremy Kyle and X Factor and it was truly addictive  with1.2 million viewers tuning in. You won’t be surprised to hear that The Big Reunion is back with another series called The Big Reunion: On Tour. One of the pop groups taking part is the Honeyz and they have a new single out called Price You Play. Celena Cherry is the lead singer of the group and she took five minutes out to talk to me about her acting career and her tech essentials.

When did you decide that you wanted to be a singer?
I had always loved singing and music from a young age, my mum said I started performing for the family at the age of two. I was always inspired by Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson, in fact I later became good friends with Michael and now I do a tribute show with my partner who is an MJ impersonator called MJ ETERNITY.

How did you get your first break?
I was fortunate as a child to attend theatre school from four to 16 and had my first break on TV singing when I was only six on Max Headrooms Christmas Turkey. You can actually find it online! It’s so funny. My big break came with Honeyz aged 18.

We all saw you on The Big Reunion, how difficult was it for you face your issues with your co-members?
It was really difficult for me as I had many issues with the group. I felt very let down all the time and after it ended I suffered from depression really badly so I had spent many years in therapy putting it behind me and facing my demons. So when the big reunion came along it was either make or break time for me mentally, thank god it turned out to be one of the best things I ever did.

Name five tech products that you cannot live without with the reasons why?
I cannot live without my phone for sure! I need it like I need air.mainly because I hate when I’m away from my other half and kids so its our main route of contact. And my iPad mini too. That’s about as tech as I get. I don’t have 5 products!!! Lol

Do you tweet or instagram?
Yes I do both. I love Twitter, you can directly communicate with fans .its great. And I love to tweet pics of food I’m eating.

Do you follow any celebrities on Twitter?
Yes I do. Some are friends and some because I’m a fan of theirs and I wanna be nosey.

How important do you think Social Media has been for celebrities in creating brands?
I think in this day and age it’s extremely important. It’s the way to do things now. You can reach out to people instantly in a way you couldn’t 15 years ago.

What should we expect from The Honeyz?
Honeyz are in a really amazing place right now. We are all enjoying it so much more this time around and are in the studio penning an album. We have a new single Price You Pay hopefully coming out this year and the future is bright.

The Big Reunion: On Tour returns tonight with another series, catch it at 9pm on ITV2.

Price You Play will be released later this year.

Jul 13

Acer Aspire S7


Not satisfied with launching a dynamic tablet – Acer Iconia – Team Acer are sending some serious hardware our way. The Acer Aspire S7 is just one of many Ultrabooks that are being launched on the market. I was sent the Acer Aspire S7 on loan to review and my first impression was how light it is. It also comes with a suede slip cover so carrying that product around will not be an issue at all. After you have got through the Fort Knox style of logging on you are greeted with a pleasant and interactive introduction to the Ultrabook courtesy of Windows 8. I will admit, I struggled to find how to turn the thing on but it turned out to be a button at the back. Talk about embarrassing. PCs have come a long way since the press button days when control alt delete ruled the day. Microsoft Windows have totally transformed the way PCs operate. Those of you Windows people will be aware that the software is all about the boxes; your contacts in one box, your emails in another, calendar, apps etc. The set up is very seamless, you enter your email details and it imports all your contacts and data. You can communicate with them via Facebook and by instant messaging. The OS runs effortlessly and makes it easy for you to access your contacts and data. The Ultrabook has a touch screen which is handy but often forgettable as 90% of the time I tend to use the keyboard.

The model is made of aluminum, with either a metal or Gorilla Glass lid depending on whether you purchase the 11nch or 13inch. It has a 1080p IPS, Core i5 and i7 processors and a RAID 0 SSD. There is also two USB 3.0 ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack and an SD reader. Typing on it is very smooth and effortless. Due to a new thermal solution called “TwinAir” cooling, an innovative thermal design that extends battery life this means that you don’t have to endure having your lap toasted due to the device heating up. The Acer keeps its cool at all times.

The Acer Aspire S7 is £1099.99 but it is available from PC World for £999.99. For more information about the Acer just check out their website.

Jul 13

Get Fit with TechnoShape

Sinitta and TechnoShape

Former pop star, Sinitta getting into shape with TechnoShape

After complaining for the last five years about not having a decent summer we have been blessed with a scorcher of a summer. The last few weeks have been truly epic; eating ice cream in the late evenings while wearing flip flips and maxi dresses and sipping Pimms in the pub garden while soaking in the sun. However with flimsy summer wear comes high maintenance and I am not just talking about being fuzz free but making sure that your body is in tip top condition while baring all in those figure hugging outfits. The idea is to put in the work during the winter so you can ripe the benefits now however, if you were lazy and slacked off in the earlier part of the year don’t worry help is at hand. TechnoShape is a brand new fitness device that is used to get rid of stomach fat and the flab around the waist. The device helps to sculpt and tone your torso in just a few weeks.

TechnoShape is used by celebrities such as Lisa Snowdon, Peter Andre, Sinitta, Gabriella Ellis, and Millie Mackintosh and it is hugely popular in Europe and Dubai. It works by applying TechnoShape’s unique Pressure Pause Therapy (PPT) to your stomach through the Pressure Chamber while you are on the treadmill, cross trainer or exercise bike. This allows blood circulation to flow around the midriff which results in the fat burning from the stomach to the waist. Another benefit of TechnoShape is that it increases your metabolic rate and improves circulation, which in return rejuvenates the skin. A minimum course of twelve 40 minute sessions three to four times a week is recommended.

A 12 session course costs £550 and available in selected gyms nationwide.

For more information on TechnoShape check out their website.

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