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Oct 13

Discovering Cake Pops

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I am going to talk about cake pops! I am sure most of you know what they are, but for those who are not familiar, a cake pop is a form of cake styled as a lollipop.


A bride and groom eating cake pops

A bride and groom eating cake pops

Cake crumbs are mixed with icing or chocolate, and formed into small spheres or cubes in the same way as cake balls, before being given a coating of icing, chocolate or other decorations and attached to lollipop sticks.

I think they are very cute, and since I am 100% sure I want to have a Sweet Table at my wedding, I have decided to learn how to make these delicious creations, along with cupcakes, cookies etc… (but that is a different post!).

Cake pops

Cake pops

In order to learn, I have bought an amazing cake pop maker from Lakeland. Of course, cake pops can be made with pre-baked cake but if, like me, you prefer to make yours from scratch, this is the best way.

All you have to do is follow the recipe, spoon the mixture into the cake pop maker and, in around 4 minutes, you’ll have perfectly cooked spherical cakes, ready to be popped onto a lolly stick and decorated! Best thing about this very handy product is that it’s only £26.99 and it comes with six recipes.

Lakeland's 12 Hole Cake Pop Maker

Lakeland’s 12 Hole Cake Pop Maker

I will show you my finishing product and a step-by-step guide next week as I will be baking this weekend. I want my cake pops to look as amazing as the ones shown in this blog, if I am really good at it, I might even try to make this cake pop cake for my wedding:

A gorgeous cake pop cake

A gorgeous cake pop cake

Once you get the hang of it, you can start getting creative with the icing and decoration, look at these bride and groom cake pops:

A bride and groom cake pop

A bride and groom cake pop

And they don’t always have to be round, check out this wedding cake inspired cake pop:


I am sure that if like me you get yourself a cake pop maker, you won’t stop using it! Cake pops are not just for weddings, you can use them for birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day… there are so many ways to decorate them that you will end up using it ALL year round!

Cake pops are perfect for any occasion

Cake pops are perfect for any occasion

How do you feel about cake pops? Will you have a Sweet Table at your wedding or have you included it already?



Sep 13

How to choose your wedding cake

After choosing a dress, the perfect wedding cake is the next most important purchase for a girls’ big day. With all eyes on the bride, the cake should be the only thing capable of stealing the limelight. So why not make it a show stopper for all the right reasons with a little help from The Cake Artist.



Sugar craft wizard and baker extraordinaire, Melanie Marley, MD of the Cake Artist, has been waving her magic wand, making couples’ dreams come true for over 20 years. Designs range from the traditional, to more boutique creations dripping in semi-precious stones, and cakes used as a centre piece to set off the most elaborate of themed weddings.

The Cake Artist also make delicious biscuits

The Cake Artist also make delicious biscuits that are perfect as wedding favours


Everything is hand made to bespoke order and no two cakes are ever the same. Melanie works closely with couples from enquiry to delivery, to make their hopes and visions a sugar craft reality to be admired by all.

“Some couples have a clear idea of exactly what they want but with others, it’s a case of working from a blank canvas. Every wedding cake is a collaboration of ideas that go to create a dream that is unique to the couple,” said Melanie.

A Beau Cake made up of several cupcakes

A Beau Cake made up of several cupcakes

But where do you begin in choosing a cake? Here are some tips to consider from The Cake Artist:

  • How many guests does the cake need to serve? Special dietary requirements?
  • Do you want to preserve your top tier for a future celebration? (ie) christening.
  • Do you want the cake served as dessert?
  • Which flavours are your favourite – for cake and filling?
  • What is your colour theme, including flowers?
  • Is there an overall theme that can be reflected in the cake?
  • Which season is the wedding? Date of celebration?
  • Type of venue and location?
  • Budget?

Was it hard to choose your wedding cake? What design did you go for?



Sep 13

Eight incredible and affordable wedding cakes

Choosing the perfect wedding cake for some is as important as choosing the dress or the photographer. Picking THE ONE depends on your own likes and dislikes, the wedding theme and, most importantly, the budget.

Here we showcase eight incredibly affordable wedding cakes available at Waitrose, Kate and Pippa Middleton‘s favourite supermarket chain.

So, if you are very budget conscious these cakes might be what you are looking for. Waitrose offer great value made-to-order wedding cakes which start from just £49.



This stunning creation is a rich fruit cake covered with almond paste and soft white icing. Each tier is raised on dowels and is finished with sheer organza ribbon and ‘pearl’ beading. It serves 75-95 people and is priced £175.00.


These two cakes with green details are priced under £250.

The creation on the left is a classically romantic carousel cake that has been designed exclusively and is lovingly hand made by Fiona Cairns, Kate Middleton‘s wedding cake designer. It serves 50-55 but you can always order extra fairy cakes. It costs £229.00.

The creation on the right is made up of a rich fruit cake bottom tier, with 2 vanilla sponge top tiers filled with raspberry jam and buttercream, covered with almond paste and soft white icing. Sugar roses and wired trailing leaves decorate the cake, and each tier is finished with a sugar butterfly. This 3 tier cake is
stacked off-centre, to allow space for the decoration. It serves 85-105 people and is priced £239.00.

chocolate-cakeThese chocolate creations are absolutely stunning!

For just £335.00 you can take with you the creation on the left, a mixed four tiered cake: a rich moist fruit cake and moist chocolate sponge cake filled with a chocolate buttercream. All cakes four cakes are covered in marzipan and ivory and cream soft icing. The tiers are decorated with spots, dots and ‘pearl’ beading and topped with shimmering sugarpaste roses.  They are also available in fruit, vanilla sponge, or chocolate. The cake serves 65-85 people.

The dark chocolate cake in the middle is made from moist chocolate sponge, layered with dark chocolate ganache and orange curd with orange liqueur, covered with a thin layer of apricot kernel paste and covered with chocolate fudge icing. Decorated with chocolate tubes and curls and finished with a band of gold ribbon tied in a bow. It serves 75-95 people and is priced £239.00.

On the right we have a the three tier vanilla sponge with white chocolate ganache and raspberry jam, covered with almond paste and soft ivory icing, and finished with white chocolate curls, ready for you to decorate in your own style. It serves 75-95 people and is priced £259.00.


petal-cakeIf you are looking to add a splash of colour to your cake, then this is the creation you are looking for.

It consists of three tiers of vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam and buttercream covered in marzipan and soft icing. The cake is decorated with flame
coloured shimmering handmade sugar paste roses and petals. It is also available in Fruit, or Mixed Sponge and you can also order matching fairy cakes to go with it! It serves 75-90 people as is priced £295.00.


Finally, but not least, I have chosen this incredible vintage inspired wedding cake. Definitely my favourite out of all.

This classically romantic cake has been designed exclusively, and is lovingly hand made by Fiona Cairns (remember she was also in charge of Kate Middleton’s wedding cake).

It is a combination of tiers: one tier is rich moist fruit cake, and two tiers of vanilla sponge filled with raspberry jam and buttercream. The cakes are covered with marzipan and ivory soft icing.It is stunningly decorated with handmade antique pink roses and rosebuds, ivory butterflies and gold dragees. It serves 65-80 people and is priced at £455.00.


Which one is your favourite? Remember, all cakes are suitable for vegetarians and are available at Waitrose.



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