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Nov 12

Ten breathtaking engagement rings

The most popular month to get engaged is just around the corner, that being December of course.

Some boyfriends choose Christmas Eve for the special moment while others pick Christmas Day and I think either one is a wonderful choice for bringing family and friends together to share in your joy.

But don’t worry if by Christmas Day your future fiancé hasn’t popped the question, the second most popular day is New Year’s Eve!

With the help of diamond engagement and wedding ring specialist, I have picked ten amazing engagement rings to choose from, so you may want to discreetly forward a link to this blog post to your partner!

And he need not worry about prices, these fabulous rings range from £500 to £4,000, perfect to suit all budgets.

1. A 0.75 carat halo engagement ring with side stones  – £2,299

2. A delightfully elegant design sculpted from gleaming 18k white gold and set with sparkling diamonds – £599

3. A stunning 0.95 carat halo engagement ring with side stones in 18k white gold – £2,199

4. Dazzling round cut 0.55 carat side stones engagement ring – £1,499

5. This delightfully elegant design is sculpted from gleaming 18k white gold and set with sparkling diamonds – £3,999

6. A 0.65 carat side stones engagement ring – £1,799

7. An elegant design made from 18k yellow gold  – £1,100

8. Round cut 0.65 carat side stones engagement ring in platinum – £1,899

9. Round cut 0.63 carat colour side stones in 18k white gold – £1,699 (above)

10. Round Cut 0.65 carat three stone engagement ring in platinum- £1,899 (above)

What ring would you love your partner to choose for you? Do you have a favourite from these top ten?

Keep an eye out for my next post filled with tips of the do’s and dont’s of buying an engagement ring (another one to forward to your boyfriend!)

Oct 12

Top ten tips for a winter wedding

With the summer being taken over by the Jubilee and the Olympics, winter weddings have been forecast to be more popular than ever this year. These tips from will help to ensure you have a spectacular and magical wintry day:

Winter Wedding Shots by Joe Short

1. Wrap up warm: Avoid being photographed with a red nose, chapped lips and goose bumps with a stunning faux fur wrap and soft pashminas for the bridesmaids.

2. Think about your guests’ comfort: If you are having a church ceremony put some blankets in the pews. Churches are always colder than you think! After the service greet your guests with warm coffee and hot chocolate.

3. Transport: Classic cars and cold weather don’t go well, so why not opt for a horse and carriage filled with warm, wintry rugs.

4. Photographs: If you are having photographs taken outside, make sure that you and the photographer know exactly what the plan is and what the situation will be regarding lighting. You can also use the darkness to create atmosphere by floodlighting the outside of the church, for example.

5. Move away from convention: Serving cold champagne to an already chilled gathering isn’t great, so warm everyone up with hot toddies, mulled cider with calvados, eggnogs or warm brandy and winter fruits.

6. Warm banquet: To warm up, nothing better than a good meal, full of hot and delicious dishes, such as creamy mushroom soup and truffles as appetisers, beef tenderloin or roast duck for main course, and a fine selection of liquors and coffees.

7. Style and colour: If either of you have any Scottish blood, beautiful tartans and checks, heathers and feathers work really well. Alternatively, keep things classic and simple and go for white, silver and gold.

8. Contingency: The one thing you can’t control is the weather so you need to plan for all eventualities. If there is going to be any amount of walking around outside, you should tell your guests to bring their wellies. As long as everything is well organised, the whole ritual of putting them on and taking them off can be rather fun. If you can’t beat the bad weather, join it – apart from plenty of large umbrellas, have a pair of stunning pink or gold wellies on standby – ready for a few outrageous photos!

9. Centrepieces: A winter wedding is all about atmosphere and your centrepieces should excite all the senses. Beautiful candles, set amidst holly and fragrant spruce, hand-decorated chocolates and crystal decorations to reflect the candlelight will create a beautiful setting.

10. Ice-bars / ice-sculptures: Embrace the winter with ice bars and sculptures. With good lighting they can look amazing and really help to add to the atmosphere.

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