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Oct 13

Ideas for a Halloween themed wedding

Yesterday I was thinking about Halloween (can’t believe we are in October already) and was trying to tie it in with weddings and brides… silly me, as soon as I thought about it, it clicked! A Halloween themed wedding!

These weddings are very popular, especially in the states, although now they are becoming popular in other countries, and it doesn’t surprise me. Looking for inspiration I came across amazing ideas, including fun and scary wedding cakes, a coffin you can take your wedding rings in and unique cocktails such as a ‘bloody’ Martini. Have a look and share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Halloween wedding cakes

Forget colouful cakes! Black, red and white are the only colours you will want and need to create the perfect Halloween wedding cake.

Halloween themed wedding cakes

Halloween themed wedding cakes


You can also use autumn colours such as ‘pumpkin’ orange and decorate them with sugar figurines like ghosts, graves and skeletons:


Halloween themed wedding cake and cupcakes

Halloween themed wedding cake and cupcakes

 The decoration

The picture below shows that a Halloween decor is as elegant as any other.

An elegantly decorated Halloween themed table

An elegantly decorated Halloween themed table

If you opt to have an outside ceremony, why not recreate this scenery:

A pumpkin decorated walk towards the altar

A pumpkin decorated walk towards the altar


Together with the cake, give the drinks a little Halloween makeover. What do you think about this ‘bloody’ Martini cocktail?

'Bloody' Martini cocktails for the reception

‘Bloody’ Martini cocktails for the reception

Wedding ring  carrier

Ditch the traditional cushions or boxes for a coffin!

A miniture coffin to carry your wedding rings in

A miniture coffin to carry your wedding rings in

Place cards

Why not add some pumpkins and fake vampire teeth to give your place cards the WOW factor!

Fun place cards

Fun place cards


Now that you have seen different Halloween wedding ideas, would you consider getting married on October 31st? MBxx

Dec 12

Original ways to carry your wedding rings

There are many ways to make your wedding original and one of them is by swapping the usual wedding ring cushion for a fun, quirky and personalized creation.

So if you still haven’t decided this small detail, then here are some ideas that could work for you or atleast inspire you!


All photos from Pinterest

There are tons of creations to choose from and most of them can be made at home! It’s just a matter of wanting to do it and obviously having  just a tiny bit of imagination.

As shown in the picture below, you can take your rings in wonderful boxes. You could even carve your initials and wedding date on the exterior of it. It will be a box to keep forever, always reminding you of your special day.


You can also create mini books that carry the rings inside. It could be a book that has a special meaning to you or your future husband or just a favourite bestseller. If, for example, you are having a country wedding, why not opt for a crystal box with grass inside like the one shown below? And for a summer or beach wedding, why not carry your rings in a shell?


As you can see there a hundreds of options to choose from, these are just a few and my favourites. I will keep posting more in the near future so keep an eye out for the next post if these ideas have not convinces you!

Has one caught your eye? Will you be swapping the usual wedding ring pillow for something more original?


Oct 12

DIY: Film Roll Wedding Invitations

Whilst looking for wedding invitations I came across a very original idea that I really loved, a film roll wedding invitation.

Inspired by Trevor and Larissa, the first couple to share their idea with everyone, I have created a simple invitation to show you how you can do it at home.

It is really easy, and once you get the hang of it, you can complete a film roll in less than five minutes!

Firstly, you need to get hold of empty film roll canisters. I rang up my local photography shop and asked if they could keep them for me instead of throwing them away, they happily obliged. By the end of the week, they had gathered a total of 40 for me.

Once you have the empty canisters, and you know what design you would like for the invitation, you need to think about the packaging.

I thought of various different packages, one of them being a nice organza bag with rice inside, but as an alternative (more personalised) option I decided to go for a cute homemade box instead.

Making a small box is not as difficult as you may think, especially with the help of a Cricut crafts machine (my new best friend!), which is used for cutting paper, vinyl and fabric. The Cricut machine does it all for you, it’s like a printer but instead of printing it perforates shapes on the paper, ready to be easily popped out to use.

Once you set up the Cricut and download the required software, you are all set to go. I chose a gift box from the wide range of designs they offer, and once it had cut it out for me, all I needed to do was fold the parts and stick them together with glue.

After finishing the packaging of my invitation, I began working on the film roll canister.

As I mentioned before, I decided to create a really simple design for the outside of my roll. All I needed was white address labels and a long strip of paper with the details of “my wedding” wedding written on it, such as who is getting married, where the ceremony is taking place and where I will celebrate.

Once you have your strip of paper cut out, all you need to do is tape the inside end of the it to the film spool.

Then you wind the paper into the canister and leave a tab for the recipient to unfurl the message, I chose the word PULL.

You can choose to leave the exterior of the film roll as it is or decorate it with an address label with text on it or any other personal decorative touch you may think of.

I went for the second option and included text on the outside of the roll.

To complete the invitation, I put the film roll inside my lovely box, filled the inside of it with rice and wrapped it with a bow.

Et voilà, wedding invitation done!

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