Getting married abroad: wedding tips

More and more couples are choosing to get married abroad, whether it’s in a Castle in Italy, a glittering snow topped mountain in the alps or on the white sandy beaches of the Bahamas, so Collection 26 have put together some tips to keep in mind when planning your wedding abroad.


The weather is a popular reason for couples choosing to get married abroad, and should be considered carefully when planning your wedding. Don’t underestimate the heat from the sun – think about when the hottest part of the day is, and make sure you plan your ceremony to be after this point, especially if you want to have the ceremony outside. Equally with cold countries, make sure the venue has sufficient heating, and have a few fur throws to hand just in case.


As much as you would hope to never need it – be sure to have a ‘wet weather plan’. Even in hot countries, there are still rainy days, so make sure you have something in place just in case the heavens open. This may involve another space in the venue or a simple marquee to cover an outside space, but bear in mind that if you chose a marquee you will need to make a decision a few days before the wedding on whether or not you will require it, and in most cases you will still have to pay to have the marquee on stand-by.

Language Barriers

More and more venues have English speaking staff now, however it is useful to get to grips with the language, particularly when dealing with specific details. For contracts and legal documents, we would advise having them professionally translated before signing, just to be on the safe side. As useful as Google translate is for deciphering e-mails, its best to have a fluent speaker look over any documents, as some phrases may not translate directly, and could have significant meaning.


Guest Travel

Be sure to give your guests enough time and information to help them plan their trip. Send save the dates between 18 months and year, and invitations around 6 months in advance of the wedding date to allow everyone the chance to book time off work if need be, and let them plan their year with your wedding in mind. Including an information pack with your invite is always a good idea, and we often create a Wedding Website for our destination weddings, which include information about local hotels and the nearest airport, as well as a useful local guide with things to do and see, and timings for the day itself, so that everyone has the chance to plan their trip in advance and squeeze in any sightseeing and exploring!


Before booking your venue, check the marriage laws for UK residents in your chosen country, as this may influence your decision. Some countries will only issue a marriage licence if you have lived in the country for a certain amount of time, whereas others may require you have the legal ceremony in a local Town Hall. It is often the case that couples will legally be married a few days in advance, and then have a symbolic ceremony on the actual Wedding day which is held in the same venue as the reception, and can be as elaborate or relaxed as you choose.


Other Considerations

Guests are likely to fly out at least a day in advance, and leave the day after, so we find it works well to organise a few activities to keep everyone entertained such as a relaxed cocktail reception the night before, followed by a chilled brunch the morning after, to give everyone a chance to catch up and reminisce before heading back home.

If you are taking out high value items such as the wedding rings for example, check that your travel insurance will cover you for these. There are also courier services that specialise specifically in transporting high value items, so it might be worth looking into one of these if you have a number of expensive items to take out with you.


If you would like any further advice or help planning your destination wedding, feel free to get in touch, and one of our event producers would be happy to help.

Are you thinking about tying the knot abroad? If so, where?




  1. Great advise and for avoiding a dream destination wedding becoming a nightmare.



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