October honeymoon destinations

If you are planning your autumn wedding for next year and need some help on choosing the perfect honeymoon destination then you have come to the right place. I have chosen 10 amazing places you can visit during October.

Kauai – Hawaii

You can explore this amazing island via land, sea or air and experience settings you have only dreamed of. You can also discover 50-miles of heavenly beaches from Poipu Beach to Hanalei Bay.

Kauai - Hawaii

Kauai – Hawaii

In Kauai you can tour the charming and historic small towns like Hanapepe and Koloa where no building is taller than a coconut tree. And of course, the weather during this month is fantastic!

Tuscany – Italy

Whether you are in search of fine art, exploring an extraordinary countryside or enjoying simple yet wonderful cuisine and wine, the head over to Tuscany.


Tuscany - Italy

Tuscany – Italy


There is a lot to see and do in Tuscany, the difficulty is really where to start. You should start with Florence and then continue on to Siena and Pisa. The more you come to know the region, the more extraordinary Tuscany appears.

Queenland – Australia

Sun yourself on the golden sands of Surfers Paradise, snorkel through the technicolour treasures of the Great Barrier Reef and four wheel drive Fraser Island. Explore the magical Daintree Rainforest with an Aboriginal guide or charter a yacht to the pristine Whitsunday Islands.

Queensland - Australia

Queensland – Australia

Enjoy resort relaxation in Noosa, frolic on the beaches of the Capricorn Coast and see dinosaur footprints near Winton. Go diving from the gracious town of Bundaberg and bushwalk through national parks near Mackay. Visit wineries and rodeos in Southern Queensland Country and go horse riding on Townsville’s Magnetic Island… your honeymoon will be unforgettable!

Tibet – China

Entering Tibet you feel as though you’ve entered an entirely different world. The traditional Tibetan culture remains strong.


Tibet - China

Tibet – China

Here you can visit the 1300-year-old Jokhang Temple. It is the spiritual heart of Tibet: the continuous waves of awestruck pilgrims prostrating themselves outside are testament to its timeless allure.

And the magnificent Potala Palace, once the seat of the Tibetan government and the winter residence of the Dalai Lamas, is Lhasa’s cardinal landmark. Your first sight of its towering, fortress-like walls is a moment you’ll remember for a long time.

Loire Valley – France

The Loire Valley is studded with storybook villages, time-burnished towns, and the famous châteaux de la Loire.

Loire Valley-France

Loire Valley-France

Buses and trains can beautifully ferry you to the main towns of the three Loire provinces—Anjou (to the west), Orléans (to the east), and the center ring of the show, Touraine.

Timbuktu – Mali

No name brings ancient Africa to mind more than Timbuktu, a great city that flourished on a bend in the Niger River for more than four hundred years.  Timbuktu was at the end of the camel caravan route that linked sub-Saharan Africa to North Africa and Arabia.

Timbuktu - Mali

Timbuktu – Mali

Things to see in Timbuktu are certainly the Mosques (closed at hours of prayer. As of April 07, major mosques are closed to non-Muslim visitors).  The Grand Marché is a two-story market with stalls and shops selling all kinds of things, it is well worth going just for the incredible view from the roof, across the whole of Timbuktu to the desert.

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Buenos Aires boasts of incredible food, fresh young designers, and a thriving cultural scene.


Buenos Aires - Argentina

Buenos Aires – Argentina

Here a flirtatious glance can be as passionate as a tango; a heated sports discussion as important as a world-class football match. It’s this zest for life that’s making Buenos Aires one of Latin America’s hottest destinations.

Budapest – Hungary

Budapest offers breathtaking Old World grandeur and thriving cultural life. Situated on both banks of the Danube River, the city unites the colorful hills of Buda and the wide, businesslike boulevards of Pest.

Budapest - Hungary

Budapest – Hungary

Much of the charm of a visit to Budapest lies in unexpected glimpses into shadowy courtyards and in long vistas down sunlit cobbled streets. Although some 30,000 buildings were destroyed during World War II and in the 1956 Revolution, the past lingers on in the often crumbling architectural details of the antique structures that remain.

Oaxaca -Mexico

Oaxaca is in one of three adjacent valleys encircled by the majestic Sierra Madre del Sur. Mexico’s fifth-largest state is bordered by Chiapas to the east, Veracruz and Puebla to the north, and Guerrero to the west.

Oaxaca - Mexico

Oaxaca – Mexico

It has peaks almost 10,000 feet (more than 3,000 metres) high, caverns among the deepest in the world, virgin beaches, hidden jungles, and luminous valleys that house populations where, as a crucible, cultures of all people who once lived in its midst come together.

Maldives – Asia

Maldives has 1,200 islands that are spread out over 26 coral atolls. In this stunning location you will rarely be more than a few steps from the beach.



Many of the villas are actually built on stilts out over the water, so you may actually have to walk onshore in order to get to the beach. Besides curling your toes in the sand, many people come here to sample the Maldives enviable world-class dive spots. Others simply snorkel among the endless coral reefs.

Which of these destinations would you choose?





  1. I really miss my beloved Budapest, I hope we can go back there together with my husband.

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