Bridal beauty kit: Ten must have products

A bride’s beauty kit must include all the products that she may need in case anything unexpected happens.

These ‘miracle products’ must be carefully chosen — what do you think you may need on your wedding day? Normally some crying is involved… And nailbiting for the more nervous brides!

Here are ten essential beauty products that you should have near you on your big day:



1. Waterproof mascara. It will darken, thicken, lengthen, and define the eyelashes, and if waterproof as suggested, it will be resistant to any tears! Have it near you to touch up your eyelashes during the night, after the first dance and also during the photo shoot.

2. Lipstick in the same colours as the one used by your make-up artist. This is fundamental to keep your lips perfect after giving out thousands of kisses to the guests.

3. Bronzer and blusher to redo your make-up after you receive all those hundreds of kisses back and also to achieve a gorgeous, ‘just married’ glow.

4. Antiperspirant wipes and make-up remover: The antiperspirant wipes will help you stay fresh all day, especially if you have chosen a long-sleeved dress. The make-up remover will help you correct any imperfections in your make-up if tears take over!

5. Hairspray
and hairpins: Two essential hair products that you will need as the day goes on.

6. Blotting paper
, powder-free tissues that will absorb the excess oil and perspiration from skin.

A small sample of your perfume, so that you can keep applying it throughout the day.

8. Nail file and clear nail polish. You might break a nail during the day, so it is advisable to include a nail file in your beauty kit. You might also want to put extra layer of clear nail polish to secure your nail colour or even to stop possible ladders in your wedding tights from getting any bigger.

9. Band-aids: If you will be wearing brand new shoes it is obvious why you will need these, but you might want to take some flats with you.

10. Mints or chewing gum to keep your breath fresh at all times.


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