The do’s and don’ts of buying an engagement ring

Following my previous post about beautiful engagement rings I spoke to diamond expert Vashi Dominguez, founder and CEO of, who has given me some guidance about the do’s and don’ts of buying an engagement ring.

His main advice? Well, a very simple one, “take your time” and “save up”, he says.

“Some people let their girlfriend select her own favourite engagement ring. If you prefer to surprise her, however, you just need to follow the following do’s and don’ts to get it right!”



  • Do shop around and browse online jewellery websites to get a good idea of what styles are available and what you could afford. Seeing what is available and at what price will also make you more aware of how to spot a great deal, ensuring you get the most sparkle for your money.
  • Do ask her mother, sister, friend or colleague for advice. They’re likely to know what style of jewellery she likes even more than you do. They may also be able to help find out what her ring size is, for example by casually asking if they could try on one of her rings.
  • Do take a closer look at what jewellery she already wears. The style and materials used will give you a better idea of what engagement ring she will love. Does she like big, bold jewellery or intricate, subtle rings and earrings? Is her preference for yellow gold, silver or platinum jewellery?
  • Do take her shopping. You’re pretty much guaranteed to come across a jewellery store or stall and your girlfriend will be only too pleased to point out which rings she likes. That doesn’t mean that she suspects you’re planning to propose to her; most women simply love jewellery.
  • Do decide how much you can afford to spend on an engagement ring. There’s no point in getting into debt for your engagement. Take time to save up as much as possible and only use your credit card if you really need it.


  • Don’t buy a diamond engagement ring because everyone tells you it’s a tradition. If you feel your girlfriend really, wouldn’t like a diamond engagement ring, feel free to buy her a different engagement ring altogether. Sapphires and rubies are a popular choice with women who don’t like diamonds.
  • Don’t buy a ring with a wide band if your partner has short fingers. A diamond engagement ring should be proportional to the dimensions of her hands. A wide band can make short fingers appear even shorter, while an elongated diamond – such as an oval, pear or marquise shape – can make her fingers appear slightly longer. If your other half has large hands, a delicate engagement ring could look really small on them and merely emphasise the size of her hands.
  • Don’t buy any ring just because you have given up on finding the perfect one. can work with you to make a complete bespoke piece. Whatever your preference or budget, everything is possible.

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