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My first weeks in Cape Town


It’s been a while hasn’t it?

So sorry I haven’t had the opportunity to write a blog sooner however I have been filming six days a week so there hasn’t been much down time, and when I have had had some I have spent my free time exploring, eating, sleeping or learning lines.


So while you are all, lapping up the sunny weather in England, deciding which summer dresses to wear and slapping on the suncream. I am sat typing this blog from my trailer, in a warm jacket, watching the rain pour down outside.

Yes, that’s right! England is currently warmer than Cape Town! It’s around 15-18 degrees here. Booo!

To back track slightly, I was filming out in Nepal first of all and then we arrived in South Africa where we have been ever since.

I have had the odd day off here and there, and Mark came over to visit too, we enjoyed visiting vineyards, eating out and exploring Cape Town.

I had a great 30th birthday out in South Africa, and I’m hoping to catch up with all my nearest and dearest when I am back soon. Basically I am going to milk this 30th and make it last about 6 months ha!


I was filming on my actual birthday, but I had some beautiful flowers delivered to set, and got lots of balloons and cards too which was a fab surprise.

Everyone who I am working with over here helped to make my birthday very special…


I was also overwhelmed with lovely messages when I logged onto my twitter and instagram accounts from my friends and people who follow me.

Thank you so much for all your kind comments and pictures!

Ben, Shalom and Harkie (actors on Our Girl), producer Tim, writer Tony and director Tim and our South African production manager Sam took me out to celebrate my birthday with dinner.

We went for a lovely Italian meal, I had Italian Burrata which is a creamy semi soft italian cheese and for main I had mushroom and truffle gnochhi, which was rich and very tasty indeed.


For dessert I was spoilt with a huge birthday cake. Thanks so much for a lovely evening everyone!

So, I am trying to maintain a relatively healthy eating plan but as we are working mostly 11/12 hour days and only get a 20/30 minute lunch break then I tend to eat on the go and its more for comfort and to fill me up!

A typical day would consist of fruit for breakie, nice salad for lunch and sandwiches or rice cakes with mashed up avocados and yes, some chocolate here and there.


So long as I keep it varied and make sure I am having 5-6 portions of fruit and vegetables every day, then im not going to stress about some crisps or chocolate here and there.


Eating out in Cape Town is like THE BEST! The food here is unreal and I haven’t been to any bad places. Just look at some of these meals I have had recently.

untitled9 untitled10
Beauty must haves

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm is my must have before I go to work EVERY morning. It gives my face a really subtle healthy glow – perfect for during the day! When I arrive in makeup my skin has absorbed the flash balm enough for my make up to glide on.



Another must have over here is moisturiser. Although its not exactly warm right now, my skin still gets really dry, I think its down to wearing makeup every day. I use my favourite Dr Weil Mega Bright Dark Circle Minimiser under my eyes.


http://www.origins.co.uk/product/16832/40849/skincare/see-all-skincare/dr-andrew-weil-for-originstm/mega-bright-dark-circle-minimizer, and the brilliant Clarins Hydra Essential Bi Phase serum which also doubles up as a really good skin primer.



I am also loving this exotic and fresh scented oil from Show Beauty. It is a multi functional dry oil that you can use in your hair (as a serum). It’s non greasy and full of Argan oil which is classed as ‘liquid gold’ by hair experts and omega 6 to help improve the condition of your hair.


I love the packaging too. It’s very girly, and looks so pretty on a dressing table!



To clean my skin after a long days filming I use this Lava warm up exfoliator by Origins. Soon as I put it on my skin it smells and feels like the kind of product you are treated too in a spa. It has lots of micro beads in the formulation and when it makes contact with water it heats up and opens your pores up while your rubbing it in. Once I rinse it off my skin feels soft, fresh, clean and very smooth.

This is a brilliant product to use if you are wearing make-up every day.



I use this Benefit eyebrow pencil if I need to deepen the colour of my brows I like the name most of all…’Goof Proof’ ! Brilliant! It comes in 6 shades which is really useful for all skin types and eyebrow colours, and the texture and shape of the pencil means you can get very precise coverage.


With the South African heat and getting my hair blow dryed every day, my hair has gotten really dry again. Especially on the ends. This intense hydration masque by Joico is very very good. It is a super strength masque that you apply liberally after shampooing, leave your hair to dry naturally, then wash it off in the morning.

Once I rinse my hair off it feels much silkier and less like straw like! I do this at least once a week. And I think its made a big improvement to the condition of my hair.



This is my new favourite clutch bag, which I bought very recently from Zara. I think the slogan on it, is really cute.


This picture is of me in a vineyeard near Cape Town. The dress is by GAP. Isn’t it cute? I had a lot of people tweeting me about it so I thought I should let you all know where it was from. I have had it about a year I think, and it was perfect for an afternoon wine tasting.

I am STILL loving double denim. I haven’t been out much, maybe only a few times, but when I do its pretty casual here in the evening so the double denim look works nicely!


The jeans I’m wearing here are from Zara, and the jacket I have mentioned in this blog before is from Topshop.

You may have spotted that I am finally wearing the Gucci belt I was lusting over!!!!! Yes! I got given it as a gift for my birthday.

Anyway, must dash but will try and write more soon when I have a bit more time off.

Enjoy the sunshine!

All my love,

Michelle xxx

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