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Paris, microblading and keeping comfy on a beauty shoot

Bonjour everyone! I am writing this blog from beautiful Paris!

I am over here shooting my next Lipsy campaign, and having a lovely time in between work, sightseeing, shopping, and of course, enjoying lots of French food and wine.

I have never been to Paris before so this is a huge treat. We decided to shoot it here because it’s a short and convenient stop on the Eurostar, so pretty, stunning architecture and of course – so well known for fashion too.


I came over here a couple of days ago, I wore this Lipsy London tracksuit for the trip, as I love the lace detail on the trackie, and for me, travelling has got to be all about the comfort.

Here are the makeup influences for this Parisian shoot so that you get the feel for it – a dark smokey eye, a strong eyebrow (which I have because I have just had my brows microbladed- see below!) and fresh glowing skin and nude nails. Gorgeous!


So, back tracking slightly to last week… and as I mentioned I got my eyebrows re-microbladed again… finally!

I go to Laura Ciordas who is a Phi Brows Master – her website is www.lauraciordas.phibrows.com. It’s been tricky to find the time to go and see her, but we finally sorted an appointment.


Microblading is a semi permanent technique of making individual hair strokes using a fine blade and dye.


Those fine hair lines that are bladed on don’t blur, fade to a different colour or spread, and they tend to last around six months, whereas tattooing is permanent and sometimes the colour can fade.

When I was younger I used to pluck my eyebrows a lot (it was the trend!) and have been left now with thin and wispy brows, so Laura whips them into shape, and makes them frame my eyes perfectly.


Laura firstly uses a compass to ensures they are symmetrical by measuring different points of my face.

After this she draw them on and takes pictures so we can work out if they are not thick enough, too dark or not dark enough and then the microblading begins.

I have to admit, it is painful. Numbing cream helps a lot but you have to prepare for the fact that it will of course hurt, especially as the eye area is sensitive, but I think it is worth it – especially if you have uneven, or sparse brows that need thickening up or more definition.


Laura uses two tones of dark brown, one slightly deeper than the other, to ensure they look as natural as possible and I am so happy with the results.


Also this week I spent some much needed quality time with my dad Mike, he was down working in Stanstead, and stays with us whenever he works nearby.


We decided to take him to his favorite restaurant close to where we live – Sheesh which is in Chigwell. http://sheeshrestaurant.co.uk/


We enjoyed lamb and chicken kebabs, halloumi cheese, garlic mushrooms, calamari, and lots of tasty dips like hummus and taramasalata and my favourite truffle chips which (I have mentioned these before I know!) are amazing.


For dessert we had strawberries and cream with an amaretto shot on top to give the fruits a kick, and some delicious cakes.


I also shot a new campaign for Revlon, this one was for their HD lip colour and new contour palette.


I can’t show you picture of the palette yet as it is still a secret but it’s a great addition to any makeup bag I can promise you that!


I had my hair quite messy and textured for this shoot and we used lots or the Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray, and their primer is great for shoots because it helps your hair do exactly what you want it to do. http://www.bumbleandbumble.co.uk for more info.


This picture is taken from the Revlon shoot, this was in between pictures – and obviously it’s a beauty shoot so the pics are taken from shoulders above – therefore I can get away with wearing really ‘comfy clothes’. I arrived ( and stayed in ) these leggings from Pink Soda, my fluffy flip flops from Zara that I mentioned in the last blog from Oman, and of course my comfy bed socks! Oh the glamour eh!


The only thing we change is the tops for different necklines and colour changes for each look.  I also wrap a jumper round my chest and waist to keep me warm.


Anyway this is a short blog because I am literally in between shots for the campaign – a Paris special for the blog  is coming next week.

Until next week.

All my love,

Michelle xxx

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