Make sure you use your voice!

What a week! Saturday night saw me do my first ever live show at Heart.

IMG_2110 I can’t tell you what an adrenalin rush it was…I’ve spent the last three months learning all the technical stuff so I was completely ready to produce myself when I went on air at 1am on Easter Sunday morning. I loved every second of it but I can tell you by 6am when I finished, I was ready to sleep for a month! I’ve also been covering Emma Bunton’s Celebrate Saturday show which has been such fun…all the guys at Heart are amazing and I feel like I’ve got a whole new family looking after me.


In TV land I’ve been filming a new Golf pilot for Sky. Alongside my fellow co-hosts Jimmy Bullard, who by the way is one of the nicest but craziest men you’ll ever meet, and DJ Spoony who is like my brother from another mother, sorry Matt, we filmed a new entertainment show all about the game of golf. Think Soccer AM meets Top Gear but instead of football boots and cars, think clubs and bunkers.


You can see what we got up to here…

Both Matt and I have also been part of this incredible new independent campaign called @UseYourVoice. The whole idea is to inspire 18-30 year olds to go out and vote in the next general election and really push home how important it is to be engaged with who is running our country.


If the younger generation are not voting then in my opinion change cannot happen. Part of the campaign was to come off ALL social media, twitter, facebook and Instagram for three days, only posting blank pieces of white paper… The message being, if you don’t vote, you lose your voice. I can’t tell you how frustrating it was for me not being able to have my say, put my point across or vocalise my opinions for that length of time. It was a really powerful experiment, and I can only hope it has raised awareness in some small way. Registering to vote closes on the 20th April…so if you haven’t done it yet…there’s still time!

Check out our silly YouTube videos for the campaign. I downed fishy water and The Johnsonator got egged. Definitely worth a watch.

Alongside all of that, Sunday night saw me take to the red carpet for Viber at the Empire Movie Awards.


I got to chat to everyone from Ralph Fiennes to Simon Pegg and I also had a career highlight when Andy Serkis AKA Gollum went into character and told my mascot cat that he loved him. Note the extreme squeals and jumping at the end!

Ah such a fun few weeks it has been working as an Ambassador for @useyourvoice!!

If anything, it was great to hang out with Zoe and Lydia again. That Lydia always has plenty of gossip!! (If you know what I mean ;)
I’m buying a hat. Just saying.

Alongside getting all political with my mates. I’ve been busy making a music video!!
Don’t get too excited. I haven’t quite given up telly to pursue a career as a hip-hop artist yet. Although it’s almost time (MC Jumanji Johnson FYI)
I’ve been given the great honour to help promote the URDD Eisteddfod (Now you try pronouncing it!)

It’s a yearly festival of the Welsh language and culture for young people. Which coincidently this year is held in my hometown of Caerphilly. So, I have recorded a song, made a blooming video and I’ll be performing it live at the opening concert. All in WELSH! Gulp!
On the plus side, I got to perform the song in a tuxedo, on the back of a milk float, with a megaphone, around my home town, ALL DAY. Ha! I felt like a right knob.

While I was in Wales for a bit I was invited to eat at the new Burger and Lobster restaurant in Cardiff. I managed to take a bunch of friends and family that will hopefully keep them happy for a while. It was bloody gorgeous! I’ve eaten at the London restaurants before but the Cardiff site is an absolute treat!
I like burgers and I like Lobster. WIN WIN!

If you’re around Cardiff this spring of highly recommend getting your B+L on. Delicious.

That’s it from me. I’ve been terribly boring and not been out to anywhere flash like Zoe. I’ve lived like a hermit to be honest (which I love) but I will be heading out as soon as I finish some very exciting projects that I can’t wait to tell you all about!

Nudge nudge. Wink wink n all that!

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