February, 2015

24 February


Matt Johnson: ‘2015 started in such a special way for me…’

Well! This is my first blog of 2015. Sorry for my absence, Zoe even had to do one on her own didn’t she? Oops! The honest truth is, I couldn’t be bothered what with Christmas and all that…

So, Happy New Year! I hope your resolutions are still going strong. Here’s mine: “I Matt Johnson, resolve to make more of an effort with my HELLO! blog”

2015 started in such a special way for me. From full moon parties and Hangover-style room raves in Thailand, to life changing charity bike rides and Prince concerts, I’ve been a “jammy sod” (I believe that’s the technical term)

Let’s start with Thailand!


I managed to sneak off for New Years with my lil TOWIE pal Lydia Rose Bright, and the man that could start a party in a morgue Mr Azim Majid. I always know when the three of us get together mayhem shortly follows; I wasn’t disappointed. We saw 2014 off in style on Koh Phangan beach, with 40,000 people covered in neon paint, drinking buckets of alcohol. Naturally, all my pictures are blurred, and to be honest, should never EVER be put on the internet. However, I did manage to squeeze out a few.

Next up, it was time to catch a flight, boat, taxi etc. to a wonderful place called Koh Tao where we stayed at one of the best hotels I’ve ever been to; The Jamahkiri Resort & Spa. Bloody hell, our room was something else! It was like Prince, Liberace, and Cilla Black had decorated it on acid.

It also had a full bar which meant that myself and Azim had to throw the biggest party Koh Tao has ever seen – which we did of course. I loved it because I got to play barman all night, and my job was to keep everyone “well oiled”. I just wish I hadn’t drank all the profits though…



The next day we awoke to what can only be described as post-party apocalypse. I was very surprised not to see a real life tiger strolling around the debris in true The Hangover movie style. Instead there was just a dizzy, bewildered Welshman with his head in his hands, sheepishly whispering to himself: “why do I do this to myself?”

Had a great laugh though! What’s the point of having a bar in your room if you’re not going to use it right? (Just please don’t mention the mini bar bill)

The next part of my adventure has been well documented by the lovely and generous people at HELLO! Magazine. By cycling from Vietnam to Cambodia, myself, Denise Van Outen, Lydia Bright and Dj Zo Hard Hat have raised over £15,000, and, importantly, helped raise awareness for both our charities: Mind and The Vipingo Village Fund. So I must say a huge thank you to HELLO!, Viber, Charity Challenge, Evans Cycles, and everyone that has donated – It’s very much appreciated.





FYI, ass still hurts!!

When I got back from Asia, I desperately needed a lil ‘pick me up’. The cold weather was a massive shock to the system, and my body was slowly falling apart after a 600k cycle. So (as if by magic) I received an invite from my mate Caroline Monk to go and see a secret Prince gig at the KoKo Camden in aid of the great charity Autism Rocks. Well, if Carlsberg made gigs!! Prince was absolutely phenomenal!!

The tiny, ageless guitar ninja jammed out hit after hit of pure genius. I won’t bother trying to explain because it was too good to quantify. However, all I will say is that when you’re standing next to Noel Gallagher, Naomi Campbell, and Alan Carr at a gig and you’re all speechless, you know the main act is pretty impressive.

There was a strict no pics rule though…

I obviously took loads. Here’s a few for you.mattjohnson-prince2-a


So that brings me pretty much up to date. Oh yeah, I nearly forgot, Zoe sends her love from Kenya. Her sister Kathryn has just got married out there so congrats to all! Sending you a big kiss sis!

Catch ya later ya beauts


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