Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year and myself and the spookiest cat in town, Welsh boy Matt, decided to don our wigs, paint our faces and properly put the willies up people. Matt more than me.


The only party worth going to on Friday night was being thrown by our great friend, event mogul, Azim Majid at Gilgamesh in Camden. A 1600 strong guest list and a DJ line up worthy of an Ibiza super club was promised, we knew we were in for a real treat.




Oh is that so DJ Zoe Hardhat! Of course you’d say that because you were one of those ‘disc spinners’. To be fair though, our Zoe went down like a house on fire, in fact the roof was metaphorically of fire for her entire set. She still didn’t take my constant requests for Louis Bega’s ‘Mambo Number 5′ seriously though. Brat. Anyway, this party was brilliant, it’s one of those parties where you’ll end up bumping into people on the telly left right and centre. One of my favourite outfits was a guy dressed as Niall from One Direction in a Real Madrid Football kit. On my second look it ACTUALLY was Niall From One Direction in a Real Madrid football kit. Freaky.


A whole host of other famous faces made an appearance, the lovely Laura Whitmore came dressed as a slutty Baby Spice, Gemma Chan and funny man Jack Whitehall swooned into each others eyes all night and Vanassa White from the Saturdays, well she’s just a total beat.



Ummm forget about what they wore Matt…you haven’t told them what we went as. Drum roll please. Dead Sandy from Greece and Zombie Elvis or Zelvis as I called Matt all night. Yes this was the year to ditch the sexy elements of dress up and just be scary. See below.


Oh dear. The only problem with dressing up like this is people have NO IDEA WHO YOU ARE. Friends I’ve known for years walked past me as I frantically smiled through the now crusty white face paint and burnt synthetic wig (don’t ask). Looks of total confusion appeared across their faces as I shouted, “Its me ZOE”. After a few hours I snuck off to the loo to remove my odd blond wig and suddenly I was back in the room. That’s the last time I go looking like a character from the Little Shop of Horror’s. Matt however had great success with his costume and spent the entire evening chatting to a very beautiful brunette, throwing in the odd “uh huh huh honey” for effect.



Didn’t bloody work though did it Hardman, as we ended up leaving together (again) and took our now routine 3am Uber taxi ride back to our separate houses. With wicked witches, naughty nurses, and at least three little Red Riding hoods all looking for protection, I finally realised why Halloween is getting more and more popular every year, especially in the Johnson household.

I also had chance to visit a bunch of brilliant teens in Oxfordshire this week. It was all part of the excellent National Citizen Society’s latest scheme to get teens between the age of 16-17 to learn skills outside of the classroom. I know! EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES!! How awful was that when you were that age?? I absolutely hated it! Well, unless ‘Extra curricular activities’ was hanging around after school for a sneaky cigarette to look cool in front of a girl called Sian Morgan then I would’ve excelled. Unfortunately for me, it didn’t.


It was different in Oxford though. The ‘young adults’ were lucky to be a part of a scheme so well organised and I could see that they knew it. In two different teams, with two separate ideas/proposals in a BBC ‘Dragons Den’ set up. They had to present to myself and 5 other panelists to get money for their chosen charitable causes. They were given just a few hours to do this but that didn’t matter because they ABSOLUTELY SMASHED it. Offering great ideas and presenting them with a direct confidence that was absolutely necessary. The results don’t really matter. I was very proud to be a part of it indeed. I would’ve probably given the teams all the money if it was up to me because they really made me feel good about our future generations (Which makes a change). They were well informed, enthusiastic, but most of all they cared. Whatever happens with this lovely scheme, charity, and this lovely group of teens. If someone out there is encouraging the youth of today to be smart and to care, I’m totally cool with that.
Well Done to the Infinity Squad and to the Enablers!

For more info on the initiative go to www.ncsyes.co.uk
for more info on the great charity Oxfordshire Youth go to www.oxfordshireyouth.org
and a big thanks to LoopVIP for giving me the opportunitywww.loopVIP.co.uk

Have a great week!

Love Matt and Zoe xx

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