October, 2014

29 October


Free speech and Sherlock Holmes…


What a week I’ve had! I was asked to sit on the panel of BBC3’s live debate show, Free Speech, alongside Alistair Campbell (Former Director of Communications for Tony Blair), Dr Sarah Wollaston (Chair of the Health Select Committee) and Jon Ronson (the Author of Psychopath Test). The show is a wonderfully inspiring platform for young people to share their stories and challenge the opinions of those on the panel and in the audience.


Our topics of discussion were Mental Health, the Ched Evans rape case and Tuition Fees in the UK…as you can imagine we had one of the most interesting, thought provoking and passionate debates of the series. I suffered quite badly from anorexia in my early 20’s but have since recovered and I’m now an ambassador from BEAT, the biggest UK based eating disorders charity. One of the things that struck me so strongly was how many young people in this country are suffering from mental illness and how they feel they are being failed by our health care system. One young guy in the audience told how he’s been waiting for six months to see someone after he attempted suicide. It’s shocking and quite frankly disgraceful that anyone should have such a lack of support. I’m determined to try and get mental health taught in schools alongside physical education. One in four people will suffer from some sort of mental health problem as an adult and maybe that astonishing number would come down if we started teaching our young people to talk openly about their illness. It really was a career highlight for me and I was totally inspired by the bravery of the teenagers in the audience. And who says young people aren’t engaged?!



I’ve also been covering for Essex dancing queen, Mark Wright, on his Club Classics show on Heart for the last month. He’s currently in Strictly Come Dancing so I’m keeping his seat warm on Saturday nights from 7-9pm, playing all the biggest dance floor fillers to get you up and dancing on that kitchen table! I really love being part of the Heart family and it’s a joy to record every week. Plus it means I get to bump into two of the nicest women in showbiz, Emma Bunton and Jenni Falconer, they give the best hugs.


On Thursday I took to the decks to play some tunes at my beautiful and clever friend, Ashley James’s, luxury bracelet launch, Whistle & Bango.
They’re basically bangles that you can personalise with your favourite London postcode.


My SW6 one has even got ‘Superstar DJ’ engraved on the inside. Love it!



Jumpsuit – Oasis

Bag – Marks and Spencer

Shoes – Miss Selfridge

Necklace – Katie Mullally


For more information on BEAT go to – www.b-eat.co.uk

Another week another Blog from DJ Zoe and Jazzy Johnson. For me, this week has been a tale of Extremes. From high-brow museum exhibitions, Ninja turtles, to Beckham’s Booze. Yes! I couldn’t have planned it better.

I’ll start with my trip to the Museum of London for a private viewing of their Sherlock Holmes exhibition, which was opened by non other than the absolute legend that is Sir Ian McKellen. Or as I like to call him: Magneto from X-Men. (He’ll probably hate that, but hey ho.) Anyway, the event was honestly great. As a big Sherlock Holmes fan, and with Mr Holmes’ popularity on the rise because of Mr Cumberbatch, Mr Downey Jr and now with Sir McKellen’s eagerly anticipated adaptation of the famous role in the works, I wasn’t alone. The room was full of Sherlock fans, all well excited to take a look around. The exhibition, brought together Sherlock Holmes material from across the globe, some of which has never been on public display in the UK, and it was ace. We were also thoroughly entertained by a brilliant and witty speech from Magneto himself. What a crowd pleaser! So If you get a chance, try to pop in and have a look, I’d highly recommend it.

The Exhibition runs from Oct 17-April 12 2015 at the Museum of London.




Next up (on the same night) was an evening that I’d been waiting for, for ages! A night drinking free beer, eating pizza watching the new Ninja turtles movie with my mate Scott. I know what you’re thinking, but c’mon, give a lad a break! After all the geeky Sherlock Holmes stuff I really needed to watch some overgrown, mutated, pizza loving turtles fighting monsters, alongside the screen goddess that is Megan Fox (who still hasn’t realised that I am actually her soul mate.) I really needed it. It wasn’t just a screening of the movie though, it was an ‘experience’ to remember. The Event was held at the awesome new House of Vans skate park near Waterloo station, which fitted with the films underground, cool, ninja, skateboarding, cowabunga, etc style brilliantly. There was also a Ninja turtles art exhibition (I kid you not) that was actually great. Mainly because I managed to steal one.

Im not going to bother reviewing the film for you, you don’t want me banging on about it, but I will say that I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even if I did have a lil pizza coma for a few hours afterwards.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is in cinemas now dudes.





Finally! We get down to Beckham’s Booze. Is there anything that this man cant promote?? Probably not! Mr Golden balls is a marketing dream. Rightly so too. From his new range of leathers for Belstaff, to his H&M panties, It’s money in the bank for all involved. However, Becks has tried something new, he’s spread his angel wings into my area of small expertise. Yup, It’s alcohol. More specifically Whisky! Whoaahh! Steady on Becks. I’ll wear your pants, but WILL I drink your Whisky??

Lets find out.

So, the good people at Haig Club (that’s what his whisky is called) sent me a bottle to try and review. Now, believe it or not I have been a big fan of whisky (both scotch and bourbon) for quite some time. From when little 15 yr old Matt used to steal “swigs” from his Grandad Ron’s Vat 69 collection, to now, where I have been known to attend the odd whisky tasting course, both for a laugh, and to also find my perfect blend. Basically, I like the stuff. I’m an “always neat and NEVER on the rocks” kinda guy.

Let’s get to it then. Firstly you cannot say that the liquor isn’t packed well. In fact its packaged so beautifully, I didn’t want to open it at first (that lasted about 10 seconds). I thought to myself: forget the packaging that’s what they’ll try to do, they’ll try to bedazzle you with so much style and Beckham gold dust, that you’ll fall immediately into the marketing teams plan, where you’ll be reviewing with Becks tinted glasses (I’m an over thinker). So without haste, I dodged the clever marketing wizardry, and quickly poured a ‘decent’ sized glass and began my session. Sorry, tasting.

So, not to over complicate things, I’ll try not to make things complicated, as there’s many different ways and steps to taste a single grain Scotch, so I will use just three steps for you.

1. The ‘nose’ (the smell): For me, it has a buttery sweet, Orange zest nose to it.

2. The Taste (when you swill it around your mouth): It had a really creamy palette, for me. With a sweet Toffee Popcorn taste.

3. The taste (after I swallowed): Had a very smooth, sweet, slightly vanilla mix to it. Very Warm an Christmasy.

Blah Blah Blah! Did it taste good? Will it make a good Christmas present??

Lets not “beat around the bush” as my dad would say. It’s a good whisky. As a Single Grains go, this is a drink that I really enjoyed. It’s easy to drink and it would be very hard for anyone to not to happily sit back and enjoy it either. There may be a few Booze snobs that don’t like this Whisky’s affiliation with Beckham, but I say sod them. Becks stardust aside, this whisky is a good un. Nice Blue bottle too.

Haig Club is available now, and please drink responsibly.




Have a great week!
Love Matt and Zoe xx

16 October


From Wembley to the Mondrian…


Welsh Lothario Matthew Johnson (that’s his new name by the way) really missed out this week and I’ve got no sympathy for him as I told him over and over again this was one hotel launch he didn’t want to pass on…but pass he did and whilst he was drinking warm beer and shouting “come on!!!” at the football I was hob knobbing with virtually every celeb in town, 90% of them being women I know he’d want to date. Laura Whitmore, Millie Mackintosh, Blogger Golden Diamonds and Vanessa White all under one roof…poor Matty. The event I’m talking about was the grand opening of the Mondrian Hotel at Sea Containers House on the river, oh yeah this was swanky of the highest order. The hotel is just stunning, with panoramic views of London and a sky bar to die for which we were quickly ushered up to. We drank uber cool cocktails, munched on mini burgers and danced around to Henry Holland on the decks.




One of my particular favourite moments of the night was witnessing Harvey Weinstein getting turned away at the door by a French security guard. Weinstein’s PA who at this point was turning redder and redder, was quick to assure him that the man they wouldn’t let in was in fact one of the most famous movie producers on the planet. Entrance granted. Phew.


This week I was also lucky enough to be invited to watch my favourite red haired songbird, Ed Sheeran at the O2. My other favourite red haired pal Sarah-Jane Mee or Busty as I like to call her, asked me to be her plus one and I couldn’t have said yes quicker. Off we trundled, skinny jeans donned, to Sky’s Box -suite 341…an actual box at the O2 for Ed Sheeran.





Life complete. It was a Monday so I’d decided I wasn’t going to drink…whoops, and also definitely NOT eat any desert…


Our seats were insane and Mr Sheeran didn’t fail to disappoint. The man is a total genius and managed to have 20,000 people in the palm of his hand for two hours. SJ talked herself into fancying him more and more as the minutes passed and I swear we’re about to have a new hot couple alert…watch this space! The night ended with three marriage proposals, none to us sadly and a pair of giggling wannabee teenagers singing his tracks, badly, as we made our way home to West London. I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a rainy autumn evening.




Ok, Ok, so MY element of this weeks blog isn’t exactly in the normal HELLO! style, but give me a second. Yes I went to the football…. BUT it was a night at Wembley Stadium with a difference. It was Fancy as hell! Believe it or not, going to the football can be decadent, glamourous, and (get this) interesting EVEN if you don’t even like the beautiful game, and it’s all down to the brand spanking new FA Lounge at Wembley Stadium. Yup whilst DJ Zoe was at the swanky launch at the Mondrian Hotel, along with pretty much every one that id like to have write their phone numbers on my forearm, I was invited to watch England Vs San Marino in impeccable style. On the Plus side I got to spend some quality time with my opera singing mate Dave or ‘El Davo’ as I like to call him, (he’ll hate that) and catch up over some beers. It wasn’t just beers though. This place was like a space ship perfectly designed to make you think that you were actually at a ‘Swanky New hotel’ but seconds away from your ‘Padded’ seats aside the hollowed Wembley turf. Seriously, it was so surreal you couldn’t help but laugh. As R Kelly once said  “there was food everywhere like the party was catered” (the song’s Ignition FYI) We had a choice of fresh steak sandwiches, Thai noodles, Mini hotdogs, REALLY Posh Pie and Mash, macaroons, gourmet prawn cocktail, and the most delightful cheese selection you could ever wish for.






Of course me and El Davo had everything! Not just the food put a smile on my face though there was also great live music, and a very interesting Q&A session with some English football legends. I know I sound like I’m gushing, but I’m going to be honest with you. It was that special. Maybe thats because of the free food, maybe it’s down to the fact that I won a whole 35 quid because Engleerland won 5-0, or maybe (probably) it’s because I get to say this, along side this picture: “If Carlsberg did football matches”

What a laugh, but I certainly hope that DJ Jazzy Zoe got some phone numbers for me. I need all the help I can get, despite what this weeks papers have to say.


My point is, (and there is a point) going to the football has now changed from queuing for hours for a soggy pie and a warm beer, it’s actually like being at a 5 star hotel, but with odd chant of “ROONEY, ROONEY”. That’s if you’re into that type of thing of course.

For info on the FA lounge at Club Wembley go to: https://clubwembley.wembleystadium.com/

Thanks to Suzannah Pattle at the TBA PLC


Have a great week!

Love Matt and Zoe x

09 October


Night out and spa day…


Another night out in London town.

I think this is becoming my new favourite hobbie/pastime. I’ve always had “Enjoys socialising” on my Curricular Vitae but recently I believe I have taken it to the next level: Level 5 “expert”. The evening in question was after a loooong but exciting day of meetings at ITV, at the famous STK London Steak house, at the Me Hotel. If you haven’t been, I’ll give a brief description for you. Y’know, the very swish, modern hotels you see in Los Angeles and Vegas? Yeah? Well, it’s like someone has dropped one of those in the middle of the Strand, and filled it with the rich n famous. Bradley Cooper Stays there, and It’s where Tamara Eccleston had her 30th birthday. Ie “Well swanky”


As Per usual I was late, but it didn’t matter because I had my comrade already there, yup Lady Zoe Hardman was “banging out some tunes” (her words, not mine) for the well quaffed troops, as they sipped on their smooth Strawberry Cobbler cocktails. Four Cobblers down and many hand jesters towards DJ Zoe Hard-hat, I eventually around to finding out what the party was all in aid of.
The entire evening was constructed by The Global Party. The Global Party is the worlds largest invite-only VIP charity event. They directly collaborate with fancy pants art galleries, restaurants, 5*star hotels as well as premium bars, luxury boutiques and nightclubs, throughout September and March each year. Their involvement enables The Global Charity Trust raise funds and awareness for charitable causes. Across its two previous events they have raised a total of £1,500,000!! Not bad huh? Each of its locations across the globe, including London, kicked off Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise funds that will benefit breast cancer research organisations. Tonights chosen charity was the very worthy ‘Future Dreams’. Another wonderful charity doing it’s very best to prevent, treat and to get rid of breast cancer. It was truly lovely to find out more about both organisations incredible work.
Guests were encouraged to donate upon arrival and were treated to complimentary pink drinks for two hours – the signature Strawberry Cobbler (delicious) and still rosé. Plus 100% of the proceeds of the aforementioned Strawberry Cobblers were going towards Future Dreams for the entire month of October.
Everybody wins!


As I thought the evening had ended, DJ Zoe and I were invited up onto the ‘Radio’ Roof top bar for a drink with our new Aussie best mate Belinda Haberley. Now, this always happens to us. We always have work early the next morning, when someone asks us for “just one more”, and we can never say no. Middle Class/Champagne problems I know, but 4 hours later a few bottles of pink Moët, a bunch of cooked nibbles and probably the best Duck Liver Parfait (I’m sure they put crack in there) I’ve ever had later, it was time to have our obligatory (Slightly wobbly) debrief in our Uber ride home…

Handsome Welsh man: “Good Night Zo? Great bar to take someone on a date that, ain’t it?”
DJ Hardman: “Shut up Johnson, you’re drunk”

Damn those Cobblers were deceptively strong, but I’ll take that as a yes.

The Global party and Future Dreams raised ***** at STK restaurants across the UK that night.
For more information here’s the links:


It was time for treat day. Treat day in my language basically translates into “Go to a swanky Spa and prance around in posh dressing gowns all day, eating free apples” i.e. the best day ever. The Spa in question was at the uber fabulous St Pancras Renaissance hotel in London, a five star jewel slapped right in the middle of Kings Cross. I grabbed my two girlfriends, manager and bessie pal Kirsty and super agent and all round beauty, Kim and off we went to indulge, relax and pamper till the cows came home.



As soon as the lift doors opened the staff greeted us with smiling faces and were instantly there to aid our feeling of calm and tranquillity…including handing us some of the best cucumber water I’ve ever tasted, I do love that stuff. We were given the grand tour and I can honestly say its one of the most beautiful spas I’ve ever been in. Dim lighting, orchids and a scent of fancy massage oils filled the air, this really was heaven. After a quick change we hit the pool. It felt like we’d been whisked away on a Far Eastern getaway, with endless mosaique tiles lining the walls, a stunning jacuzzi bubbling away with excitement and a Turkish steam room fit for an Arabian Knight. It didn’t take me too long to jump into one of the showers and pretend I was in an Herbal Essences advert, sorry Matt, cringe I know.




I’d chosen their 60 minutes Sublime Massage that derives from ‘indigenous Polynesian healers’. It mainly concentrates on areas of tension and spending so much of my time with Sir Matt Johnson you can imagine I have a lot of those. Also I love to exercise and can get very sore muscles after training. The whole experience was wonderful; she really focused on my tight spots and identified all of the parts of my body that needed the most work. I’m normally really picky about massages but this was up there with one of the best and that night, well I slept like a baby.


After a quick spin in the Sauna, some delicious tasting nuts, a mint tea and a final gossip with the girls it was time to say goodbye to our inner city paradise, and as I packed away my soggy bathers and stole one more apple on my way out, sorry, I knew I’d be back…this gem of a day spa right in the middle of central London…a girl needs at least one treat day a week right?


Last Saturday I also got up bright and early and hit the cobbles of Somerset House for the M&S Autumn/Winter fashion show. It was lovely to catch up with my gorgeous mates, Radio One DJ Alice Levine, Made In Chelsea’s Rosie Fortesque and my Irish sister Amanda Byram. We munched on mini croissants and guzzled fresh Orange juice before taking our front row seats for the show.




M&S have really outdone themselves this season and the whole collection was jam packed with stunning pieces. My particular favourites being this faux fur coat and the polka dot red dress that I got to wear. I know where I’m heading for my winter wardrobe this year! Bravo M&S!



Bag and Dress – M&S
Shoes – Dune

Have a lovely week!

Love Matt and Zoe xx

02 October


Our first blog post!

golfcharity ZOE- Three weeks ago Matt and I were excitingly invited on the Ronald Macdonald House Charities golf trip to Barcelona by the brilliant couple that own Lynx golf clubs, Steven Elford and Stephanie Zinser. Being keen fans of the game and even keener fans of sunshine and cocktails, Matt and I quickly accepted. Alongside us in the line up were ex rugby player and man mountain, Ben Kay, Sky News presenter and flame haired beauty, Sarah-Jane Mee and former CEO and all round good guy of the LTA, Roger Draper. I soon realised that this wasn’t going to be any old ordinary golf trip, “So we’ll be flying out by private jet,” Steve said. Whaaaaaat?! BY PRIVATE JET…”Hmmm yeah that should work” I said casually. I called Johnson and yelped furiously down the phone. Finally we would be the PJ kings I knew we always were. plane after MATT- We arrived at Biggin Hill Airport. I’m not very good at languages but I’m pretty sure that ‘Biggin Hill’ is French, Latin or something, for ‘Fancy Airport That People Like P Diddy Fly From In Their Private Jets’. Like I said, I’m no expert. We could see our plane through the gleaming airport windows. It was glorious. We felt like the cast of Entourage. First on our fancy airport agenda was to get to know our fellow golf buddies. As my dad says: “Its ALWAYS important to set a good 1st impression in these situations”. Well, it didn’t quite go to plan for me in this instance. It was Zoe’s fault of course. When I had asked Lady Hardman, if I should bring my golf clubs, she assured me (wrongly) that I only had to bring my clubs, and NO bag. So that’s what I did. I arrived at the airport with my clubs in a lovely shopping bag for ‘safe keeping’. Without realising what an idiot I looked. Picture the scene: ‘The Welshman’ has arrived at the fancy airport, ready to meet/impress some people for the first time, trying to act like he goes on private jets aaaall the time, and he’s the only one with his clubs in a bloody Tesco shopping bag. Thanks Zoe. Well at least it broke the ice. matt-zoe-plane air champ ZOE- Sorry Matt you must have read my text wrong…oops! As we boarded there was a real sense of excitement in the air, Matt and I could not stop smiling at each other, we were leaving on a jet plane and it was blumming gorgeous! It smelt like rich mahogany and leather bound books…a bit like Ron Burgundy’s apartment but much more fabulous. As I guzzled down a glass of champagne I had to pinch myself, was this actually happening? I felt like the luckiest person on the planet. After a beautiful three-course meal we touched down in Barcelona and headed off to our hotel for an early night…or as Matt likes to call it, more drinks at the bar. Ouch my head. board plane2 matt-zoe golf-zoe trainerscart2cartmatt-golfball MATT – We awoke to a beautiful crisp, sunny, Spanish morning after the incredible thunderstorms of the night before. It was time to get down to some golf, ready and eager, yet slightly hungover, for a tantalising 18 holes at the World famous El Pratt Golf Resort. Wow, It really was something. A course seemingly sculpted by the gods of game. If Britain’s St Andrews is the queen of all golf courses, El Pratt is it’s sexy Spanish Mistress. Now here’s the cloud to my silver lining. I am terrible at golf! Luckily for the team, Zoe is a secret golf demon! It pains me to say this but, thank god for Zoe. She was hitting the ball like a little English Rory McIlroy (but with smaller shorts of course) she even beat the pro, saving the entire day. So after that personal saga, and with a bright red face from the delectable Spanish sunshine, we headed back to the hotel to get ready and celebrate Señorita Zoe ‘Woods’ Hardman at the Gala Ball. matt zoe-selfie   ZOE – After donning our best outfits, him in his lucky Ben Sherman suit and me in my cobalt blue Camero dress we hit the Gala dinner in style. It was a really glamorous night and amazingly together we raised over £200,000 for the Ronald MacDonald House Charities. They are a wonderful charity that helps the families of very sick children by housing them whilst their kids go through treatment. We were all very honoured and humbled by the incredible work they do. bar The evening ended with Matt and I giggling our way to our rooms, what a few days it had been. New friendships were forged, new drinking games experimented on and a lot of money raised for an amazing cause. All in all, a magical once in a lifetime trip that we were both thrilled to be apart of. GALA OUTFIT – Camero Dress @spottedonceleb, Jewellery by Caroline Creba, Shoes Boohoo.com. zoe rings2rings For information on: The charity – www.rmhc.org.uk sky The golf resort – www.realgolfelprat.com clubs2 Lynx Golf Clubs – www.lynxgolf.co.uk clubs Fearnes Fashion Show – This week we also took to the front row to support Fearne Cotton as she showed her 16th collection for Very. We bumped into our mates Amanda Byram and Gok Wang and sat gossiping with them for a while before the show started. It was totally gorgeous, really fun and I’ve already ear marked about ten of the outfits! Well-done Fearne! Love Matt and Zoe. X

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