From Wembley to the Mondrian…


Welsh Lothario Matthew Johnson (that’s his new name by the way) really missed out this week and I’ve got no sympathy for him as I told him over and over again this was one hotel launch he didn’t want to pass on…but pass he did and whilst he was drinking warm beer and shouting “come on!!!” at the football I was hob knobbing with virtually every celeb in town, 90% of them being women I know he’d want to date. Laura Whitmore, Millie Mackintosh, Blogger Golden Diamonds and Vanessa White all under one roof…poor Matty. The event I’m talking about was the grand opening of the Mondrian Hotel at Sea Containers House on the river, oh yeah this was swanky of the highest order. The hotel is just stunning, with panoramic views of London and a sky bar to die for which we were quickly ushered up to. We drank uber cool cocktails, munched on mini burgers and danced around to Henry Holland on the decks.




One of my particular favourite moments of the night was witnessing Harvey Weinstein getting turned away at the door by a French security guard. Weinstein’s PA who at this point was turning redder and redder, was quick to assure him that the man they wouldn’t let in was in fact one of the most famous movie producers on the planet. Entrance granted. Phew.


This week I was also lucky enough to be invited to watch my favourite red haired songbird, Ed Sheeran at the O2. My other favourite red haired pal Sarah-Jane Mee or Busty as I like to call her, asked me to be her plus one and I couldn’t have said yes quicker. Off we trundled, skinny jeans donned, to Sky’s Box -suite 341…an actual box at the O2 for Ed Sheeran.





Life complete. It was a Monday so I’d decided I wasn’t going to drink…whoops, and also definitely NOT eat any desert…


Our seats were insane and Mr Sheeran didn’t fail to disappoint. The man is a total genius and managed to have 20,000 people in the palm of his hand for two hours. SJ talked herself into fancying him more and more as the minutes passed and I swear we’re about to have a new hot couple alert…watch this space! The night ended with three marriage proposals, none to us sadly and a pair of giggling wannabee teenagers singing his tracks, badly, as we made our way home to West London. I can’t think of a more perfect way to spend a rainy autumn evening.




Ok, Ok, so MY element of this weeks blog isn’t exactly in the normal HELLO! style, but give me a second. Yes I went to the football…. BUT it was a night at Wembley Stadium with a difference. It was Fancy as hell! Believe it or not, going to the football can be decadent, glamourous, and (get this) interesting EVEN if you don’t even like the beautiful game, and it’s all down to the brand spanking new FA Lounge at Wembley Stadium. Yup whilst DJ Zoe was at the swanky launch at the Mondrian Hotel, along with pretty much every one that id like to have write their phone numbers on my forearm, I was invited to watch England Vs San Marino in impeccable style. On the Plus side I got to spend some quality time with my opera singing mate Dave or ‘El Davo’ as I like to call him, (he’ll hate that) and catch up over some beers. It wasn’t just beers though. This place was like a space ship perfectly designed to make you think that you were actually at a ‘Swanky New hotel’ but seconds away from your ‘Padded’ seats aside the hollowed Wembley turf. Seriously, it was so surreal you couldn’t help but laugh. As R Kelly once said  “there was food everywhere like the party was catered” (the song’s Ignition FYI) We had a choice of fresh steak sandwiches, Thai noodles, Mini hotdogs, REALLY Posh Pie and Mash, macaroons, gourmet prawn cocktail, and the most delightful cheese selection you could ever wish for.






Of course me and El Davo had everything! Not just the food put a smile on my face though there was also great live music, and a very interesting Q&A session with some English football legends. I know I sound like I’m gushing, but I’m going to be honest with you. It was that special. Maybe thats because of the free food, maybe it’s down to the fact that I won a whole 35 quid because Engleerland won 5-0, or maybe (probably) it’s because I get to say this, along side this picture: “If Carlsberg did football matches”

What a laugh, but I certainly hope that DJ Jazzy Zoe got some phone numbers for me. I need all the help I can get, despite what this weeks papers have to say.


My point is, (and there is a point) going to the football has now changed from queuing for hours for a soggy pie and a warm beer, it’s actually like being at a 5 star hotel, but with odd chant of “ROONEY, ROONEY”. That’s if you’re into that type of thing of course.

For info on the FA lounge at Club Wembley go to:

Thanks to Suzannah Pattle at the TBA PLC


Have a great week!

Love Matt and Zoe x

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