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golfcharity ZOE- Three weeks ago Matt and I were excitingly invited on the Ronald Macdonald House Charities golf trip to Barcelona by the brilliant couple that own Lynx golf clubs, Steven Elford and Stephanie Zinser. Being keen fans of the game and even keener fans of sunshine and cocktails, Matt and I quickly accepted. Alongside us in the line up were ex rugby player and man mountain, Ben Kay, Sky News presenter and flame haired beauty, Sarah-Jane Mee and former CEO and all round good guy of the LTA, Roger Draper. I soon realised that this wasn’t going to be any old ordinary golf trip, “So we’ll be flying out by private jet,” Steve said. Whaaaaaat?! BY PRIVATE JET…”Hmmm yeah that should work” I said casually. I called Johnson and yelped furiously down the phone. Finally we would be the PJ kings I knew we always were. plane after MATT- We arrived at Biggin Hill Airport. I’m not very good at languages but I’m pretty sure that ‘Biggin Hill’ is French, Latin or something, for ‘Fancy Airport That People Like P Diddy Fly From In Their Private Jets’. Like I said, I’m no expert. We could see our plane through the gleaming airport windows. It was glorious. We felt like the cast of Entourage. First on our fancy airport agenda was to get to know our fellow golf buddies. As my dad says: “Its ALWAYS important to set a good 1st impression in these situations”. Well, it didn’t quite go to plan for me in this instance. It was Zoe’s fault of course. When I had asked Lady Hardman, if I should bring my golf clubs, she assured me (wrongly) that I only had to bring my clubs, and NO bag. So that’s what I did. I arrived at the airport with my clubs in a lovely shopping bag for ‘safe keeping’. Without realising what an idiot I looked. Picture the scene: ‘The Welshman’ has arrived at the fancy airport, ready to meet/impress some people for the first time, trying to act like he goes on private jets aaaall the time, and he’s the only one with his clubs in a bloody Tesco shopping bag. Thanks Zoe. Well at least it broke the ice. matt-zoe-plane air champ ZOE- Sorry Matt you must have read my text wrong…oops! As we boarded there was a real sense of excitement in the air, Matt and I could not stop smiling at each other, we were leaving on a jet plane and it was blumming gorgeous! It smelt like rich mahogany and leather bound books…a bit like Ron Burgundy’s apartment but much more fabulous. As I guzzled down a glass of champagne I had to pinch myself, was this actually happening? I felt like the luckiest person on the planet. After a beautiful three-course meal we touched down in Barcelona and headed off to our hotel for an early night…or as Matt likes to call it, more drinks at the bar. Ouch my head. board plane2 matt-zoe golf-zoe trainerscart2cartmatt-golfball MATT – We awoke to a beautiful crisp, sunny, Spanish morning after the incredible thunderstorms of the night before. It was time to get down to some golf, ready and eager, yet slightly hungover, for a tantalising 18 holes at the World famous El Pratt Golf Resort. Wow, It really was something. A course seemingly sculpted by the gods of game. If Britain’s St Andrews is the queen of all golf courses, El Pratt is it’s sexy Spanish Mistress. Now here’s the cloud to my silver lining. I am terrible at golf! Luckily for the team, Zoe is a secret golf demon! It pains me to say this but, thank god for Zoe. She was hitting the ball like a little English Rory McIlroy (but with smaller shorts of course) she even beat the pro, saving the entire day. So after that personal saga, and with a bright red face from the delectable Spanish sunshine, we headed back to the hotel to get ready and celebrate Señorita Zoe ‘Woods’ Hardman at the Gala Ball. matt zoe-selfie   ZOE – After donning our best outfits, him in his lucky Ben Sherman suit and me in my cobalt blue Camero dress we hit the Gala dinner in style. It was a really glamorous night and amazingly together we raised over £200,000 for the Ronald MacDonald House Charities. They are a wonderful charity that helps the families of very sick children by housing them whilst their kids go through treatment. We were all very honoured and humbled by the incredible work they do. bar The evening ended with Matt and I giggling our way to our rooms, what a few days it had been. New friendships were forged, new drinking games experimented on and a lot of money raised for an amazing cause. All in all, a magical once in a lifetime trip that we were both thrilled to be apart of. GALA OUTFIT – Camero Dress @spottedonceleb, Jewellery by Caroline Creba, Shoes Boohoo.com. zoe rings2rings For information on: The charity – www.rmhc.org.uk sky The golf resort – www.realgolfelprat.com clubs2 Lynx Golf Clubs – www.lynxgolf.co.uk clubs Fearnes Fashion Show – This week we also took to the front row to support Fearne Cotton as she showed her 16th collection for Very. We bumped into our mates Amanda Byram and Gok Wang and sat gossiping with them for a while before the show started. It was totally gorgeous, really fun and I’ve already ear marked about ten of the outfits! Well-done Fearne! Love Matt and Zoe. X

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