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Our summer holiday with Mila and Ben’s girls

Hi everyone,

How are you all? It’s back to school and back to work for everyone now, isn’t it? Ben and I have recently come back from a much-needed holiday to Turkey, especially Ben. He had glandular fever in June and was feeling so weak and unwell so we needed to get away, definitely! We really enjoyed some family time together with little Mila and Ben’s girls. We had a fantastic time, spending ten days in Turkey at Cornelia Resort. It was our first time there in Turkey, and I have to say the best thing was how the resort catered for families.

It’s a different experience with Mila now, being just over a year old. She wants to interact more, run around and do different things. She’s also started walking! She’s been walking for about a month now. It happened when we were in Turkey. Her sisters started helping her walk to breakfast every morning and at first she didn’t really like it, but then in the end she was really up for it and has started walking. It’s very exciting but also very scary because as all mums know, I have to run behind her, making sure she doesn’t walk into anything or grab anything! It’s another level of worry for me, but very, very exciting!


In the resort, there were activities for all ages. The girls loved the water slides and the jet skis, and there was an amazing nursery for Mila. They had their own little Disney characters running around, a place for her to nap for a couple of hours after lunch. It was perfect for us because it felt like we could also relax and so we came back really feeling recharged. Ben also feels like he’s coming back to his normal self which is great!

I loved the hot weather and exercising on the beach. It was so great to go to yoga classes, step aerobics, and just be by the sea. It was nice to be around other women too who were feeling the same way about their post-baby body, and so we shared our stories about getting back into shape. We had a blast!

My tour rehearsals

Everything, sadly, has to come to an end. It’s the same for us and this week my wonderful dance partner Tristan is flying into the UK to start our tour rehearsals. I can’t wait to get my dancing shoes back on and start choreographing. Strictly is also back on screens this weekend too, and I’ve shared my thoughts and predictions in HELLO! magazine. I think the cast are great this year – I didn’t agree with people who were saying, ‘I don’t know who this or that person is.’ They’re well-known people and household names from soaps, TV; I think it’s a very versatile, great cast. I’ll be watching but of course I’ll be busy with my own tour! Several shows have already sold out and we’re really excited. It’s going to a busy period for us because Tristan will only be here for ten days before he goes back to Australia. Then he’ll be back on the 14th October for the tour, so we have a lot to do before then!

My new dress collection

September is always a crazy month for me for birthdays. Ben, myself, Ben’s girls, my sister-in-law – lots of celebrations! But most exciting for me is the launch of my capsule collection with Pia Michi Couture. I’ve been so busy with my launch, which is on 18th September. The collection is so beautiful, I’m so proud of it. Myself and Penny, the owner of the brand, have worked incredible hard. The dresses are stunning and I really feel there’s something for everyone – different shapes, different sizes – I want women to feel really comfortable. A lot of high fashion dresses aren’t very comfortable, they look amazing but you have to have a Victoria’s Secret body to wear it. I’m a petite girl, a size 10 more than 8 and I just wanted to create a feminine, elegant collection for all women. Check out the website! You can see all the dresses on my own website too, I’ve been a big fan of the brand for many years, ever since I moved to the UK. I loved how it looked on other celebrities, and so I’ve been a loyal fan for over nine years and it seemed a natural thing for me to have my own collection with them. It’s been a long-time ambition and it finally came to realisation!


We’ve gone vegan!

Ben and I gradually started to go vegan this summer. When we were on holiday it was so hot and we didn’t want to eat anything too heavy, we wanted a lot of fruit and vegetables. I’ve been a veggie for a long time anyway because my dad is a vegetarian and so I tried that a long time ago. I absolutely loved how I felt but it was hard to maintain that diet when I was travelling with dance competitions, so I gradually went back to eating fish and poultry. But after watching What the Health on Netflix, a documentary about vegan diets, we decided to try it. It really opens your eyes and educates you. Even if you have doubts, I would highly recommend watching it. I never in a million years thought that Ben would go vegan but we are vegan. There’s a lot of variety so have a go, try it! Maybe go vegetarian first so you can still have dairy, and then try going vegan. We’re so lucky that our supermarkets are stocked with vegan products and substitutes – like coconut milk, almond milk. Your energy levels are amazing because you don’t have acid in your body from animal products, and you always lose weight really quickly, if that’s what you want.


Readers’ questions

As always, thanks for sending your questions! Please keep them coming using #AskKristina by tweeting me on @KRihanoff and @hellomag and I’ll try and answer them in my next blog. I have very exciting news for this week… The winner of my Twitter competition is Gemma Carly Hull. Gemma you’ll receive two tickets to the – hope you enjoy!

Anyway, that’s all from me for now, got to get back to the little one!

Hope you enjoyed reading my blog.

Kristina x

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