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I’m now a qualified hot yoga teacher!

Hi everyone,

How are you all? Sorry for not writing a post sooner but it’s been such a busy month. I suppose my biggest news is that I’m now a qualified hot yoga teacher! Those who have followed my blog will know that I was doing a teacher training course. I decided to do it because I’ve been practising yoga for over 18 years and I really do believe it helped me with my dance training, and the fact that I never had injuries. It kept my body flexible and supple and in great shape – so many people have asked if I ever had dance injuries, like bad knees, but I’ve luckily never suffered anything, and I do really think that hot yoga was a contributing factor!


So much went into the training. I learnt the sequence, and what each pose does for your body and your internal organs, joints and muscles. But I also learnt about nutrition, philosophy, teamwork – so much went into it. It’s just a fascinating world and if anything, it has made me a better dance teacher. I have so much more knowledge about anatomy so I am better informed and can help my students. I want to say a big thank you to my senior teacher from Yoga University Kathy Ran and Sweat studios at Milton Keynes for the incredible teacher training!

After all this hard work with yoga, I went to Legoland in Windsor with Ben and his girls! It was an incredible day out which I would totally recommend to anyone! I felt like a kid myself on all the rides and it was a long overdue relaxing fun day! I loved their miniature “around the world” Legoworld! Here is me in by the Moulin Rouge!


My mum came to visit

Doing my teacher training course took me away from my family life, of course, and that was really difficult. I am so appreciative to my family, including Ben’s mum and my own mum who came over from Russia in June to help with the little one. My mum came for Mila’s first birthday, which was very exciting, and I really loved having her. She lives in Vladivostok, which is a 16-hour flight away, it’s near Japan! So she can only really visit a few times a year. It was so wonderful having her and she also attended Ben’s charity event, and some other events, so I loved having my mum with me. It was very special, especially when you don’t see each other on a daily basis.


Sun protection

We’re going on holiday soon, I can’t wait! But of course, everyone’s working on their bikini body and trying to get into shape for their holiday! For me, I’ve met so many great people in the beauty industry and people always ask me for tips. I do believe that beauty comes from within – you are what you eat! What you eat affects your body and your skin and if you eat something that isn’t great, trust me, it’ll show on your skin!

I would definitely recommend wearing SPF when you’re in the sun, especially on your face. I tend to keep my face out of the sun, so actually my face stays white when I take me make-up off, but my body’s tanned. I always wear SPF 50 on my face and wear a big hat, and sunglasses. I’ve always been very careful with because sun damage on your face is irreversible, so please take my advice and wear sunscreen!

I’ve found this incredible new skincare called Infinite by Forever Living, which comes with supplements. You take two tablets a day for 60 days. It improves your collagen production and provides you with lots of vitamins – it’s a bit like an all in one, with a serum, a moisturiser and these supplements. My skin’s felt so nice and moisturised – I can’t recommend it enough! I do think the supplements have made all the difference! It’s great for working mums, who really just don’t have time to worry about what they should be taking.

My tour with Tristan


It’s so exciting that Strictly’s coming back on TV soon. I saw the announcement about the three new dancers – congratulations to them! I always get asked if I’m coming back, but sorry, I’m really not! I’ve got my tour with Tristan – life after Strictly! His daughter is only three months older than Mila, so we’re very much family people now. What’s exciting is that we’ve had an amazing response from everyone. People are asking us to add more dates, so we have. For people who are planning to come and see Tristan and me, we’re going to have a Q&A with people. Hopefully we’ll have lots of fans there, and I hope to meet as many of you as possible! The first show we’re doing is just a ten-minute drive from me which is pretty cool. We’re doing 12 days in the UK and then Ireland, where Tristan’s from. So we’ll be going from my home to his! I’ve been to Dublin a few times, but I’ve never really toured around Ireland so I’m very excited to meet our Irish fans. They were so supportive when I danced with Daniel O’Donnell so I can’t wait to visit!


Readers’ questions

As always, thanks for sending your questions! Please keep them coming using #AskKristina by tweeting me on @KRihanoff and @hellomag and I’ll try and answer them in my next blog.

That’s really what’s been happening in my life at the moment. Hope you enjoyed reading!

Before I forget, I’m also running a “Ladies only” Latin technique workshop in the 24th Monday at my London Paddington studio at 7.30 pm. Check out my Facebook page for more details – hope you can join me!

I’m off on my summer family holiday soon, so stay tuned. Can’t wait to send you my photos and videos!

Until next time,

Kristina x

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