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It’s almost Mila’s first birthday!

Hi everyone,

Hope you’ve all been well?

It’s been a busy few weeks and I’ve been trying to prepare for Mila’s first birthday later this month! I can’t believe my little one is going to be one soon, it’s crazy! I’ve been trying to find the ultimate baby gift for her. There aren’t that many things you can buy a one-year-old. I do love dressing her up in nice clothes, so I went shopping at Childsplay in Essex. It’s like an outlet for all the brands, it’s amazing!! Kim Kardashian apparently sends her assistants there to buy clothes for her little ones when she’s in the UK. So I went to see it, it’s actually owned by my friend, and it’s just stunning, filled with beautiful things! I wanted to find something really cute for Mila as it’s a milestone birthday. I was given the full VIP treatment – I had a glass of champagne while I looked at all these clothes. I tend to dress her in quite a girly way, lots of pinks, which isn’t really that surprising for a baby girl! So overall it was a fantastic day out shopping for my little one! You can see more information here:



My tour with Tristan

I also have very exciting news about my tour – we’ve added a couple more dates! We had an amazing response from fans saying they want to come see the show, so thank you so much everyone for your support so far! We’re actually going to add even more dates, so stay tuned. I can’t wait – it’ll be so fantastic to see our fans around the UK. As I said before, it will be an interactive show with a Q&A, lots of dancing on stage, audience participation – everyone’s going to have a great time! You can find more information here:


Yoga teacher training

My training is coming to an end. I’ll be taking my tests in a couple of weeks where I’ll have to teach a full class. I am really nervous about it! Being a yoga teacher is actually quite different to being a dance instructor. I always show and demonstrate when I teach dance, I do all the steps, all the movements, all the technical things. However with yoga it’s a bit different, because I’ll have a class of 40 people and you can’t really be on a mat and show every pose. You have to observe the class and make sure everyone’s doing the right thing, you have to correct their alignments, you have to help the newbies. Many of the poses you can show, but most of the time you’re just leading the class with your dialogue so you have to be very clear and remember it all by heart. It’s a lot of pressure really and make sure you finish on time, so I’m feeling a little nervous!

What’s been incredible though is that yoga teacher training has opened an incredible world that I’ve always wanted to know more about. I’ve studied very heavily about anatomy, physiology, what certain poses do for certain injuries, the adjustments you can do, the history, why it makes you feel so amazing… the list goes on! It’s been fascinating and it’s great to understand the benefits of yoga. There are so many ways you can heal injuries and improve your mental and physical state, your wellbeing – it’s a real mind, body and spirit workout.

I’m so excited about it, and if you’d like to check it out, my yoga studio Sweat Studios is actually doing an open evening on 15th June, from 5pm-9:30pm. Anybody can come and try a class (first come first served of course!).  We’re offering 60-minute taster classes of our exceptionally popular hot yoga at 6pm and 7:30pm. No need to book, just arrive nice and early and grab yourself a mat! You can find all the details here:

I’m a big believer that yoga is for everyone, so I’d really love to see you there! If you’re feeling uncomfortable – maybe you think yoga is all about omming and meditation, which obviously it can entail – you can see that it’s not all about that. I can definitely tell you it’s an incredible workout! You burn more calories in a 60-minute class than a 5k run!


Date night with Ben

Ben and I had a wonderful date night recently! You know, now we don’t go out that much, we like to stay at home with Mila and we have our home family life, but it was great to have a rare night out just the two of us. I got to put my beautiful gown on and do my hair and make-up, and caught up with my friends including Lizzie Cundy, James and Ola Jordan. We had a really lovely chat about life and so on!

We were attending Simon Cowell’s charity ball for his foundation, Together for Short Lives. It’s a foundation that helps extremely sick children, some of whom are terminally ill, which is absolutely heart-breaking to hear. Simon is a patron of the foundation. Obviously Ben and myself are patrons of our own foundations but it was great to support Simon’s too. They raised lots of money. Whichever charity ball we go to, whether it’s ours or someone else’s, it’s great to see people coming together and helping one another. It’s all done for a great cause. In light of all the things that have happened in London and Manchester, it was so nice to see everyone helping each other. It’s amazing to feel that unity. Did anyway watch One Love Manchester? That concert was just mind-blowing, wasn’t it? It proved how people have such big hearts here in the UK.


Driving around in a Rolls Royce

Last weekend we had a pretty cool experience! Ben and I were loaned a Rolls Royce to drive around in for three days. It was so fun cruising around – I mean it’s a car we’ll never be able to afford in this lifetime but it was great to experience. We drove to a lovely restaurant for dinner in Lemington Spa, not far from our home in Northampton – I was trying to imagine it was my every day car ha ha! Ben absolutely loved it, so I’m kind of under a lot of pressure to make a lot of money and maybe one day I can spoil him with a Rolls Royce ha ha. I don’t think I’ll get there teaching dancing and yoga, but who knows!

Readers’ questions

As always, thanks for sending your questions! Please keep them coming using #AskKristina by tweeting me on @KRihanoff and @hellomag and I’ll try and answer them in my next blog.

That’s really what’s been happening in my life at the moment. Hope you enjoyed reading!

Until next time,

Kristina x

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