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Mila is eight months old – I can’t believe it!

Mila is eight months old now – I can’t believe it, time goes so quickly, where did it all go?! I took a whole bunch of photos just because I want to capture how she’s changing every month. I’m sure loads of mums do exactly the same! At this age, babies change so much, literally week by week. I just don’t want to miss anything! She’s crawling everywhere around the house, we’ve started baby proofing the house because she’s such a fast crawler! I think she’ll probably try to start walking in a couple of months. We got a little walker for her so she’s moving around a lot, she’s so cute and funny, she’s such a curious baby!


Night out in London

As I said, time goes so quickly but it’s important to still stay in touch with your friends. We have a really tight group of friends and once a month we all meet up somewhere in London. We’re all busy with our work and projects, but we all promised each other that we’d meet up once a month because it’s so easy to say ‘No, no, I can’t make it.’ So it was really lovely to see everyone. We went to the newly refurbished  Bar Boulud at the Mandarin Oriental with Sinitta and her boyfriend Jason Gale, David and Dolly Lloyd, Beth and Seb Jones, Dr Hillary, Boris Becker – we had our own little VIP area and just had a glass of wine, chatted about life and our kids.




It was a really fun night out. The girls also got the chance to go into the kitchen and meet the head chef, we put our aprons on and helped him prepare the starters. It was so hot in the kitchen! I don’t think I could ever do something like Masterchef because it was just so hot, boiling! Maybe it’s a great way to lose weight, moving around in a hot kitchen?! The food was, of course, insanely good and we had such a laugh!



My charity work

The highlight of the week for me though was an event for my charity Dot Com. Once a year Barclaycard puts on an event and this year they did an incredible fundraising event in Northampton, my hometown, called Strictly Barclays. 18 Barclaycard employees have trained really hard in dancing for seven weeks. They competed with each other to do one show dance and one ballroom dance. I judged the event with a global CEO of Barclaycard, James Goodman, who is Len Goodman’s son, and it was so fun. It was just so special that people have found time to rehearse after work. You saw the effort they put in, and how dancing really does revolves around teamwork. They looked like they were really enjoying themselves. They performed at The Deco theatre, there were 700 people in the audience watching! We raised nearly £40,000 for the foundation which was so, so incredible. I want to say a special thank you to Caroline Pugh from Barclaycard who organised this event in Northampton and Northamton dance studio Step-by-Step dance teachers who dedicated 7 weeks of their time to teach 18 Barclaycard employees! And a special thank you to Global Barclaycard CEO Amer Sajed who flew all the way from America to support us!



Everyone from the foundation, myself included, were so, so grateful. Sharon Evans the CEO of the charity, she’s said that dancing changed her life when she was seven years old. Len Goodman was her first teacher and dancing really made her feel empowered and it’s shaped who she is now. It’s the same story with me. We had such a great night and the Barclaycard employees had so much fun. Here’s a photo of the winners Sheena Widdowfield and Lee Whitestone with myself and Sharon.




Of course, we were there for a really serious note – to raise money for the charity. If you don’t know about the charity, it helps thousands of kids around the country who come from very tough, deprived backgrounds. These kids suffer from violence, crime, abuse – all sorts – and basically the charity helps them speak up about the issues in life that may frighten and worry them. The Dot Com Learning programme was created by the charity and is delivered in schools to more than 30,000 children across the UK. Dot is a cartoon character and friend to children who helps them learn how to value themselves and make safer choices in life. My aim as patron is for the programme to be offered in as many schools as possible around the country. In one of our schools that has DotCom lessons, we helped one eight-year-old speak up. She used a this Dot Com Minute card to show her teacher that she was being sexually abused. A man appeared in crown court accused of raping her and is now on the sex offenders register. Her older sister and the perpetrators own sister who was also in primary school were also saved from ongoing abuse. It really is an amazing charity – please do support it if you can. Check out more here:


Dance exhibition

I’m really looking forward to another event coming up on the 11th March. Those who are into dancing will know that there’s a big exhibition dedicated to all things dancing at the Excel Centre in London. I’m going to be teaching the cha cha cha at 4:30pm. I’m going to have a couple with me who are amazing dancers, they’re finalists, so if you’re coming down to the exhibition please do find me, say hello and have a photo! The class is sold out but if you’re there, please pop by, I’ll be around before and after class.

Thank you so much for your readers’ questions. I’ve had a lot of people ask about my make-up. I actually always do my own make-up and hair, I rarely have a make-up artist unless I’m at a professional photoshoot. I’ve made a video where you can see how quickly you can do your make-up in 20 minutes – check it out below.

I’ve also answered some other questions in the video. Please do keep them coming! Just tweet me on @KRihanoff and @hellomag using the hashtag #AskKristina and I’ll try and answer your questions!

Thanks for reading!

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