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My first day away from Mila was nerve-racking!

Hi everyone,

Hope you enjoyed reading my first blog post!

I’ve got lots of things to tell you in the three weeks that have passed. I’m still learning as a new mum and of course as many mothers out there will know, leaving your baby for the first time is always so nerve-racking!

Time away from Mila

I’ve had a couple of nights away from Mila now and it’s always very, very hard because you’re just stressing out about your baby. I know she’s going to be fine but you still get that unsettling feeling when you’re away. You keep thinking, what’s happening? You’re not really relaxed and you just want to rush home to your baby.

The first time was so nerve-wracking! Ben and I had a wedding to go to so Ben’s mum babysat. She’s great with grandchildren – she has eight of them so she’s more than experienced! But I was literally looking at my watch all the time, thinking I need to get back, I need to get back! But actually Mila was fine, I really should have just enjoyed myself more and not worried so much. I guess it’s natural for any new mum, isn’t it?

It does feel a little strange when you’re away from your baby for a few hours. It’s really weird because I’m so used to having her in my arms and I always feel like I’m rushing to go home to see her. You don’t have that freedom anymore but actually, you feel happy about the fact that you have a baby at home to go to. It still isn’t easy to leave her but she’s in very good hands. Ben is amazing with her, as is his mum.


Mila’s first boat trip

Nowadays I’m getting used to taking Mila everywhere with me. It’s important to bring your baby into your routine. We had a lovely weekend in Bournemouth recently. It was a gorgeous Sunday, we had a lovely time on the boat. Mila loved it! She loved the rocking of the boat and slept all day long. I couldn’t believe how beautiful Bournemouth’s seaside is. It kind of reminded me of home because my home town is a sea port. I really miss the sea, the breeze, the smell. It was a perfect family weekend!

Of course, Mila and I are also watching Strictly this year! The first week was quite impressive! The celebrity line-up this year is amazing. Watching it from home is a little bit different after eight years on the show, being there on the floor, but I was comfortable at home. I’m becoming a bit of a reality TV junkie I must say, ha ha, watching Strictly and the X Factor, which I think is also great this year. The whole family sits around, making verdicts, I love it and I think Mila does too!

Mila’s injections

What she really didn’t love was her 12-week injections…! She had a big cry and the needle was massive. I just thought the needle would have been a lot smaller for a little baby! She was asleep and we had to wake her up for the jab, and she just went crazy! I really didn’t want to be in the room, poor thing. She reacted better this time though, I didn’t have to give her a paracetamol although she was quite grumpy and moody that day and the day after. The following day I had to go to London for a charity event so I had to leave her. She was crying for a couple of hours in the evening and when I got home I cuddled her straight away. That was difficult seeing her like that. It stressed me out so much. I just thought, I have to get home to see her!


Turning 39…

In other news, Thursday 22nd September was my birthday! I have to rave about the restaurant we went to – Novikov in Mayfair. I can’t explain how incredible the food was. I love fusion food and it was all incredible, so beautiful. It was the best food I’ve ever had in my life!! I also had a beautiful cake.

It’s funny because I was thinking, 39, my last year in my thirties before the big 4-0. But maybe because of the baby, I don’t feel like it’s going to be the end of the world and I don’t feel down about it. Times are changing, a lot of women have children much later and I think that your 40s are your new 30s. At the moment I’m happy, I feel good, I feel healthy. You can look good at any age. When you hit 40 as a woman, you know yourself, you know what works for you looks wise, you know what suits your body. I look at celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek and I think they actually look better in their 40s than before. They’re probably the best years because you feel complete, comfortable in your own skin, you don’t have many hang-ups so I’m kind of looking forward to it… It’ll be okay!


My West End Show

As I announced last week, Gleb Savchenko and I are doing a West End show later this year! I’m really excited to be putting on my dancing shoes again! It’s going to be really fun. There’s going to be a lot of audience participation and we hope to see as many kids there. There’s going to be a Q and A, a meet and greet, we’re going to get the audience up on stage. I think it’ll be a really great Christmas gift for all the family so please buy tickets!! Here’s the link:

We’ve got lots of rehearsals scheduled, starting mid-November, so I’m very excited but a little bit nervous because I’m definitely not in my pre-pregnancy shape. People have been very, very kind and say that I still look good and so on, but I know in myself how I was before pregnancy – and it’s definitely not the same! I need to move quite a few pounds but I don’t want to jeopardise my health or Mila’s by going on extreme diets. I’m breastfeeding and I want to continue breastfeeding for as long as possible, at least six months. If I slim down, I want it to be in a healthy way. I’m eating lots of lean protein, lots of vegetables (which I’ve always loved), not too much white bread… The only thing is that I’m not as active as I was before. On Strictly I burned so many calories dancing for six to seven hours a day. I do work out in the gym with light weights but I’ve never really enjoyed running, so I’m sticking to exercises with my pram when I’m out with Mila. It’s like my ballet bar, it’s perfect for my dance moves!

There is so much pressure on women to bounce back right away. I can’t fit into my skinny jeans right now but do you know what? It’s okay! What can I do? I had a baby three months ago. I want to be real and be realistic. We shouldn’t be obsessed with how we lose weight. I think we’re more obsessed with our babies anyway!

When Elena (Gleb’s wife) rang me to ask about doing the West End show with Gleb, I did say I’m very excited but I can’t do it without the support of my family… Of course everyone was so supportive and they said they’ll help looking after Mila, so I’m very lucky in that sense. They know how much I love dancing and how much the show would mean to me. Like any other working mum, I’m learning to juggle motherhood with my work! I’m no different. You just have to do the best in your situation.


Mila’s first long-haul flight is coming up

I’m going to LA for a couple of weeks to see Elena and Gleb – we have a lot of admin work to sort out, like the group numbers and what solos we’re doing. It’ll be cool to catch up, I’m excited!

I’m bringing Mila with me but I’m quite nervous because it’s her first long-haul flight. I’ve been talking to all of my friends who have been through it, including Katya Virshilas who was also on Strictly. She has a baby boy and they went to Vancouver recently. I met up with her to get all the do’s and don’ts! But it’s life, you have to get on with it and you have to cope as you go along. I’m sure it’ll be okay. Ben will come out to visit, I’m seeing my best friend out there who has two kids. I’m a godmother to her boy, so it’ll be a bit of a family reunion!



Thanks for sending in your questions, I loved going through them and have picked two to answer this week. Please keep sending them to @hellomag and @KRihanoff using the hashtag #AskKristina and I’ll try and answer them in my next blog!

Will you bring Mila back to Russia to show her where you grew up?

Definitely! When Mila is a bit older, maybe next summer, I’m hoping to take her to my hometown Vladivostok. August is the most beautiful time there and I just want her to get to know her Russian heritage. I speak to her in Russian when it’s just the two of us, I want her to be bilingual and I want her to be able to communicate with my mum and her Russian side of the family.

What’s the one thing you want for Mila that you never had growing up?

I would like Mila to be a world traveller and see other cultures, see other ways of life. I grew up in Soviet Russia and didn’t travel properly until I was about 23 when I went to America and couldn’t speak English. It was a massive shock to me, it was very difficult because of the different culture. I found it difficult to settle in, which is why I think it’s great that Mila is growing up in a different age and a different place. I want her to a world traveller and be open-minded and be educated about different cultures.

Anyway, back to Mila! I’ll be blogging again in a few weeks.

Until then,

Kristina x

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