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Radio Silence…

I feel I ought to start with an apology. I’ve been on holiday and before that I was working to a big flipping writing deadline and trying to clear out loads of the house because the building work has progressed into redecorating the areas that haven’t been knocked about in the renovation work. Anyway, all that means is I’ve been shoddy when it comes to all things social media. Blogs, vlogs and Facebook lives have been virtually non-existent for a while as I got on with everything I needed to do, packed for our trip and then took a big old break with the boys.

We took Buzz and Buddy to Walt Disney World, in Florida. We planned the trip with Tom’s Mum and Dad but had no idea Tom’s sister Carrie was going to be surprising us for a chunk of it too. I cried when she walked up to us in the hotel. Full on blubbed. We’ve all been so ridiculously busy, so to be there all together was very special. It’s the most time Carrie has ever spent with the boys, and I know it meant as much to them as it did to her.


Disney is magical. It’s the place where imaginations are allowed to run wild, dreams are dreamt up, and love, laughter and enjoyment are the main focuses of the day.

It’s a special place for us. The Fletcher family have been going there since Tom was a boy. His mum and dad would save every penny so they could have their big trip every two years. It was something to work hard for. I joined them there back in 2005 for my own first taste of the wonder and immediately became engrossed. While you’re there you see the good in the world. You are reminded of the power of dreams and the imagination. You feel empowered and a little lighter for it.


In 2013 Tom and I surprised his mum and dad by gatecrashing their holiday, although we had an extra little surprise for them. On the morning we were flying over there I found out I was pregnant. To go back there, four years later, with our two children has been wonderful. I’ve spent so many trips watching other families navigate their way through the crowds, witnessing the wonder on innocent faces as their favourite characters appear before them and then seeing mums and dads carrying exhausted and sleeping children back on the buses after a busy day… This time, that was us.


It’s not been relaxing in the same way that a holiday for two in St Lucia might be (I’m thinking sun loungers and cocktails), but it’s been great to step away from work and focus on what really matters. Family.


Buzz and Buddy are so funny. Buzz has been in awe of everything he’s seen and loved all of the rides (he even went on Splash Mountain), whereas Buddy has given us the most comical looks at times as though to question what we’re making him do, although even he was blown away when meeting his idol, Winnie the Pooh.


It’s been tiring, but I don’t see how a holiday with two little boys could be anything but. They’ve made me laugh dozens of times every day and I feel so lucky to have been able to have that time with them.


While we were away we also celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. Tom’s mum and dad kindly had the munchkins so we could go out for dinner. It was great to just talk and laugh! I can’t believe how much we’ve crammed into our wedded years. We’ve been busy!


Hope you’re all well!

Big love,

Gi. Xx

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