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Back to life, back to reality!

We’re now back from Walt Disney World and slowly returning to our normal routines. I’ll be honest, for the first three nights we had at least one of the boys in with us in our bed, thanks to them waking up in the night. They were fine going down because they’d be shattered by the end of the day, but would wake up wanting to be with us. Considering they’d just spent two whole weeks with us all sleeping in one room, and with each other every second of the day, it’s hardly surprising they’d wake up confused and want to be in with us. We didn’t mind too much, as long as they got in and slept, which they did. Thankfully that helped us all get over our jet lag fairly quickly and they’re now back to sleeping through the night. Hurrah!


Most of this week has been spent looking at our holiday photos forlornly, even though I was ready to come back and get cracking on normal life bits and bobs – isn’t that always the way?! Buzz has also been talking a lot about his Disney adventure now that he’s finally been reunited with his drum kit (the ONLY downfall to being thousands of miles away). It’s fair to say we’re already looking into when we’ll be able to go back.


Thankfully our house extension is almost finished. In fact, all the building work is done, and so is the majority of the decorating – now we need to sort out the furniture. We’ll be recycling a lot of our old stuff, but need to get a few key pieces. It’s really exciting, but we’re rubbish at making decisions, so it’s probably taking us longer than it would others. This week I ordered new counter stools and a bed. MASSIVE PROGRESS. Although thanks to us leaving it so late those pieces might not arrive for up to ten weeks. CRAZY!


This week has been busy but great. I’ve been filming (more on that another time), celebrated the opening of Decleor’s only flagship store in the UK with a Q&A that focused on skincare for mums on the go (I’ve vowed never to sleep with my make up on again), had a few meetings and spoke at Marie Claire’s Future Shapers event about my life online. It’s been an interesting one and nicely varied as we ease back into normality.


Next week I’m off to Italy to see my nonna with the boys. When I get back I’ll be getting my head down and writing again. May has been a great time for me to spend time with my little monkeys, and I’ve loved my attention being mostly focused on being a mum without feeling pulled in so many directions. I know I’m lucky to have been able to set aside that time… It’s been utterly knackering though! Those boys have so much energy, it’s difficult to keep up.

In other news, I’ve really got to start training for my trip to Oman with CoppaFeel! and Fabulous at the end of the year. It’s going to be here before we know it and I need to get my fitness up so that I can keep up with everyone else and feel GOOD!


Right, I’m off to look at rugs and sofas… again!

Big love,

Giovanna. Xx

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