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The Tommy’s awards and a very exciting announcement!

The last time I posted I was telling you why I was excited about hosting the Tommy’s awards. Well, I have since done that and I’m thrilled to say that the whole every was as emotional and special as I hoped it would be. It was so humbling chatting to the people there who’ve been affected by stillbirth or miscarriage and have been helped in some way by the charity. Likewise it was inspiring to talk to those who work closely with the charity either in terms of raising money, or researching in the hope we can save babies lives. I am in awe of everyone I met. I’m not going to lie, I found listening to their stories difficult and got quite choked a few times during the ceremony – and that’s after watching the videos a few times and going over the script plenty beforehand. I’m so glad I took part. Tommy’s has won my heart!


At the end of last week I travelled to Dublin for the final part of book promo for Happy Mum, Happy Baby. Well, if I get asked to do anymore I’d gladly comply, but we’ve now come to the end of what was scheduled initially.

I love Dublin. The hotel was gorgeous, the people were friendly and laidback and the readers were enthusiastic and kind. I’ve never been over to Ireland for a book signing before, so it was great to go somewhere new – a lot of the tour has been like that. I didn’t go on the road with my first two books because it would’ve felt a bit premature to me (I was worried no one would turn up), and then I’ve had to be quite selective about not going too far from London with my pregnancies and the arrival of the boys. But I’m slowly travelling further afield. I’ve found it addictive, especially the evening events. Writing books is so solitary and it turns out that I really like company, which surprises me really as I’ve always loved being left with my own mind to talk to. Perhaps it’s because it’s my seventh book, which equates to lots of time being spent on my own. Perhaps it’s being a working mum and feeling the pressure lift when I’m out of the house and being ‘me’. Or perhaps it’s just because I like entertaining people and making them feel good… either way, you can expect more tours in the future!


In every interview I’ve had over the last month I’ve been asked ‘And what’s next?’ It’s a very good question and one I usually love answering, but this time round it’s left me feeling stumped. The rest of the year is so jam packed, but I haven’t been allowed to reveal what I’m up to or what’s been keeping me so busy. Well yesterday I could finally reveal that I’m taking part in CoppaFeel! and Fabulous magazine’s big trek to Oman with Greg Rutherford. We’ll be heading over there in November with a load of other fundraisers. If you want to apply the please go to the CoppaFeel! website to find out more. Now that this is out there I do need to start thinking about my fitness levels. By thinking I mean getting away from my desk and actually doing some sort of focused physical activity. Yes, I’m going to start training! Watch out, Greg – I’m going to be Olympian level before we know it.


For now the other projects are all top secret… but you’ll know more soon. And no. I’m not pregnant.


Big love!

Gi. Xx

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