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Reboot your body and mind! The original Mayr Clinic: Austria


There is nothing better than a holiday where you come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated!

Sadly, how often does that actually happen? More often than not you actually need another holiday to get over the holiday!


But not at the Mayr clinic – there you will come back feeling like a newborn baby after a few gruelling days.

I can, hand on my heart, say that the Original Mayr Clinic is one of the best experiences I have ever had – which I did not expect to write given the Mayr Clinic’s ferocious reputation for being the home of the unflinching detox – yippee…

As soon as you arrive you are given your timetable which starts at 7am with brisk forest walks and all day treatments of massages, detox baths and daily check-ups with your doctor, before ending with a nightly nutrition lecture at 8pm.

Below shows the epsom salt bath which helps draw out toxins. Soothing and relaxing! Easy to recreate at home.


The Mayr cure is all about cleansing the stomach by eating an alkaline diet. Tiny portions are on the menu. Learning to chew 30 times every mouthful is a strict Mayr rule.

Every guest sees the doctor on arrival, who tests their blood and reviews any medical conditions in order to devise their bespoke and customised Mayr cure plan.


I was put on a 400 calorie diet, due to my upcoming wedding! It was brutal for the first two days, but the bounce you woke up with after surviving the first 48 hours was incredible. Even with the wedding incentive factor, 400 calories sounded a bit daunting but it proved amazing.

Here is a typical snapshot of my daily food intake at the Mayr clinic, starting off with a breakfast of natural yogurt, homemade buckwheat bread and locally light smoked salmon with dill.


Mayr cure lunches normally consist of lots of vegetables and fish, packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients.


Dinner sadly is just vegetable broth and rice cakes! Not quite as exciting, but gives results.


The contrast to normal life is amusing. Whilst fashion week was happening in London I was tucked up in bathrobes and the essential Mayr bedroom slippers. There is no need to pack a pair of heels, it gets as glamorous as your gym kit! And there was not a catwalk in sight. Just fresh air and blue skies.


The clinic is a land of comfort and cosiness with snug lounges to relax in and drink herbal tea! Herbal tea and water will be about as exciting as it gets, along with your slush of epsom salt water, which the Mayr clinic recommended to most guests, cleaning you inside and out with many dashes to the loo! This is just part and parcel of the Mayr cure.

The cure is a bonding experience, as all the guests are changing their habits, and can be a gruelling experience, no coffee, no alcohol, no chocolate, no sugary drinks, not even fruit juice! The list of cravings is long whilst doing the Mayr cure, creating plenty to chat about, dreaming about pizza and Mars bars; the dreaded hunger pains and withdrawal symptoms, creating an atmosphere of giggles with fellow guests, aka pupils of the Mayr school!

Many guests are regulars, putting the Mayr cure into their yearly programs. I can totally understand why people get hooked, the results are that good! It’s like giving your body an MOT. One lady was on her 14th year, and had come for 3 weeks!


I give the Mayr clinic an extra gold star for the ‘beach’ alongside the beautiful lake Wörthersee. It is tranquil and the ultimate place to escape, read books and forget about our day-to-day lives.


The weather was just so perfect during my stay. The beach came into its own element, a lovely haven to drift away and relax in. I took a dip inside Wörthersee lake which left me refreshed and rejuvenated.


After the 7-day detox I was feeling wonderful inside and out. Skin glowing, hair lush and my eyes pearly white, I had not felt like this for a long time. It was wonderful to look into the mirror and see a dewy face and sparkly eyed reflection.

Finally, last selfie on Snapchat! Saying goodbye to the Mayr Clinic. Feeling fresh and fabulous!! I hope to see you soon.

Ciao xxx



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