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Jan 13

LCN Sensitive Guard Nail Whitener

Marilyn Monroe preferred to wear clear nail polish, and who could blame her? Clear polish is a lovely way to give your nails a subtle, elegant finish. It’s glamorous without being gaudy, and understated without being dull.

Marilyn Monroe preferred to wear clear nail polish

Marilyn Monroe clear nail polish (image:

My go-to nail polish at the moment is LCN’s Sensitive Guard Nail Whitener. Just one, thin layer of this polish brightens your nails and gives them a healthy sheen. Make sure not to apply too much though as it’ll end up looking milky and congealed. Remember, less is more!

LCN’s Sensitive Guard Nail Whitener contains green tea extract and can also be used as a base coat. Available to buy for £4.35 from

LCN Sensitive Guard Nail Whitener

LCN Sensitive Guard Nail Whitener

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