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Feb 13

What to buy him for Valentine’s Day: Male Grooming Products

If you happen to have a significant chap in your life, it may be that he’s in desperate need of some male grooming products. In which case might I suggest giving him the Braun Series 3 Wet & Dry Shaver this Valentine’s Day.

I really rate Braun products (their epilators are brilliant) which is why I think this shaver would make a good gift. Of course it depends on your budget, but the shaver is currently reduced from £139.99 to £93.32 at Boots.

So, what makes this shaver so special? Well, firstly it has three independently moving cutting elements which adapt to facial contours, so it’s really effective at cutting both long and short hairs. It also causes less irritation than regular shavers, meaning your boyfriend will have soft kissable skin for Valentine’s Day.

Braun Series 3 Shaver: 380s Wet & Dry

Braun Series 3 Shaver: 380s Wet & Dry

This model boasts a sleek, black and blue design and has comfortable rubber grips which make it easy to hold. It’s size, shape and weight are all ideal. The shaver also comes with a charger, dock and hard black zip-up case. My boyfriend will definitely be getting this for Valentine’s Day (here’s hoping he’s not reading).

Two other products which I’d definitely recommend getting your man this year are Natural Empathy’s Clean & Mean Hair & Body Wash, £12.95, and Natural Empathy’s Care & Repair Moisturiser for Men, £29.99, both of which are worth their individual price tags.

These high quality products are free of parabens and contain pure essential oils. They also contain ingredients such as cedarwood and lavender, all of which combine to create a woody scent that smells absolutely divine. Available to buy from

Natural Empathy Male Grooming Products

Natural Empathy Male Grooming Products

Another option is to buy your boyfriend a sophisticated smelling Cologne. My older brother is a massive fan of Steel by Superdry, a refreshing fragrance with top notes of lime and bergamot and rich base notes of cedarwood and moss. Steel costs £29.50 per 40ml and is available to buy at all Superdry stores and

One last product which I think would make a nice gift this Valentine’s is the Artamis 8 Piece Manicure Set, available to buy for £17.50 from It’ll be sure to keep your boyfriend’s talons and monobrow in check.

With all these products, your other half will be groomed to perfection in time for your next romantic dinner! For more Valentine’s Day cosmetics, read Yesterface’s Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide as inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins.

Superdry Steel Cologne and Artamis Nail Kit

Superdry Steel Cologne and Artamis Nail Kit

Feb 13

Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide: as inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins

Whether you consider Valentine’s Day to be a romantic occasion or just another commercial calendar date, chances are you’ll be celebrating it somehow anyway; either with your lover, your friends or yourself! After all, it’s a great excuse to treat yourself to some TLC.

Love is blind

Love is blind

However you decide to spend Valentine’s Day this year, there’s no doubt that beauty products will be involved. Enter Yesterface’s Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide; here you’ll find a variety of products, all of which are designed to make you look and feel good this Valentine’s Day.

Each item has been handpicked and tested by yours truly, and each correlates with one of the Seven Deadly Sins. After all, love is a complex emotion which has the ability to evoke darker feelings such as lust and envy. So, read on and find out which products suit which sin…

  1. Lust   2. Gluttony   3. Greed   4. Sloth   5. Wrath   6. Envy   7. Pride


Dec 12

Male Grooming Products for your Dad (Christmas Gift Guide 2012)

Molton Brown Atlas Gift Set

Molton Brown Atlas Gift Set

Christmas day is fast approaching, so here are some last-minute ideas on which male grooming products to buy your dad this year!

For more suggestions on which cosmetics to buy for your boyfriend, brother, guy mates or granddad, check out the rest of Yesterface’s Male Grooming Gift Guide.

Molton Brown Gift Set

Molton Brown products always seem to go down well with dads, which is why I’ll be getting my old man the Atlas Set this Christmas (dad, I hope you’re not reading this!). The set comes pre gift-wrapped in a lovely, festive box and contains six 100ml versions of Molton Brown‘s bestselling bodywashes. Read on to find out what they are!

Molton Brown Atlas Gift Set Bodywashes review

Molton Brown Atlas Gift Set Bodywashes

1. Vitalising Vitamin AB+C Bath and Shower Gel boasts strong, refreshing notes of lemon.

2. Fresh Bushukan Citrus Bodywash has a delicious, tangy scent and contains bilberry juice.

3. Recharge Black Pepper Body Wash is sweet but not too saccarine; it has a spicy kick and is my personal favourite!

4. Cool Bushu Bodywash has a calming, spa-like scent and subtle notes of mint.

5. Invigorating Suma Ginseng Bath and Shower is a soothing yet energizing bodywash containing ingredients such as cinnamon, juniper berry and geranium.

6. Warming Eucalyptus Bath and Shower Therapy has a luxurious aroma reminiscent of olbas oil.

The Atlas Gift Set is available to buy from for £36.

Champneys Grooming Kit

I’m a big fan of Champneys, which is why I’m recommending the Champneys Grooming Kit for Men. This luxurious kit includes Hair & Body Wash (200ml), Deodorant (150ml) and a four-piece manicure set. The latter is guaranteed to keep your dad’s bushy brows and unkempt nails in order! Available to buy at Boots for £18.

Champneys Gift Set

Champneys Gift Set

Stylfile Toenail Clippers

Remember Tom Pellereau? Aka. the adorable genius who won the Apprentice last year? Aka. the one who looked like he could have been Professor Weetos’ son? Know who I mean? Good, because said genius has just added a new product to his Stylfile range called the S-Clipper, and I for one am genuinely impressed!

Unlike regular clippers, the S-Clipper has “curved, scissor-like” blades which splice through stubborn toenails. It’s larger than your average clipper, but it’s easy to use and very effective. The S-Clipper is available to buy from Amazon and Sainsburys for £8.99, and will help your dad sort out his unruly talons in no time!

The S-Clipper from Stylfile

The S-Clipper from Stylfile

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