Jul 13

Summer rock chick – make up tutorial

As a beauty blogger, I’m usually the one trying out makeup on other people and snapping away with my DSLR, but recently it was my turn to be on the other side of the makeup brush – and the opposite end of the camera lens.

Summer makeup

Smokey eyes will compliment any festival outfit (makeup artist: Athena Demetriou, photographer: Dakku Singh)

Athena Demetriou, 30, a trained beauty therapist with a certificate in TV and Film Make-up from The London College of Fashion, asked if I would be a model for her upcoming photoshoot, Days of Summer, shot by photographer Dakku Singh. The theme, it transpired, would be summertime – but with a rocky edge. In other words, the perfect look for festivals!

summer makeup

Makeup artist Athena working her magic!

For the photoshoot, Athena firstly made sure that my face was cleansed and moisturised. ‘This helps set the make up,’ she says. ‘I mixed two foundations – Stargazer Pure White and MAC Face and Body in nc20.’ Athena’s top tip? Always test foundation on your jawline as this area gives a true reading of your skin tone. She also pointed out that, contrary to popular belief, you should never test foundation on your hand as it won’t match your face!

Athena then transformed my eyes from subtle to smokey by mixing several colours from her MUA palette and, using a blending brush, applied the eyeshadow to my brow bones for an open, winged effect. ‘Practise feeling the bones around your eye with your fingertips,’ she advises. ‘This allows you to discover where to apply the shadow for your desired effect.’

Summertime makeup

For a biker-chic look, compliment smokey eyes with an edgy leather jacket and gold bracelet like this one by Feather & Stone (photographer: Dakku Singh)

Athena added a highlighting colour to the inner corner of my tear duct and, using a kohl black eyeliner, lined the upper lash line and smudged it slightly for an edgy, rock-chick vibe. ‘I then applied the same eyeshadow mix under the lower lash line using a smaller eyeshadow brush, and the kohl eyeliner to the waterline of the eye,’ explains Athena.

‘Using an eyelash curler, I gently curled the lashes, keeping them in the curler for about 30 seconds to ensure a decent curl, and applied Max Factor: 2000 Calories mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Two coats is sufficient for the upper lashes.’

Summer makeup

Blending and smudging are the key to achieving smokey eyes

Finally, it was time to contour the cheeks! Athena used a Bare Minerals bronzer in between the cheekbone and jawline. ‘This step really helps to define cheekbones and gives the illusion that they’re more prominent,’ she says. ‘On the apples of the cheeks, I used a rose blusher from L’oreal and used a large blending brush in circular motions to help break up any harshness and bring the colours together.’

‘For the lips, I primed them using Vaseline to help banish any dryness. As the eyes were already strong, I wanted to keep the lips soft (you should only be adventurous with bold colours if you’re going for a striking ‘editorial’ look) so I applied a nude lip colour by Barry M using an angled lip brush. Another little tip: use a gold highlighter at the cupid’s bow – the heart shaped part of the upper lip – as this helps create the illusion of fuller lips.’

‘Lastly, I used translucent powder all over the face to help set the makeup and voilà – the finished look is complete!’ Thank you to make up artist Athena Demetriou, photographer Dakku Singh and fashion PR manager, Aoife McIvor.

Summertime makeup

The clothes I’m wearing in this photo are: Borne Alice Floral playsuit and Apair Amalfi Classic boots (photographer: Dakku Singh)



Feb 13

Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide: as inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins

Whether you consider Valentine’s Day to be a romantic occasion or just another commercial calendar date, chances are you’ll be celebrating it somehow anyway; either with your lover, your friends or yourself! After all, it’s a great excuse to treat yourself to some TLC.

Love is blind

Love is blind

However you decide to spend Valentine’s Day this year, there’s no doubt that beauty products will be involved. Enter Yesterface’s Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide; here you’ll find a variety of products, all of which are designed to make you look and feel good this Valentine’s Day.

Each item has been handpicked and tested by yours truly, and each correlates with one of the Seven Deadly Sins. After all, love is a complex emotion which has the ability to evoke darker feelings such as lust and envy. So, read on and find out which products suit which sin…

  1. Lust   2. Gluttony   3. Greed   4. Sloth   5. Wrath   6. Envy   7. Pride


Feb 13

Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide; red cosmetics inspired by Lust

Known as the first stage of love, lust is synonymous with the colour red; in particular red lips. On that note, have you ever wondered why women wear red lipstick? Well, one theory is that red lips serve as a reminder of a lady’s private parts (seriously, read this article if you don’t believe me). As a result, red lips are apparently more sexually arousing to look at.

Lipstick has been a symbol of adult sexuality since the 1930s; a study in 1937 revealed that over 50% of teenage girls fought with their parents over lipstick. So there you have it, lipstick, in particular red lipstick, has sexual connotations for a reason. If you fancy opting for sexy red lips this Valentine’s Day, I suggest you choose any single one of the lovely products below….

Red lip products for Valentines Day

Red lip products for Valentines Day

Bella Pierre lipstick in “Ruby” (bottom left) has a bright, almost tomato-like hue. It allows for great precision and has a soft creamy texture. Available to buy from for £12.35 (RRP £14.99).

LilyLolo lipstick in “Desire” (top left) This lipstick boasts a rich, punchy red shade and pretty packaging. Available to buy from for £7.99 (I’m wearing this lipstick in the picture below).

Pür Minerals Lip Gloss Stick in “Berry Pretty” (top middle) offers a subtle shade which gives lips a kissable sheen. It goes on easily, tastes lovely, and looks great by itself or as a finishing touch to already painted lips. Available to buy from Marks & Spencers for £16.

LUSH Liquid Lipstick in “Power Without Force” (top right). A golden red, this lipstick is creamy, shimmery and its matte finish stays put even when it comes into contact with drink. The handmade lipstick boasts woody notes and contains jojoba oil, candellila wax, and rose wax. Available to buy from LUSH for £14.50.

Dita Von Teese Lip Lacquer in “Sexpert” by Art Deco (bottom right) is dark, dramatic and utterly vampish. This lip lacquer’s thick, glossy and blood-like hue is seriously seductive. Available to buy from

Red lipstick for Valentines Day

Red lipstick for Valentines Day

LUSH “The Kiss” Lip Gloss (lower middle) is a delicious soothing balm which makes your lips feel soft and ready to smooch. It’s free of preservatives and contains shea and cupuacu butters. The tin is cute and nifty too. Available to buy from LUSH for £5.50.

French Kiss Gum (centre). Well, you can’t honestly expect to have a satisfying snog without fresh breath now can you. French Kiss Gum, which is apparently used by Hollywood celebs before onscreen kisses, promises to “obliterate odors instantly”. The flavour’s nice enough, but it’s the kitsch packaging that I really like. Available to buy from

à la carte Lip Gloss in Passionista (middle right). Despite its scarlet hue, this lipgloss isn’t as bright as you’d imagine and actually has a pink tinge. The texture is sticky, in a good way, and the lipgloss has a sparkly finish which catches the light beautifully. Available to buy from for £20.

The lipgloss would look gorgeous teamed with either one of the blushers pictured below. Also made by à la carte, both blushers, which cost £28 each, have lust written all over them.

“Whisper” promises a more subtle shimmer, whereas “Fire” will give your cheeks a tint of burning desire. I love the blushers’ compact cases as they have built in mirrors and attached sheets of protective plastic which effectively reduce mess.

a la carte blushers

a la carte blushers

Visit the main menu to read the rest of Yesterface’s Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide, as inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins.

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