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Feb 13

Red Carpet Beauty round-up 2013

It may only be February, but we’ve already seen a wealth of Red Carpet Beauty this year thanks to numerous awards ceremonies including the Golden Globes, the Grammys and the BAFTAs. We’ve still got the Oscars to go at the end of the month as well!

Just like Marilyn Monroe stole the show all those years ago at the Golden Globes, when it comes to beauty, some stars have shone brighter than others on the red carpet at this year’s ceremonies. Read on to find out my favourite Red Carpet Beauty moments so far…

Marilyn Monroe won three Golden Globes between 1953 - 1962

Marilyn Monroe won three Golden Globes between 1953 – 1962


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous. Jennifer Lawrence is also chums with Bradley Cooper and Michael Fassbender. Jennifer Lawrence is hereby the source of all my envy. Seriously though, I do love a bit of Jen; she’s great as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and she also seems to have a pretty grounded attitude towards Hollywood and all its silliness. Plus she looked awesome at this year’s BAFTAs.

Slicked-back hair is an unconventional and risky look for the red carpet, but the actress definitely pulled it off. Jennifer’s dark, sooty eyes looked very alluring, and given they were teamed with wet-look hair, they completed her just-out-of-the-shower, smudgy-eyed vibe. For eyes like Jennifer’s apply LCN’s Dark Midnight Glow eyeshadow, £11.45 from

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2013 BAFTAs

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2013 BAFTAs

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker’s beauty and fashion sense have always been unconventional, and equally out of the ordinary is her down to earth personality. Unlike typical showbiz prima donnas, SJP always comes across as warm, charismatic, and genuine – qualities which she displayed during her speech at the BAFTAs.

When the actress stepped on stage in her Elie Saab jumpsuit, I was struck by how amazing she looked. It’s been years since SATC came to an end, but SJP is looking remarkably youthful – and not in a surgically-enhanced kinda way, either. After all, the Sex and the City star has long been averse to plastic surgery.

Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2013 BAFTAs

Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2013 BAFTAs

“People used to tell me to do my nose all the time—all the time,” she told Allure in 2000. “I’m not a big fan of collagen and Botox for actresses because I think it ruins a very expressive part of our faces. I kinda dig that I’m so flawed.” Well, she may love imperfections, but SJP’s hair at the BAFTAs was absolutely flawless thanks to Charles Worthington, who worked his mane-magic on the actress before she hit the red carpet.

To achieve hair like SJP’s, the stylist recommends using Charles Worthington Instant Volume Amplifying Volume Treatment, £14.99, before running straightening irons through your hair. My favourite straighteners at the moment are Babyliss’ 2098bu Pro 230 Elegance Straighteners, Like SJP, my hair is naturally thick and curly, but these slim straighteners and their super-hot, titanium ceramic plates do a great job of taming my locks. Available to buy from for a reduced price of £34.99.

Babyliss’ 2098bu Pro 230 Elegance Straighteners

Babyliss’ 2098bu Pro 230 Elegance Straighteners



It was her first official outing with Chris Brown as a couple since he assaulted her at the 2009 Grammys – a reunion which by many is seen as a controversial move on Rihanna’s part – so it was fitting that the singer opted for a bold look at this year’s awards ceremony. Speaking about her newly rekindled relationship, Rihanna said: “If it’s a mistake, then it’s my mistake”.

Just like her defiant attitude, Rihanna’s scarlet dress. rouge lips and matching nails were fiery if not downright daring. Her long wavy hair, on the other hand, softened the overall look (which might have otherwise seemed too harsh) and reminded us that Rihanna is still a young and at times vulnerable woman. Here’s hoping Chris Brown treats her right this time.

Find out which red nail polishes and red lipsticks I like best at the moment by visiting Yesterface’s Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide!

Rihanna at the 2013 Grammys

Rihanna at the 2013 Grammys

Golden Globes

Claire Danes

Not only did Claire Danes pick up the gong for Best Actress at this year’s Golden Globes, but she came up trumps on the red carpet too.

I’ve become accustomed to seeing Danes sport a pair of manic, tired-looking eyes in her (brilliantly acted) role as CIA officer Carrie Mathison in Homeland, so it was a welcome surprise to see her all dolled up at the Globes.

Danes complimented her natural beauty with an ample dose of eyeliner and this smokey, feline look was beyond seductive; it made the actress’ electric blue eyes sizzle even more than usual. Her hair do was a total win, too. Tousled, long, glossy and voluminous, it was as far cry from the short, unassuming style worn by her character Carrie. Bravo, Claire!

Claire Danes at the 2013 Golden Globes

Claire Danes at the 2013 Golden Globes

Jessica Alba

When it comes to style, this woman can do no wrong. Her look at the Globes was not only immaculate, but had an earthy and vibrant edge too.

Her sun-kissed California skin, burnt orange lips, subtle contouring and simple eyemakeup all worked together in perfect harmony to create a stunning overall look. Jessica Alba, I salute you. If you want lips like Jessica’s, I suggest using Sundown Mini Lipstick by Frontcover (£4.00).

Jessica Alba at the 2013 Golden Globes

Jessica Alba at the 2013 Golden Globes

Next up, the Oscars! Keep your eyes peeled for my special Oscars post, where I’ll be looking at a history of Red Carpet Beauty…

Jan 13

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

A cat may have nine lives, but the cat eye makeup trend has survived for decades, and I doubt very much that this feline style will ever die out.

The look has been favoured by a variety of beauty icons over the years including Sophia Loren and Angelina Jolie. It’s simple yet seductive, and has the ability to transform a plain set of peepers into a pair of striking, smouldering gems.

There are endless variations on the classic cat eye; some are subtle, some are outrageous, but if it’s a sparkling and dramatic night-time look you’re after, read on for my Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial!

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Step 1: Apply black eyeliner to your upper eyelid

Begin from the inner corner of your eye and guide the pencil along your eyeline until you reach the outer corner. I like to use Sparkle in Paris eyeliner in Black Sparkle by Oriflame, £3.45 from

Its shimmery finish is perfect for a night out, and its soft nib means it glides along your skin without snagging or looking too severe. The pencil is easy to apply with precision, but its soft texture also enables you to create a thick and smudgy effect, which I think is more appropriate for a night out. So layer up and apply liberally!

Step 2: Create a feline flick

The length of the flick is entirely up to you, but if you’re having a night on the town I think you can afford to be a little dramatic. As for the shape, draw a gentle curve starting from the outer corner of your eye and guide the pencil towards the end of your brow.

Stop drawing at about halfway between the outer corner of your eye and your eyebrow, then lighten the pressure of your grip and finish off the flick with curvy precision.

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Cat Eye Makeup Tutorial

Step 3: Apply eyeliner to your lower eyeline

Black eyeliner is sometimes too harsh and can make your skin look washed out. A dark green shade, on the other hand, will make your eyes look sultry without making your complexion pale in comparison. I personally like Artdeco’s Soft Kajal Liner in Fir Tree (87), £7.25 from, as it boasts a rich, shimmery hue.

Step 4: Create texture and inject colour

I applied the Artdeco eyeliner over the black liner which really emphasised the shape and gave it some depth. I then applied LCN’s Dark Midnight Glow eyeshadow, £11.45 from, to my eyelids.

The eyeshadow contains iridescent sparkles which catch the light beautifully. It has a substantial yet silky texture, and rather than congealing or flaking off, it stays in place for ages. The applicator brush makes it very easy to apply, too.

Cat eye makeup tutorial

Cat eye makeup tutorial

Step 5: Repeat Step 1-4 on your other eye

Don’t worry about trying to attain an absolutely perfect match, just have fun with it. You can easily improve symmetry and correct any mistakes with a damp cotton wool bud later on.

Step 6: Shape your eyebrows

If you want your cat eye makeup to stand out, it’s essential you attain a pair of purr-fectly (sorry) shaped brows. When giving yourself a feline makeover, you’ll want your eyebrows to resemble a fancy cat. In other words: poised, arched and groomed to perfection! Tweeze any straggly hairs and groom your brows with the Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel. Then, define the shape and fill in any gaps with some colour.

Bobbi Brown Pastel Eye Shadow Palette

Bobbi Brown Pastel Eye Shadow Palette

Rather than a pencil, I much prefer to use Bobbi Brown’s Pastel Eyeshadow palette. It’s a neat trick which I recently discovered while experimenting with the palette. All you need to do is take the liner end of the Dual Ended eyeshadow / eyeliner brush, softly dip it into the mahogany eyeshadow, then use the edge of the brush to apply the shadow to your brows with soft, thin strokes in the direction of your hair growth. Finally, gently sweep along your brows with the flat side of the brush.

Step 7: Contour

Michelle Pfeiffer, in my mind, was the ultimate catwoman largely thanks to her razor sharp bone structure. After applying foundation, suck in your cheeks and sweep bronzing powder directly underneath and along your cheekbones with a medium-sized makeup brush. I recommend St Moriz Bronzing Powder in Light, £4.99, as it adds definition and gives your complexion a nice sheen.

Cat eye makeup tutorial

Cat eye makeup tutorial

Step 8: Finishing touches

Unless you want to look like a drag queen, with eyes this dramatic you’ll want to keep your lips fairly basic. I used Natorigin’s Tolerance Extreme Lipstick in Papaye, available to buy for £16.25 from For a flawless complexion, I used a mixture of Airbase Perfecting Primer, £44.95 from and Oriflame’s Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation in Natural Beige, £13.95 from Highlight your browbones with Billion Dollar Brows’ Brow Duo Pencil.

I haven’t actually used any mascara in these pictures, but my favourite at the moment is Green People Organic Lifestyle Volumising Mascara, £14.35 from Oh and, contrary to the messy ‘do I’m sporting in some of these pics, I suggest teaming your cat eye makeup with a sleek style. For straight, glossy hair, use Neal & Wolf’s Guard Heat Protection Spray, £10.95 and Babyliss’ 2098bu Pro 230 Elegance Straighteners, available to buy from for £34.99 instead of the usual RRP of £79.99.

Now, go forth and slink into the night a la catwoman!

Cat eye makeup tutorial

Cat eye makeup tutorial

Dec 12

Voluminous Hair! (T.H.X. Pump Up the Volume Diffuser Dryer Review)

Over the past few decades a range of female icons have sported big bouffants, and some of those huge hairstyles have become as famous as the heads upon which they grew; Brigitte Bardot‘s beehive and Farah Fawcett‘s windswept mane both being prime examples.

At times, certain starlets have become overshadowed by their massive locks, both literally and figuratively speaking. Who could forget Jennifer Aniston’s ’90s ‘do in the smash-hit comedy Friends? Such was the popularity of Jen An’s old hairstyle that women everywhere were going into salons and asking for “The Rachel”.


Years after the show came to an end, Jennifer Aniston revealed how she thought it was “the ugliest haircut” she’d ever seen. Speaking of her longtime hairstylist Chris McMillan, who invented the cut, Jennifer said: “I love Chris but he’s the bane of my existence because he started that damn ‘Rachel’, which was not my best look.”  Well, whether she likes it or not, Jennifer Aniston will forever be associated with that hairstyle.

At the risk of furthering Jen An’s dismay, it would appear that blowdrys are still de rigueur, as proven by Cheryl Cole‘s L’Oreal ads and Miranda Kerr‘s recent 80s power blowout. Big hair, it seems, will always be in vogue. So what better time to channel this eternally fashionable trend than during the festive period? The biggest and most glamorous parties tend to take place around Christmas and NYE, so it’s only fitting that you have big, glam hair to match.

Miranda Kerr Mango Campaign big hair

Miranda Kerr, the new face of Mango, sports huge hair (

Enter Pump Up the Volume Diffuser Dryer by T.H.X, which promises “statement curls that hold their shape without a hint of frizz”. Now, I think I’m fairly well placed to judge on this matter given that my hair is thick, wavy (bordering on curly) and at times downright unruly. From personal experience, I know that big hair can be hard to handle, and so as is custom here at Yesterface, I’ll only give my honest opinion on this product.

When I first saw the Diffuser Dryer I was surprised at its sheer size in comparison to my little old dryer. The hairdryer is quite large, meaning it’s not travel-friendly, and it can get a bit tiring to hold when the diffuser nozzle is attached. This is especially true if you’re drying your hair upside down while using a low setting! First world problems, eh? Having said that, the hairdryer is able to emit a 2000w blast, meaning you can dry your hair really quickly if you use the concentrator nozzle and put the heat setting on full.

THXPump up the Volume Diffuser Dryer

Pump up the Volume Diffuser Dryer by T.H.X.

Speaking of settings, in addition to a bright fuschia ‘cool shot’ button, there are two curved switches built into the handle; one switch controls the heat, and the other switch controls the fan speed. Both switches have cute purple detailing and are designed in such a way that your fingers easily grip around them. The handle also boasts soft, rubbery and sleek materials which feel luxurious to hold.

The diffuser nozzle is a bit of a beast, but in a good way; when paired together, both the dryer and diffuser are able to tackle large amounts of hair in one go. After using the Diffuser Dryer, I found that my hair felt softer and less frizzy than it usually does after blowdrying. I also felt as if my roots had been given a slight lift and that my hair had extra bounce.

Total Hair Experts Pump Up the Volume Diffuser Dryer

Total Hair Experts Pump Up the Volume Diffuser Dryer


I like using the concentrator nozzle too as it’s a fast, effective tool for creating straight yet voluminous hair.  I’m due for a trim at the moment, but even so, when I blow-dryed my hair using the concentrator nozzle, a big round brush and Guard heat-protection spray by Neal & Wolf, I was able to achieve a really great shape.

Overall, I think the Diffuser Dryer is a great, stylish product that’s definitely worth its (very reasonable) £34.94 price tag. If you fancy getting your hands on one, the THX range is currently available exclusively at Tescos.

Just remember, when using the hairdryer, if you want ’80s volume but none of that ’80s frizz, make sure you use a good heat-protection spray, otherwise you may end up looking like this…

horrendous 80s hair

Honey, I’m home.


Dec 12

Male Grooming Products for your Friends (Christmas Gift Guide 2012)

Christmas is only a few days away, so here are some last-minute ideas on which male grooming products to buy for your guy mates. Whether he’s sporty, macho or metrosexual, there’s guaranteed to be something in this list that suits him!

For more suggestions on which cosmetics to buy for your dad, boyfriend, brother or granddad this Christmas, check out the rest of Yesterface’s Male Grooming Gift Guide.

What to buy for…

Your metrosexual mate

Fake Tan

Snow may be falling, but that doesn’t mean your metro mate is succumbing to the ‘pale and interesting’ look. If your friend likes to sport sun-kissed skin all year round (and if he’s desperately looking for a ray of sunshine amidst this dark and gloomy weather) then treat him to Fake Bake Unisex Bronzing Gel. He’ll be delighted to find such a sunny surprise under his Christmas tree! Available from for £25.

Fake Bake Unisex Self-Tan

Fake Bake Unisex Self-Tan


If your BFF loves styling his hair, why not get him a pair of Toni & Guy’s Slim Definer Straighteners this Christmas? At 15mm, they’re much slimmer than your average straighteners and as as result are easier to use. The straighteners have Ceramic Tourmaline Plates which reach a maxium of 200C. And the best news? They’re only £20!

Toni & Guy Slim Definer

Toni & Guy Slim Definer

Heat Protection Spray

If your friend often uses hair appliances, then there’s a good chance he’s on the lookout for good heat protection products. Enter Guard by Neal & Wolf, a heat protection spray suitable for all hair types. The spray is light and doesn’t leave any sticky residue. It also has an opulent, musky scent which I absolutely love.

I used the spray just before straightening my hair and received so many compliments afterwards on how silky my mane looked! It fended off the scorching effects of my GHDs and left my hair feeling seriously smooth. The Guard Heat Protection Spray costs £10.95, which may sound a little steep, but it’s definitely worth it.

Neal & Wolf Guard Heat Protection Spray

Neal & Wolf Guard Heat Protection Spray

Your manly mate


If your best guy mate is strong, protective yet gentle too, then the Bulldog Washbag would make a great gift. The washbag contains a moisturiser, face wash and face scrub, all of which contain essential oils and a range of refreshing ingredients including green tea, green algae, and coconut shell. Available to buy at Boots for £15.

Bull Dog washbag

Bull Dog washbag

Your sporty mate


The name says it all when it comes to this washbag set, so if you have a sporty friend, “The Man is Feeling Competitive” could be right up his street. Or lane. Or swimming aisle. The washbag contains Body Spray and Hair and Body Wash, both of which have a fresh, lemon-like scent. The products are packaged in sleek black bottles and boast a masculine blend of ingredients such as spice, cedar, musk and sandalwood. Available to buy at Boots for £16.

FCUK male washbag

FCUK male washbag

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