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Jan 13

Good for the SOLE! Treat your Feet with these Pampering Products

Ridding your feet of calloused skin is the most gross yet satisfying activity EVER! If you fancy treating your feet to a home pampering session, I recommend using either the PediPro Deluxe by JML or the MicroPedi by Emjoi.

PediPro Deluxe

PediPro Deluxe by JML

The PediPro Deluxe, which costs £19.99 from, is a relatively small electronic device whose curvy design and cute, rubbery pink hide make it comfortable to hold. The device comes with a soft pink carry pouch, a cleaning brush, buffing pads and two different heads including a stainless steel blade and a buffing disc. The latter is designed to create a ‘flawless finish’, and I have to say it does a brilliant job of smoothing out rough, tough and stubborn skin.

However, given it’s so effective, it’s important you don’t use the buffing disc for too long otherwise your skin will become raw and tender. To make sure you don’t overdo it, the PediPro Deluxe has three different speed settings, so you can always switch it to the lowest one. If you do end up over-buffing, dab a little bit of Carnation’s Cracked Heel Cream onto affected areas. It only costs £3.05 from and contains refreshing peppermint.

PediPro Deluxe buffer and metal plate

PediPro Deluxe buffer and metal plate

While the PediPro Deluxe is good, I much prefer the MicroPedi by Emjoi. Available for £39.99 from Boots, the MicroPedi is a little steep but definitely worth it. It’s true that the PediPro Deluxe is less messy as it contains a built-in storage tray, but I must admit I get a kick out of seeing how much dead skin the MicroPedi gets rid of! Don’t judge me. It’s amazing. Although I do realize I sound like Goldmember from Austin Powers (“Datsh a keeper!”).

Anyway, the MicroPedi only requires two batteries, and its light body and ergonomically designed handle means it’s really easy to use and is also very portable. The MicroPedi boasts a unique, micro mineral roller which spins at 360º at an amazing 30 times a second! With consistent use, the MicroPedi smooths your soles and leaves your skin feeling super soft. Unlike scrubbing your feet with a pumice stone, using the MicroPedi isn’t a chore, and all you need to do is lightly glide the roller across the surface of your feet for it to do its job.


MicroPedi by Emjoi

To keep your feet in soft condition, I suggest using a Foot Scrub once a week. Carnation’s Exfoliating Foot Scrub costs just £3.36 and contains an envigorating mix of apricot seed, walnut shell and mineral oil. After treating your feet with JML’s PediPro Deluxe or the MicroPedi by Emjoi, make sure you pop your feet into a pair of comfy slippers like the Chinese-inspired bad boys below, designed by iconic international designer Vivienne Tam. The sensation of soft skin nuzzling into plush material will make your feet feel brand spanking new!

Vivienne Tam Hilton slippers

Vivienne Tam Limited Edition Hilton Slippers

The limited-edition Vivienne Tam slippers have been designed exclusively for Hilton Hotels & Resorts and are available to buy from The Waldorf Hilton, London or on for £17.50 a pair.

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