Skin’s saviour for summer: Argan Daily Moisturiser (review)

While a bit of sunshine is good for you, summer weather can play havoc with your skin. In addition to the damaging effects of the sun, there’s the problem of constantly switching between warm weather and air conditioning, which can really dry your skin out.

That’s why Douvall’s Argan Daily Moisturiser is fast becoming my skin’s saviour this summer – I’m becoming addicted to it for a number of reasons. For starters, it has an SPF of 30, which protects my face from the sun and helps fend off premature ageing.

What’s really won me over, though, is the product’s organic ingredients, which smell zesty and delicious – I would genuinely eat this moisturiser if I could! And, as Douvall’s themselves say, why put something on your face that you wouldn’t put in your body?

The moisturiser boasts a light, soft, yet slightly oily texture which feels divine when massaged into the face (there’s no gloop, gunk or stickiness). It also cleanses the skin and has a fantastic moisturising effect – it banished any dry patches I had almost immediately, and within a few hours of applying my face felt smooth and looked luminous.

Douvall's Argan Daily Moisturiser SPF 30

Douvall’s Argan Daily Moisturiser comes in two sizes, 60ml and 15ml

The product comes in two sizes: a sumptuous 60ml version (£28) and a handly little 15ml bottle (£14). I prefer the latter as it means I can easily pop it in my handbag and use it whenever I need. When skin feels dry, lacklustre or slightly overcooked in the summer heat, I find that Argan Daily Moisturiser helps to cool and rehydrate it.

The history of this product is interesting as well; Argan oil is produced from the nuts of the Argan tree in the semi-deserts of Morocco (very exotic) and has been used by Moroccan women for centuries. According to ‘In 2002, the Moroccan government helped establish female cooperatives to manufacture Argan Oil. These programs provide women of rural Morocco with a steady income, a fair wage, good working conditions, as well as literacy and other education classes.’

‘Perhaps most importantly, the co-ops give women a keen sense of empowerment in this traditionally male-dominated society. These programs also help protect the Argan forests’ limited supply of trees.’ In addition to supporting women and the environment, Argan oil contains a rich source of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and it is commonly referred to as ‘liquid gold’ or ‘The Gold of Morocco’.

Well, it certainly gets a gold star from me!

Douvall's Argan Daily Moisturiser 60ml bottle

Douvall’s Argan Daily Moisturiser 60ml bottle

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