Voluminous Hair! (T.H.X. Pump Up the Volume Diffuser Dryer Review)

Over the past few decades a range of female icons have sported big bouffants, and some of those huge hairstyles have become as famous as the heads upon which they grew; Brigitte Bardot‘s beehive and Farah Fawcett‘s windswept mane both being prime examples.

At times, certain starlets have become overshadowed by their massive locks, both literally and figuratively speaking. Who could forget Jennifer Aniston’s ’90s ‘do in the smash-hit comedy Friends? Such was the popularity of Jen An’s old hairstyle that women everywhere were going into salons and asking for “The Rachel”.


Years after the show came to an end, Jennifer Aniston revealed how she thought it was “the ugliest haircut” she’d ever seen. Speaking of her longtime hairstylist Chris McMillan, who invented the cut, Jennifer said: “I love Chris but he’s the bane of my existence because he started that damn ‘Rachel’, which was not my best look.”  Well, whether she likes it or not, Jennifer Aniston will forever be associated with that hairstyle.

At the risk of furthering Jen An’s dismay, it would appear that blowdrys are still de rigueur, as proven by Cheryl Cole‘s L’Oreal ads and Miranda Kerr‘s recent 80s power blowout. Big hair, it seems, will always be in vogue. So what better time to channel this eternally fashionable trend than during the festive period? The biggest and most glamorous parties tend to take place around Christmas and NYE, so it’s only fitting that you have big, glam hair to match.

Miranda Kerr Mango Campaign big hair

Miranda Kerr, the new face of Mango, sports huge hair (image:tagroom.com)

Enter Pump Up the Volume Diffuser Dryer by T.H.X, which promises “statement curls that hold their shape without a hint of frizz”. Now, I think I’m fairly well placed to judge on this matter given that my hair is thick, wavy (bordering on curly) and at times downright unruly. From personal experience, I know that big hair can be hard to handle, and so as is custom here at Yesterface, I’ll only give my honest opinion on this product.

When I first saw the Diffuser Dryer I was surprised at its sheer size in comparison to my little old dryer. The hairdryer is quite large, meaning it’s not travel-friendly, and it can get a bit tiring to hold when the diffuser nozzle is attached. This is especially true if you’re drying your hair upside down while using a low setting! First world problems, eh? Having said that, the hairdryer is able to emit a 2000w blast, meaning you can dry your hair really quickly if you use the concentrator nozzle and put the heat setting on full.

THXPump up the Volume Diffuser Dryer

Pump up the Volume Diffuser Dryer by T.H.X.

Speaking of settings, in addition to a bright fuschia ‘cool shot’ button, there are two curved switches built into the handle; one switch controls the heat, and the other switch controls the fan speed. Both switches have cute purple detailing and are designed in such a way that your fingers easily grip around them. The handle also boasts soft, rubbery and sleek materials which feel luxurious to hold.

The diffuser nozzle is a bit of a beast, but in a good way; when paired together, both the dryer and diffuser are able to tackle large amounts of hair in one go. After using the Diffuser Dryer, I found that my hair felt softer and less frizzy than it usually does after blowdrying. I also felt as if my roots had been given a slight lift and that my hair had extra bounce.

Total Hair Experts Pump Up the Volume Diffuser Dryer

Total Hair Experts Pump Up the Volume Diffuser Dryer


I like using the concentrator nozzle too as it’s a fast, effective tool for creating straight yet voluminous hair.  I’m due for a trim at the moment, but even so, when I blow-dryed my hair using the concentrator nozzle, a big round brush and Guard heat-protection spray by Neal & Wolf, I was able to achieve a really great shape.

Overall, I think the Diffuser Dryer is a great, stylish product that’s definitely worth its (very reasonable) £34.94 price tag. If you fancy getting your hands on one, the THX range is currently available exclusively at Tescos.

Just remember, when using the hairdryer, if you want ’80s volume but none of that ’80s frizz, make sure you use a good heat-protection spray, otherwise you may end up looking like this…

horrendous 80s hair

Honey, I’m home.


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