November, 2012

Nov 12

Dr LeWinn’s Radiance Booster: review

Winter is fast approaching and, as we all know, grim weather can play havoc with one’s skin!

Cold temperatures and harsh winds can leave your complexion feeling dry and looking dull, but a good beauty product can help fend off the effects of bad weather, so this year why not pop Dr LeWinn’s Instant Beauty Radiance Booster onto your Christmas list?

This product does exactly what it says on the tin; it brightens your complexion immediately upon application and gives your skin a well-hydrated appearance. Part of Dr LeWinn’s Private Formula range, the radiance booster contains over 70% aloe vera, has a soft texture, and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

It can be used alone, as a pre-makeup base or as a masque, and its fresh scent is remniscent of a luxurious bar of soap. At £26 per 50G, this product is packaged in a slim white bottle and – in my opinion – would make a lovely little stocking filler!

Yesterface fact: Dr LeWinn’s was one of the world’s most distinguished plastic surgeons and his skincare range has been named as the Top Performing Premium Skincare brand in Australia for the past eleven years!

Nov 12

All that glitters… dazzling makeup for Bonfire Night!

Remember, remember, the 5th of November… and remember, Guy Fawkes Night is the perfect excuse to wear dazzling make-up!

From sooty eyeshadows to shimmering powders (that’s face powder by the way, not gunpowder) get ready for some Bonfire beauty with these smokin’ hot products…

For toffee-glazed lips, try Mii Shimmering Lip Sheen in Tantalize 05; this sugary-tasting gloss makes your mouth look good enough to eat. Or, create an explosive red pout with MAC’s Marilyn Monroe lipstick in Scarlet Ibis. Its orange hue is bound to give your lips a fiery edge.

Hervana blusher by Benefit (image:

Hervana blusher by Benefit (image:

Rosy cheeks are synonymous with chilly nights and cosy flames, so for a gentle burn, choose Hervana blusher by Benefit, £23.50. The product, whose palette resembles a swirling Catherine Wheel, is a top-seller and comes in a charming blend of four different colours. As the blusher’s tagline goes, ‘What comes around goes around!’

Fireworks aren’t the only things that need light up the sky this evening. Set your eyes ablaze with Estee Lauder’s Pure Colour Eyeshadow in Sizzling Copper Metallic, £16.50. Alternatively, make your eyes smoulder with a coal-like eyeshadow. My go-to shade for smokey eyes is Estee Lauder’s Pure Color Eyeshadow in Black Crystals Metallic, £16.50.

If you’re after a warm glow, brighten your brow bones with Benefit’s Sun Beam, a golden bronze highlighter costing £18.50. For a shimmery finish, sweep Soap and Glory’s Glow All Out Luminizing Face Powder, £11 across your cheekbones.

Glitter Nail Paint - Jewel Britannia

Jewel Britannia by Barry M (image:

Oh and if you’re not too keen on playing with sparklers, adorn your nails with one of Barry M’s Glitter Nail Paints. It’s a surefire way to make your hands sparkle without running the risk of burning your fingers.

My favourites are the luxurious looking Gold Glitter, the ultra-shimmery Hologram Hexograms, and the iridescent Jewel Britannia – all a mere £2.99 each!

Happy Bonfire Night everyone, and remember – don’t step too close to the flames. You wouldn’t want your make up to melt now, would you?!

Nov 12

Fabulous Pharaos: Gisele Bündchen & Heidi Klum steal Cleopatra’s style!

It’s been two thousand years since her existence yet Cleopatra is still in vogue, as proven by the fact that both Heidi Klum and Gisele Bündchen stole her style this Halloween!

Heidi recently posted a sneak preview of her glamorous Cleopatra costume on her website but is yet to showcase the outfit properly. Due to Hurricane Sandy, the former Victoria’s Secret model has postponed her 13th annual Halloween bash until nearer Christmas so unfortunately we won’t be seeing her in costume until then.

I know, I know – hardly the most tragic outcome of Frankenstorm. But still, in the absence of Heidi’s Egyptian getup, I was glad to see Gisele unveil her own Cleopatra-inspired makeover! Gisele, who is also a former Victoria’s Secret model, posted a picture on her official Facebook fanpage on Hallow’s eve. Have a look:

Gisele Bündchen dresses up as Cleopatra for Halloween 2012 (image:

Gisele Bündchen dresses up as Cleopatra for Halloween 2012 (image:

With aqua blue eyeshadow, thick eyeliner and beaded braids, I think Gisele looked every inch the beautiful pharaoh. Needless to say her vibrant makeup was also informed by Elizabeth Taylor’s look in the 1963 film Cleopatra.

Speaking of Cleopatra’s surviving style, I’m fascinated by the way Egyptian makeup has evolved over the centuries yet retained its original character.

It’s a testament to the Egyptians’ fashion sense that their ancient style has withstood the test of time; you still see it everywhere, permeating society in the subtle shape of winged eyeliner, thick eyebrows, lustrous highlighters and luxurious eyeshadows.

And at Halloween, it comes back to haunt us in its full, dramatic form, with ladies all over the world (Victoria’s Secret models included) donning gorgeous Cleopatra costumes! 

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra (image:

Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra (image:

Yesterface fact: Kohl was used to protect the Egyptians’ eyes from infection, deter flies and deflect the sun’s glare!

For more facts about ancient Egyptian makeup and for tips on how to look like Cleopatra, check out Yesterface’s Egyptian Makeup TutorialTo see what cosmetic tools the ancient Egyptians used, see Yesterface’s post on the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.


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