October, 2012

Oct 12

Halloween Make-Up (it’s eek-chic!)

Halloween is upon us pumpkins, meaning it’s time to treat yourself to a bewitching makeover with some key make-up!

Choosing a Halloween costume is no easy task, which is why, when trying to decide on an outfit, I often turn to film stars for inspiration.

Over the years a huge variety of hauntingly beautiful characters have graced our cinema screens; from Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra to Christina Ricci’s Wednesday Addams, Natalie Portman’s Black Swan to Rooney Mara’s Lisbeth Salander.

And speaking of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, it’s worth pointing out that gothic glam is all the rage right now. In case you hadn’t noticed, netted skirts, studded leather jackets and spiky jewellery are infiltrating the high street.

Witching Hour by Topshop (image: topshop.com)

Witching Hour by Topshop (image: topshop.com)

Topshop, for example, has just released its new, gothic-inspired A/W collection, Witching Hour, in addition to its equally vampy make-up range, Dark Side of Nude

In fact, many beauty brands seem to have taken an eerie turn of late.There are myriad cosmetic treats on the market at the moment, many of which would make stylish additions to any chic halloween outfit…

If you’re looking to create a vampish, blood-stained pout, opt for Tom Ford’s Black Orchid Lipstick along with a touch of Dolce & Gabanna Ultra Shine Lip Gloss for a lustrous glaze.

Black Orchid lipstick by Tom Ford (image: style.com)

For smokey, feline eyes, try Carine Roitfeld jungle camouflage palette by MAC, £37 (available at Selfridges).

Define the cat-like look with Rimmel’s Exaggerate liquid eye liner and Rimmel’s extreme black volume mascara flash – the latter is brilliant at elongating lashes (somebody once asked me if I was wearing falsies!)

(image: selfridges.com)

Another product to get your claws into this Autumn is Nails in Panther by Topshop. Part of the new beauty range, Dark Side of Nude, the jet black nail varnish has a gorgeous, glittery finish that’ll make your nails sparkle!

Nails in Panther by Topshop (image: topshop.com)

And finally, though not strictly makeup, a beauty product that’s also caught my eye this halloween is The Enchanter.

Made by LUSH, the citrusy bath bomb costs £3.20, includes ‘Frankincense’ (and no, that’s not just a halloween pun, it’s an aromatic resin), and looks like a lovely way to turn your bath into a fizzing cauldron!

The Enchanter bath bomb by LUSH (image: lush.co.uk)

The Enchanter bath bomb by LUSH (image: lush.co.uk)

If you’d like some makeover ideas and product recommendations, check out Yesterface’s Cleopatra and Black Swan makeup tutorials.

Other than that, I hope you all have a very ghoulish (and very glamorous) halloween!


Oct 12

NARS releases Andy Warhol Collection!

Decorating your wall with a Warhol print? So passé, darling. Decorating your face with Warhol-inspired makeup? SO on trend!

In case you hadn’t heard already, Andy Warhol is about to have his fifteen minutes of fame in the beauty industry thanks to NARS. who on 1 November will release a limited-edition Andy Warhol Collection. Currently available online, NARS’ new range offers a variety of delectable products, all of which are inspired by the late artist’s iconic pop art.

Each beauty product looks divine, but I’d particularly like to dip my makeup brush into one of the eyeshadow palettes (£39.50), which look like miniature, powdery replicas of Warhol’s screen prints – including his Self Portrait.

(Image: narscosmetics.co.uk)

The palettes come in a range of vibrant shades reminiscent of the psychedelic hues found in Warhol’s work. The colour combinations are punchy, pretty, and bound to make your eyes pop! I’m a big Blondie fan too, so the Debbie Harry inspired palette is already a personal favourite.

I also like the look of the “Satellite of Love” Highlighting Blush (£21) in Sparkling Gold Sand, along with the Soft Touch Shadow Pencils (£17). I’ve particularly  taken to the Vivid Purple pencil, aptly named “Trash”, just because it’s so punk-chic!

The deep teal “Superstar” nail lacquer (£14) and raspberry-coloured “Penny Arcade” lipgloss (£19) both look stunning, too. In fact, I want the entire collection delivered to my doorstep immediately – if not sooner!

(Image: narscosmetics.co.uk)

Oct 12

Marilyn Monroe by MAC

Marilyn Monroe was never on time, which is apt, given that her image has become timeless.

It’s been fifty years since her death, yet Marilyn’s beauty still prevails. We all know her iconic look too well; platinum hair, sultry eyes, scarlet lips, that beauty spot. Indeed, she’s the epitome of old Hollywood glamour, and I sincerely doubt she’ll ever go out of fashion.

So, it comes as no great surprise to me that MAC cosmetics‘ latest collection is dedicated to and inspired by the late actress. Simply named Marilyn Monroe by MAC, the limited-edition collection was released on October 4th and includes a rich variety of beauty products, all of which are in keeping with Marilyn’s signature style.

Marilyn Monroe by MAC

Marilyn Monroe by MAC Cosmetics

A few products have already caught my eye, in particular the Marilyn Monroe Lipstick which comes in a range of bold shades. Each shade channels Marilyn’s red-hot appeal, and serves as a keen reminder of her luscious, megawatt smile. The eye products look rather dreamy too; I bet the False Lashes Extreme Black Mascara and Penultimate Eyeliner both do a fine job of recreating Marilyn’s sleepy, feline eyes.

The entire collection looks gorgeous,  but what I particularly like about it (aside from the kitsch packaging, of course) is the fact that each shade has been given its own quaint, Marilyn-themed name. My personal favourites are: “Vintage Vamp”, “Rich, rich, rich”, and “Charmed I’m sure”. How very Marilyn!

I’m determined to get my hands on at least one Marilyn Monroe by MAC product before the collection is discontinued. Though this may prove to be a challenge; such is Marilyn’s everlasting appeal that half of the products on MAC’s website are already sold out!

For more on Marilyn Monroe by Yesterface, have a look at this article and my Marilyn Monroe makeup tutorial.

Marilyn Monroe by MAC

Marilyn Monroe by MAC Cosmetics

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