May 15

Purple haze: lavender is everywhere

Spring has sprung, and last Sunday was particularly glorious. So, it felt only right to drag myself out of bed and lap up the sunshine, rather than mope about indoors and deal with the aftermath of the night before, which was spent devouring Prosecco and throwing some, err, sick shapes at BBC Radio 6 DJ, Gilles Peterson’s live set in XOYO, Shoreditch.

While getting ready to go for a romantic stroll through Stoke Newington with my boyfriend – you know, because we’re nauseating like that – I was just about to apply my make-up when, through the bedroom window, I spotted a lilac-looking butterfly fluttering about outside. I then took my cue from what I believe to be the Small Blue when choosing my colour palette, and opted for a shimmering lavender eyeshadow, winged black eyeliner, and peach-hued lip gloss.

Looking fit for spring with a lavender palete

Looking fit for spring with a lavender palete

Oddly, the colour scheme I chose then continued to appear throughout the afternoon. As we walked down Church Street, a street which can only be described as a hipster’s dream – no chain stores here, just quirky shops, vintage flea markets and artisan brunch spots – I spotted many more of the same butterflies and a lavender macaroon in the window of the local delicatessen (middle-class, much?). It was as if my beauty choices and the universe were all aligned on that particular day (self-centred, much?)

FullSizeRender (1)

Macaroon moment


We then ended the afternoon with a walk through Abney Park Cemetery. Slightly morbid, I know, but it was a Sunday and I did feel a bit like death from the previous night’s antics. I just made sure I didn’t look like it by using my trusty beauty products – a lavender shade does brighten up tired eyes, after all. Plus, the graveyard was dotted with bluebells. Fate? I think so…

Keep an eye-out for my upcoming round-up of lavender beauty products.

bluebells flowers spring

Bluebells, smiling at you.

Mar 15

Bond Girl Makeup Tutorial: Xenia Onatopp (aka Famke Janssen)

Mexican actress, Stephanie Sigman was recently announced as the latest Bond girl to join the cast of upcoming 007 film, Spectre – though it remains to be seen whether her character, Estrella, will be a hot friend or smokin’ foe to our beloved British spy.

After hearing this news, I started thinking about the film franchise’s best female villains. Of all the badass Bond girls, Xenia Onatopp is, to me, the most memorable – although Mayday, portrayed by Grace Jones, is a fierce contender. With killer bone structure and deadly ambitions, Xenia’s striking look and man-crushing thighs made her the ultimate femme fatale…

(Image: Vimeo)

Got tickets to the gun show? (Image: Vimeo)

This gun-wielding sadist had a good aim, and she never missed the mark when it came to makeup either; in particular during the Casino scene. This is where Xenia has her first face-to-face encounter with jaunty James, and orders an euphemistic vodka martini (‘straight up, with a twist’ – cue a raised, on fleek brow from Pierce Brosnan).

Xenia straight up

‘Straight up… With a twist’ (Image: Vimeo)

I wanted to recreate this look and so asked my colleague, Karen-Sofie, if she would let me transform her into the lethal vixen. She agreed, and over the course of one Sunday afternoon – fuelled by a few vodkas, naturally – we completed our makeup mission. Here’s how it was done…

Xenia product shot

The ultimate tools for recreating Xenia Onatopp’s look

Foundation: I primed Karen’s skin with ApiRefine Radiance Serum and then applied HD Foundation in Warm Ivory by Make Up For Ever with Louise Young LY43 Super Foundation Brush for a bright, even complexion.

The ‘before’ from the before and after…!

Smoky eyes: I used a mixture of shades from the ARTISTRY Eye Shadow Palette and Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Bronze; then COLLECTION Big Fake Curves Mascara. I avoided using eyeliner. Instead, I achieved the winged eye shape (and a pair of arched brows) with Artistry’s dual-ended brush and a dark eyeshadow.

Contouring: Karen has great cheekbones, as does Famke Janssen (the actress who played Xenia), but to really make them stand out, I contoured using Palette Bronzette by Pixi Beauty (this brand is awesome).

xenia cigarette

Xenia real casino

‘It’s clean. I had to ventilate someone’ (Image: Vimeo)

Lipstick: A bold red lip is essential when it comes to emulating Xenia’s look. I opted for MUD Lipstick in lady-bug from PAM.

xenia red lipstick

Hair: To create a glamorous, coiffed, yet slightly severe-looking hairdo, I softly backcombed the top layer of Karen’s hair using Kent Perfect for Backcombing Brush – far superior to a comb thanks to its stiff bristles and pointed beechwood handle – and L’Oréal Elnett Satin Volume Excess Hairspray. I then pulled her hair into a bun and fixed it in place with kirby grips.

Xenia Onatopp 1

Close, but no cigar.

Finishing touches: Red nails (I used Nella Milano’s Chesnut Road), a faux-fur coat, and a cigarette prop to mimic Xenia’s cigar!

Xenia Onatopp 6

‘This time, Mr. Bond, the pleasure will be all mine.’

Model: Karen-Sofie Kvamme
Makeup, styling and photography: Heledd Williams/Yesterface

For more makeup looks and reviews, follow me at: https://instagram.com/yesterface/

Feb 15

RuPaul’s Drag Race – a beauty lesson to be learned

I’ve fallen for a drag queen. There, I’ve said it. I can’t get enough of her. I’m under her spell! I’ve spent hours in her company! My boyfriend knows about us, but he can’t do anything about it. Her name, you ask? RuPaul, of course.

Yes, I am officially hooked on RuPaul’s Drag Race. After being badgered by my friend for months to watch the show, a few weeks ago I finally sat down and bit the bullet. And I haven’t looked back, or had much human interaction, since. The show first aired in 2009, so I still have a lot of catching up to do before the new season comes out next month. Cue hermit phase.

For those poor, deprived souls among you who are still unfamiliar with RuPaul’s Drag Race, it is essentially a cross (or should that be cross-dressing?) between America’s Next Top Model and an exploding disco ball. But instead of the smizing Tyra Banks, your host comes in the form of the spectacular RuPaul. All 6 ft 3 of her.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7

Girl, you better WORK! (Courtesy of Logo. Photo credit: Mathu Andersen)

Arguably the world’s most famous drag queen, this glamazonian goddess possesses acerbic, hilarious wit with a conscience (‘I do sassy, I don’t do bitchy’, she says). Plus, as is to be expected from the first face of VIVA GLAM by MAC cosmetics, she has killer bone structure, striking makeup and a phenomenal wardrobe to boot.

I have now binge-watched episodes to the point where phrases such as ‘sashay away‘, ‘lipsync for your LIFE‘ and ‘that is so Raven‘ are fast becoming a staple part of my vocabulary. Indeed, when aforementioned boyfriend walks into the living room and hears the pulsating beats of RuPaul‘s dance track, Covergirl he knows the TV will be dominated for a good few hours, and despairingly sashays away to watch a documentary on his laptop.

I, however, stay put and soak up the magic that is this wonderful show. For what more could a grown woman want than to watch a group of catty queens battle it out to become America’s Next Drag Superstar? Nothing, that’s what.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7

Start your engines! Season 7 is coming… (Courtesy of Logo. Photo credit: Mathu Andersen)

But it’s so much more than just pithy one-liners, raised pencilled brows, fierce pouts and skyscraper heels at dawn. As with all great television shows, it is an emotional journey.

Each contestant has shown, in RuPaul‘s words, ‘Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent’ (figured out that acronym yet?) and, in all seriousness, true bravery and resilience in order to overcome gender stereotypes, express themselves freely and pursue their ‘unusual’ careers of choice. Well, as RuPaul says: ‘If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?’ [Insert sobbing]. They’re really good at making their own dresses, too.


My first promo shoot after signing record deal w/Tommy Boy

A photo posted by RuPaul Charles (@rupaulofficial) on


The thing that really impresses me, though, are the queens’ mad makeup skills. Honestly, if you’re a fan of all things beauty, you need to get into this show (all seasons are on Netflix. You’re welcome). Watching a man TRANSform himself into a tornado of feminine charm is absolutely incredible. Indeed, some of the queens’ techniques far exceed those belonging to any female I know.

The way they let the foundation ‘cook'; the precision with which they draw on that feline-esque eyeliner; the blending of eyeshadow; the genius behind those contoured cheekbones… I could go on. The drag queens on this show have inspired me to embrace and enhance my femininity more than any other beautiful female celebrity ever has. So much so that I will soon be doing my very own Drag Queen Makeup Tutorial on Yesterface (watch this space).


Wear a Xmas ornament in your hair today!

A photo posted by RuPaul Charles (@rupaulofficial) on


Observing men undergo this type of transformation will ring true with many women. After all, it’s something we can all relate to. We ladies often apply makeup and dress ourselves in attire that we feel best reflects our personalities and tastes. RuPaul’s states: ‘You’re born naked, and the rest is drag.’ And it’s true.

On a daily basis, we all, to an extent, present a slightly different version of our true selves, and we tend to do so with the aid of beauty products, accessories, fashion and many other possessions in our arsenal. Drag queens just do it in a more dramatic, more entertaining way.

And they’ve been doing so for decades; since long before the 19th century, when the term ‘drag queen’ was first coined, men have been dressing up in drag for a number of theatrical (and personal) reasons. However it isn’t until now, thanks to TV shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, that it has become more widely accepted and celebrated within mainstream society.

And long may things continue in this vein – for many important reasons, not least because I need their fabulous beauty tips.


Never forget seeing this image cover a 10 story bldg in Madrid

A photo posted by RuPaul Charles (@rupaulofficial) on


Aug 13

From Clara Bow to Cara Delevingne; the evolution of eyebrows

I’ve always been a fan of bold brows; they frame the face and exude absolute glamour. Cara Delevingne, it would appear, is of the same opinion.

Her thick, oversized brows have captured the world’s attention, and are becoming something of an entity unto themselves. Indeed, those thick, angular lines are shaping the modern face of beauty.


Cara Delevingne’s bushy brows are in vogue… and every other fashion magazine out there (image: Getty)


Big brows have been coming back into style for a while now, but Cara’s arrival on the scene has cemented their status as a beauty-must. Why they ever went out of fashion is beyond me; strong, well-groomed eyebrows give a powerful edge to any face. Sultry yet slightly stern, they compliment a smile as well as they do a withering glance.

Cara recently Tweeted vintage photos of her 101 year old grandma (also a model in her youth) sporting a set of striking eyebrows not dissimilar to her granddaughter’s. These snaps prove that bushy brows have been in vogue before, but this hasn’t always been the case…

Looks like Cara Delevingne's got her grandmother to thank for those trademark eyebrows (Image: Instagram/CaraDelevingne)

Looks like Cara Delevingne’s got her grandmother to thank for those trademark eyebrows (Image: Instagram/CaraDelevingne)

Eyebrows have taken on a variety of forms over the past century, evolving dramatically across the decades. Just have a look!


Silent film star, Clara Bow, who epitomised the flapper era, favoured thin, straight eyebrows which were very fashionable during this decade. This style is all a bit too pantomime-esque and sad-looking for my liking. Moving on!


Clara Bow favoured thin eyebrows in the 1920s (image: Getty)




As can be seen in this photo of Marlene Dietrich, eyebrows were still thin at this point but far more rounded. Women often gave their eyebrows a ‘shiny’ finish by applying petroleum jelly, brillantine or olive oil.


Marlene Dietrich’s perfectly arched brows, 1930s (image: Getty)



Enter the Golden Era. Eyebrows became thicker, but were tweezed to form high, striking arches. They were also accentuated with dark brown pencil. Take heed from Lauren Bacall:


Foxy! Lauren Bacall looks striking in this 1940s snap (image: Getty)



By now, brows were thick, well-defined, and more angular than ever before. Generally, the inner corners were thicker, and either rounded or squared, and the outer corners were groomed into fine points. Think Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, and Jane Russell (pictured).


The very handsome Jane Russell (image: Getty)



The swinging era was all about feline brows, as can be seen in this photo of model and actress Jean Shrimpton. By this decade, women were regularly filling in or accentuating their eyebrows with pencil – some even shaved them off only to draw them back on again!


The world’s first supermodel, Jean Shrimpton (image: Getty)



By this period it was high time for a softer, lighter, more natural look – one to match the hippie vibes and flower power. Charlie’s Angels gal and ultimate 70s icon, Farrah Fawcett, aced this look (admittedly the hair helped).


Charlie’s Angels, girls on top! Farrah Fawcett circa 1970s (image: Getty)



Thick, dark, and with upward strokes; eyebrows were at their most powerful during this decade. A style which was favoured by the likes of Brooke Shields and Madonna.


Brooke Shields brought back the power brow in the 80s (image: Getty)



Groomed to the max (think Jennifer Aniston during early episodes of FRIENDS) and at times severely over-plucked (think Gwen Stefani circa No Doubt), eyebrows became super slim and began to grow further and further apart.


Gwen, these eyebrows are not a good look. There’s No Doubt about that. (image: Getty)


2000s and beyond

The rules? There are no rules! Since the dawn of the 21st century, eyebrows have been in a constant state of flux, and are continually adhering to ever-changing trends – many of which are inspired by the past. Thick brows may be all the rage right now, but who knows what’s coming next. As long as it’s not a sci-fi style set of Spock brows, I’m excited to find out!

Spock eyebrows Star Trek

To boldly go where no eyebrows have gone before (image: en.memory-alpha.org)

Jul 13

Skin’s saviour for summer: Argan Daily Moisturiser (review)

While a bit of sunshine is good for you, summer weather can play havoc with your skin. In addition to the damaging effects of the sun, there’s the problem of constantly switching between warm weather and air conditioning, which can really dry your skin out.

That’s why Douvall’s Argan Daily Moisturiser is fast becoming my skin’s saviour this summer – I’m becoming addicted to it for a number of reasons. For starters, it has an SPF of 30, which protects my face from the sun and helps fend off premature ageing.

What’s really won me over, though, is the product’s organic ingredients, which smell zesty and delicious – I would genuinely eat this moisturiser if I could! And, as Douvall’s themselves say, why put something on your face that you wouldn’t put in your body?

The moisturiser boasts a light, soft, yet slightly oily texture which feels divine when massaged into the face (there’s no gloop, gunk or stickiness). It also cleanses the skin and has a fantastic moisturising effect – it banished any dry patches I had almost immediately, and within a few hours of applying my face felt smooth and looked luminous.

Douvall's Argan Daily Moisturiser SPF 30

Douvall’s Argan Daily Moisturiser comes in two sizes, 60ml and 15ml

The product comes in two sizes: a sumptuous 60ml version (£28) and a handly little 15ml bottle (£14). I prefer the latter as it means I can easily pop it in my handbag and use it whenever I need. When skin feels dry, lacklustre or slightly overcooked in the summer heat, I find that Argan Daily Moisturiser helps to cool and rehydrate it.

The history of this product is interesting as well; Argan oil is produced from the nuts of the Argan tree in the semi-deserts of Morocco (very exotic) and has been used by Moroccan women for centuries. According to www.douvalls.com: ‘In 2002, the Moroccan government helped establish female cooperatives to manufacture Argan Oil. These programs provide women of rural Morocco with a steady income, a fair wage, good working conditions, as well as literacy and other education classes.’

‘Perhaps most importantly, the co-ops give women a keen sense of empowerment in this traditionally male-dominated society. These programs also help protect the Argan forests’ limited supply of trees.’ In addition to supporting women and the environment, Argan oil contains a rich source of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, and it is commonly referred to as ‘liquid gold’ or ‘The Gold of Morocco’.

Well, it certainly gets a gold star from me!

Douvall's Argan Daily Moisturiser 60ml bottle

Douvall’s Argan Daily Moisturiser 60ml bottle

Jul 13

Summer rock chick – make up tutorial

As a beauty blogger, I’m usually the one trying out makeup on other people and snapping away with my DSLR, but recently it was my turn to be on the other side of the makeup brush – and the opposite end of the camera lens.

Summer makeup

Smokey eyes will compliment any festival outfit (makeup artist: Athena Demetriou, photographer: Dakku Singh)

Athena Demetriou, 30, a trained beauty therapist with a certificate in TV and Film Make-up from The London College of Fashion, asked if I would be a model for her upcoming photoshoot, Days of Summer, shot by photographer Dakku Singh. The theme, it transpired, would be summertime – but with a rocky edge. In other words, the perfect look for festivals!

summer makeup

Makeup artist Athena working her magic!

For the photoshoot, Athena firstly made sure that my face was cleansed and moisturised. ‘This helps set the make up,’ she says. ‘I mixed two foundations – Stargazer Pure White and MAC Face and Body in nc20.’ Athena’s top tip? Always test foundation on your jawline as this area gives a true reading of your skin tone. She also pointed out that, contrary to popular belief, you should never test foundation on your hand as it won’t match your face!

Athena then transformed my eyes from subtle to smokey by mixing several colours from her MUA palette and, using a blending brush, applied the eyeshadow to my brow bones for an open, winged effect. ‘Practise feeling the bones around your eye with your fingertips,’ she advises. ‘This allows you to discover where to apply the shadow for your desired effect.’

Summertime makeup

For a biker-chic look, compliment smokey eyes with an edgy leather jacket and gold bracelet like this one by Feather & Stone (photographer: Dakku Singh)

Athena added a highlighting colour to the inner corner of my tear duct and, using a kohl black eyeliner, lined the upper lash line and smudged it slightly for an edgy, rock-chick vibe. ‘I then applied the same eyeshadow mix under the lower lash line using a smaller eyeshadow brush, and the kohl eyeliner to the waterline of the eye,’ explains Athena.

‘Using an eyelash curler, I gently curled the lashes, keeping them in the curler for about 30 seconds to ensure a decent curl, and applied Max Factor: 2000 Calories mascara to the upper and lower lashes. Two coats is sufficient for the upper lashes.’

Summer makeup

Blending and smudging are the key to achieving smokey eyes

Finally, it was time to contour the cheeks! Athena used a Bare Minerals bronzer in between the cheekbone and jawline. ‘This step really helps to define cheekbones and gives the illusion that they’re more prominent,’ she says. ‘On the apples of the cheeks, I used a rose blusher from L’oreal and used a large blending brush in circular motions to help break up any harshness and bring the colours together.’

‘For the lips, I primed them using Vaseline to help banish any dryness. As the eyes were already strong, I wanted to keep the lips soft (you should only be adventurous with bold colours if you’re going for a striking ‘editorial’ look) so I applied a nude lip colour by Barry M using an angled lip brush. Another little tip: use a gold highlighter at the cupid’s bow – the heart shaped part of the upper lip – as this helps create the illusion of fuller lips.’

‘Lastly, I used translucent powder all over the face to help set the makeup and voilà – the finished look is complete!’ Thank you to make up artist Athena Demetriou, photographer Dakku Singh and fashion PR manager, Aoife McIvor.

Summertime makeup

The clothes I’m wearing in this photo are: Borne Alice Floral playsuit and Apair Amalfi Classic boots (photographer: Dakku Singh)



May 13

How to get Cheryl Cole’s hair

Cheryl Cole’s hair has come a long way since the limp, centre-parting days of Popstars: The Rivals. Indeed, Cheryl, 29, has become the ultimate poster girl for voluminous hair, a status which she cemented after she became a spokesmodel for L’Oreal Paris and put a Geordie spin on the adverts’ iconic line: ‘Because you’re worth it’.
Cheryl Cole hair popstars the rivals

Back in the day: Cheryl Cole’s hair evolution (image: hellomagazine.com)

And now the pop star’s marvellous mane has been making headlines again – this time at the Cannes Film Festival. On Saturday, Cheryl joined her fellow L’Oreal Paris ambassadors (including newfound twinnie Eva Longoria, 38) on the red carpet, where she sported a stunning floor-length gown. The maroon creation, with its sheer overskirt and sequinned embroidery, was truly eye-catching. However it was Cheryl’s fabulous fishtail plait which really stole the show. Tall, abundant and lightly tousled – Cheryl’s highlighted ‘do perfectly complimented her Zuhair Murad dress.
Cheryl Cole fishtail plait Cannes

Cheryl Cole sported a fishtail plait to the Cannes Film Festival

Like the majority of the population, I’ve always been enamoured with Chezza’s towering locks; and my love for her bouffant reached new heights when I went to see Girls Aloud at the 02 arena for their reunion gig back in March (don’t judge me). Seeing Cheryl’s demure gown for the Cannes film festival reminded me of the Jessica Rabbit-esque number she wore during the concert, proving that a striking red dress works well on the starlet, especially when teamed with big hair. Observe:
Cheryl Cole in red dress Cannes and Girls Aloud concert

Cheryl knows how to work red (image on right: hellomagazine.com)

During the concert, I remember being astounded at how Cheryl’s hair managed to stay in position – especially given the amount of shapes she was throwing throughout. I can only assume a colossal amount of hairspray was involved…
Cheryl Cole big hair 02 concert

Cheryl Cole wowed the crowd with her bountiful bouffant

I’m partial to a bit of strong-hold myself, however I’ve recently discovered a great alternative to hairspray: dry shampoo (in particular Batiste Dry Shampoo – Dark & Deep, £3.99). Dry shampoo has all the benefits of hairspray as it gives your hair body, movement and hold, however it’s far less sticky and rigid. It also makes your hair feel lighter and smell fresher, too.
Cheryl Cole at the 02 arena

Cheryl Cole at the 02 arena

When styling big, I also like to dust a small amount of Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It Mattifying Powder (£5.49) onto my roots. The white, powdery substance has a watery quality upon contact with the skin, and gives hair incredible volume. Use sparingly though, and if you decide to backcomb after applying the powder, do so with caution.

Cheryl Cole at the 02 arena

Cheryl’s hair stayed in shape throughout the concert

Oh and, if you’re going for dramatic hair a la Cheryl, why not complete the look with some Eyelure Girls Aloud lashes? I wore the limited edition set to the concert and they were absolutely fab. Scroll down for some more snaps of Cheryl from the concert, in addition to a step-by-step guide to achieving her Cannes fishtail plait. You’ll be ready for the red carpet in no time…


Cheryl Cole hair 02 concert

Not a hair out of place; Cheryl looked in the zone at the 02 concert


Want Cheryl’s fishtail plait? Lisa Laudat, the creative genius responsible for the ‘do, explains how to do it yourself:

Step One: Prep wet hair with Elnett Heat Styling Spray Volume at roots, set in rollers and dry.

Step Two: Section an inch of hair from each temple and secure at the crown with an elastic.

Step Three: Take the remaining top section of hair and backcomb to create height and volume. Secure by twisting the lengths and pinning over the elastic.

Step Four: Starting with mid-section of hair at the back of head, loosely plait and work in larger sections of hair from underneath & behind the ears until the plait reaches nape of neck, then secure with a ribbon.

Step Five: Take all remaining lengths and work into a demi plait before securing with another ribbon.

Cheryl Cole hair 02

Long live Cheryl’s tresses

May 13

Neon Nail Art

Summer is almost here; the flowers are coming into bloom and the sun is (intermittently) out, so it’s time to inject some colour into our wardrobes – and beauty bags.

The quickest way to do this is to purchase some bright, funky nail varnish. I’m currently enamoured with Nail Art Mini Pens Rainbow Brights (£9.95, npw.co.uk).

The pack includes five fluorescent shades; green, yellow, orange, pink and blue, and each double-ended varnish has a brush for painting and a nib for designing, meaning you can really unleash your creative side.


The fine nibs and punchy colours allow for very vibrant outcomes and so recently, on a sunny day out in Regent’s Park, I decided to go all out and apply almost every single shade in the pack!

At first I began drawing careful designs, but after applying clear nail polish, which settled as a lilac glaze, the colours began to run. To my surprise, despite it being an accident, I quite liked the messy, arty effect and went with it – seeing my nails as mini canvasses and drawing and smudging in a haphazard manner.

The result? A whole load of compliments – more than I’ve received for any other nail varnish I’ve ever worn. Try it for yourself, after all, neon shades are bang on trend right now, making it the perfect summer look.

Colourful nails

Colourful nails

Feb 13

Red Carpet Beauty round-up 2013

It may only be February, but we’ve already seen a wealth of Red Carpet Beauty this year thanks to numerous awards ceremonies including the Golden Globes, the Grammys and the BAFTAs. We’ve still got the Oscars to go at the end of the month as well!

Just like Marilyn Monroe stole the show all those years ago at the Golden Globes, when it comes to beauty, some stars have shone brighter than others on the red carpet at this year’s ceremonies. Read on to find out my favourite Red Carpet Beauty moments so far…

Marilyn Monroe won three Golden Globes between 1953 - 1962

Marilyn Monroe won three Golden Globes between 1953 – 1962


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is gorgeous. Jennifer Lawrence is also chums with Bradley Cooper and Michael Fassbender. Jennifer Lawrence is hereby the source of all my envy. Seriously though, I do love a bit of Jen; she’s great as Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games and she also seems to have a pretty grounded attitude towards Hollywood and all its silliness. Plus she looked awesome at this year’s BAFTAs.

Slicked-back hair is an unconventional and risky look for the red carpet, but the actress definitely pulled it off. Jennifer’s dark, sooty eyes looked very alluring, and given they were teamed with wet-look hair, they completed her just-out-of-the-shower, smudgy-eyed vibe. For eyes like Jennifer’s apply LCN’s Dark Midnight Glow eyeshadow, £11.45 from beautyconcepts.co.uk.

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2013 BAFTAs

Jennifer Lawrence at the 2013 BAFTAs

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker’s beauty and fashion sense have always been unconventional, and equally out of the ordinary is her down to earth personality. Unlike typical showbiz prima donnas, SJP always comes across as warm, charismatic, and genuine – qualities which she displayed during her speech at the BAFTAs.

When the actress stepped on stage in her Elie Saab jumpsuit, I was struck by how amazing she looked. It’s been years since SATC came to an end, but SJP is looking remarkably youthful – and not in a surgically-enhanced kinda way, either. After all, the Sex and the City star has long been averse to plastic surgery.

Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2013 BAFTAs

Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2013 BAFTAs

“People used to tell me to do my nose all the time—all the time,” she told Allure in 2000. “I’m not a big fan of collagen and Botox for actresses because I think it ruins a very expressive part of our faces. I kinda dig that I’m so flawed.” Well, she may love imperfections, but SJP’s hair at the BAFTAs was absolutely flawless thanks to Charles Worthington, who worked his mane-magic on the actress before she hit the red carpet.

To achieve hair like SJP’s, the stylist recommends using Charles Worthington Instant Volume Amplifying Volume Treatment, £14.99, before running straightening irons through your hair. My favourite straighteners at the moment are Babyliss’ 2098bu Pro 230 Elegance Straighteners, Like SJP, my hair is naturally thick and curly, but these slim straighteners and their super-hot, titanium ceramic plates do a great job of taming my locks. Available to buy from TheRankTank.com for a reduced price of £34.99.

Babyliss’ 2098bu Pro 230 Elegance Straighteners

Babyliss’ 2098bu Pro 230 Elegance Straighteners



It was her first official outing with Chris Brown as a couple since he assaulted her at the 2009 Grammys – a reunion which by many is seen as a controversial move on Rihanna’s part – so it was fitting that the singer opted for a bold look at this year’s awards ceremony. Speaking about her newly rekindled relationship, Rihanna said: “If it’s a mistake, then it’s my mistake”.

Just like her defiant attitude, Rihanna’s scarlet dress. rouge lips and matching nails were fiery if not downright daring. Her long wavy hair, on the other hand, softened the overall look (which might have otherwise seemed too harsh) and reminded us that Rihanna is still a young and at times vulnerable woman. Here’s hoping Chris Brown treats her right this time.

Find out which red nail polishes and red lipsticks I like best at the moment by visiting Yesterface’s Valentine’s Day Beauty Guide!

Rihanna at the 2013 Grammys

Rihanna at the 2013 Grammys

Golden Globes

Claire Danes

Not only did Claire Danes pick up the gong for Best Actress at this year’s Golden Globes, but she came up trumps on the red carpet too.

I’ve become accustomed to seeing Danes sport a pair of manic, tired-looking eyes in her (brilliantly acted) role as CIA officer Carrie Mathison in Homeland, so it was a welcome surprise to see her all dolled up at the Globes.

Danes complimented her natural beauty with an ample dose of eyeliner and this smokey, feline look was beyond seductive; it made the actress’ electric blue eyes sizzle even more than usual. Her hair do was a total win, too. Tousled, long, glossy and voluminous, it was as far cry from the short, unassuming style worn by her character Carrie. Bravo, Claire!

Claire Danes at the 2013 Golden Globes

Claire Danes at the 2013 Golden Globes

Jessica Alba

When it comes to style, this woman can do no wrong. Her look at the Globes was not only immaculate, but had an earthy and vibrant edge too.

Her sun-kissed California skin, burnt orange lips, subtle contouring and simple eyemakeup all worked together in perfect harmony to create a stunning overall look. Jessica Alba, I salute you. If you want lips like Jessica’s, I suggest using Sundown Mini Lipstick by Frontcover (£4.00).

Jessica Alba at the 2013 Golden Globes

Jessica Alba at the 2013 Golden Globes

Next up, the Oscars! Keep your eyes peeled for my special Oscars post, where I’ll be looking at a history of Red Carpet Beauty…

Feb 13

Venice Style and Beauty (Then & Now)

I was recently lucky enough to go on a wonderful four-day trip to Venice; a beautiful city whose entire foundations are built on the mudbanks of a lagoon in Northern Italy.

A Venetian mask on display in one of the shop windows

A traditional Venetian mask on display in one of the shop windows

My trip to Venice fell at the start of the 2013 Venetian Carnival, and so upon arrival I was expecting a flurry of noise and colour. However, I arrived at 11pm at night and the carnival hadn’t officially begun yet, so the first thing I was both greeted and struck by was the absolute resounding silence blanketing the entire city.

Both the air and water were still, shutters were closed everywhere, and there were no voices to be heard. Given that everybody in Venice travels either on foot or on boats, the loud hum of traffic that permeates most cities was notably absent too.

Old fashioned wigs on display in a Venetian Beauty Salon

Old fashioned wigs on display in a Venetian Beauty Salon

Arriving in Venice feels akin to tumbling down the rabbit hole; the city has a dream-like quality due to its dinky streets, ethereal twilights, intricate architecture, and endless teal-tinted canals. The latter, by the way, perfectly matched the deep green China Glaze Exotic Encounters nail lacquer, £6.95, that I was wearing at the time!

After weaving my way through the mute atmosphere and traversing over countless pretty little bridges, my place of residence came into view; a lovely three-storey house placed at the edge of one of the city’s many canals. The hostess, a friendly young woman named Camilla, was so welcoming, and her house, a traditional Venetian abode with lofty rooms and a cool, artdeco vibe, was the perfect place to stay.

Venice carnival costumes

Venice carnival costumes

As I woke the next morning and ventured outside I noticed that the atmosphere seemed livelier. Things got increasingly buzzy throughout my stay as the city’s inhabitants and visitors prepared for the carnival. The narrow streets, initially dotted with people, eventually became rammed with dedicated carnival goers, all of which were clad in elaborate costumes and intricate masks.

I couldn’t believe the masks on display in some of the shop windows, they were all so detailed and varied – and beautiful too. Apparently there are five different types of Venetian mask: Bauta, a mask which covers the whole face, Columbina, a half mask held up by a baton, Moretta, (or Servetta Muta, meaning mute maid servant) a strapless oval mask with wide eyeholes, Larva, a white mask, and the Medico Della Peste (The Plague Doctor), a beaked mask which is by far the most sinister looking.

Masks on display at a Venetian shop

Masks on display in the window of a Venetian shop

According to Wikipedia (my favourite factual source), Venetian masks can be made of leather, porcelain or with the original glass technique. Original masks were simple and had practical function, but these days most are made with the application of gold leaf and all are hand-painted and decorated with feathers and gems.

Masks have always been a main feature of the carnival, which began in 1162. It’s said that traditionally people were allowed to wear them between the festival of Santo Stefano on December 26 and the start of the carnival season and midnight of Shrove Tuesday.

Masks were also allowed from October 5 to Christmas, meaning people could spend a large portion of the year in disguise. Which, in some respects, is what many women do nowadays anyway, except instead of masks women conceal and decorate their faces with makeup.

Venice carnival face painting stall

Venice carnival face painting stall

Speaking of makeup, there was a lot of face painting going on during the carnival. Children everywhere had their faces decorated with a variety of colourful designs, as did adult women and men alike; I spotted one grown woman who’d had her face painted as a cat!

All around the city there were little pop up stalls where face painters had set up their work stations, and it was there that they dipped their paint brushes into palettes and transformed their customers’ faces into carnival-worthy works of art. Typically the face paint designs appeared to dominate the upper left or right side of the face, or around the eyes.

Venice carnival costumes 2013

Venice carnival costumes 2013

As can be seen on the far left in the picture above, masks aren’t the only examples of beauty that you’ll find in Venice. I saw this traditional costume in the window of a shop near St Mark’s square. Its opulent and intricate design immediately grabbed me. I later saw similar dresses worn by festival goers, also pictured above, which almost looked as authentic as the dress in the shop window.

While Venice’s traditional window displays are captivating, equally striking is San Marco’s luxurious range of designer shops. The high-end fashion and jewellery on sale was impressive – as were the price tags. In one window I spotted a pair of stunning sunglasses (pictured below) whose winged frames looked straight out of the 1960s.

A pair of winged, 1960s style shades in the window display of a shop in Venice

A pair of winged, 1960s style shades in the window display of a shop in Venice

Louis Vuitton’s window display really caught my eye too; behind the pane of glass lay a typewriter that appeared to be spitting out numerous sheets of paper, all of which were carefully and elegantly suspended in mid-air.

Like most things in Venice, thanks to the inclusion of an archaic piece of technology. even this modern Louis Vuitton display felt steeped in antiquity, and the motionless sheets of paper aptly reflected how time in Venice somehow seems to stand still.

Louise Vuitton window display in Venice

Louise Vuitton window display in Venice

The city, whose main trade is tourism, has barely changed in appearance in centuries, and as a result has now become something of an open-air musuem. Sinking at a rate of 2mm per year, who knows how many more centuries Venice and its sleek black gondolas will be with us.

Which is why I really recommend you visit; it’s truly one of the most romantic places on the planet, and the historical selection of art, beauty and fashion to be found there is fascinating. The wine and cicchetti are delicious, too (if you ever go, make sure you visit Vini al Bottegon!)

Venice's Grand Canal

Venice’s Grand Canal

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