Looking For A Weight Loss Hypnotherapist? Choose Very Carefully

If you recognise that losing weight is more about getting your mind in the right place, then you’d be well advised to consult a Clinical Hypnotherapist.


But with hypnotherapy being an unregulated profession, how can you know who is talented and who is not? You can be forgiven for wondering where to start because there is little guidance available when it comes to finding a Weight Loss Hypnotherapist who is top of their game.


One place to start is the Association Of Weight Loss Hypnotherapists, an organisation that specialises in showcasing some of the top Weight Loss Hypnotherapists. Members are all registered Hypnotherapists, insured and carry qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy.


10 Signs Of A Top Hypnotherapist


Steve Miller


  1. They will be able to demonstrate evidence that they have worked successfully with weight loss clients.


  1. They will carry qualifications in hypnosis, and will be fully insured.


  1. Their website is likely to focus very much on their weight loss niche area.


  1. A top weight loss hypnotherapist will often offer a complimentary consultation to ensure they and you feel comfortable in working together.


  1. They will understand how to implement practical interventions to help motivate you, so that you stay on the weight loss wagon.


  1. Top weight loss hypnotherapists are rarely fat themselves. They practice what they preach to help ensure they inspire you with confidence.


  1. Weight loss hypnotherapists will use different models of hypnosis. Some will use an authoritarian go getting approach and others are more gentle.


  1. A good weight loss hypnotherapist will probably offer you a ‘keep in touch service’ in between your clinical hypnosis sessions.


  1. Weight loss hypnotherapists will offer personality. They will build rapport with you and do their best to inspire you.


  1. During the process of weight loss hypnotherapy the hypnotherapist will where appropriate challenge you as well as celebrate your results.


10 Of The UK’s Top Weight Loss Hypnotherapists  


Manjit Kaur Ruprai: Based in Leicester specialising in proving hypnotherapy to the Asian community.


Laura Shewfelt: Based in St Albans, know as the Weight Loss fairy.


Alice Pinion: Based in Maldon Essex and has been in practice for a number of years.


Daniel Mcdermid: Leeds based Daniel runs ‘Man Up Lose Weight’.


Gary Turner: Providing mindset programming and personal training based in Surrey Gary is a Hypnotherapist, Personal Trainer and Sportsman.


Sue Lee: Based in Dartford Kent, Sue provides weight loss hypnotherapy and motivational coaching.


Sally Thomson: Sally has extensive experience supporting emotional eaters and has a weight loss practice in Chesterfield.


Denise Little: Experienced with those suffering with depression who are keen to gain support to manage their weight.


Fiona Robinson: Fiona is based in Upminster Essex.


Wayne Dharana: Based in Derby, Wayne specialises in weight loss and confidence issues.


Weight loss hypnotherapy is one of the tools I use when supporting my own clients and to me is the more appropriate strategy for those looking to lose weight as opposed to a restricted diet.


Coming Soon: How Hypnotherapy can help you reduce anxiety so that you control your weight and elevate your confidence.


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