The Authoritarian & Motivational Weight Loss Hypnosis Breakthrough

If you are looking for inspiration, motivation, and a dollop of tough love then I am delighted to announce the launch of the all new Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Coaching that is driving some to lose a stone by the month. You may have tried hypnotherapy before only to find it was a little too limp and slack; far too relaxation based which is in effect the last thing you want to be enduring if you have several stone to get off.

Founder and pioneer of the all new Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Hypnotherapy and Coaching

As the founder and pioneer of this ground breaking model, this is for those who want to undertake a process of support that eliminates every excuse in the cookbook, and takes your motivation through the roof. The model doesn’t wrap it up with political correctness put to the side and the ‘Fat’ word used throughout the process. What a ‘breath of fresh air’ I hear you you say. This innovation is for those who like it straight, strong and who salivate on the thought of getting strong results. Forget tea and tissues; this is all about action and solutions.

How It Works

Over six weeks you will undertake weekly face to face sessions either by Skype or in person, and receive daily motivational support via text messaging which is individually tailored to your needs. But the BIG BONUS is that this is no restricted diet. Instead you will live life eating healthily for 80% of the time, and a bit of what you fancy for the remaining 20%.
The programme is based on the belief that the overwhelming majority of people looking to lose weight know exactly what to eat, but are looking for support to programme their mind to eat less and eat better, as well as ensuring motivation remains high for the long haul. Helping a client gain control over food is a fundamental part of this approach.

Mind Over Platter

 Central to the Authoritarian and Motivational Weight Loss Programme is helping clients to programme their mind. Practitioners are trained to drill into the minds of their clients that they are in control of food, enthused about achieving their ideal weight, as well as motivated to stay on track for the long haul. Licensed practitioners are trained to use tailored authoritarian hypnotic suggestions that are delivered using a strong assertive style. Practitioners aim to ensure the suggestions are buried deep into the clients sub conscious mind, so that the client feels commanded to control food moving forward as well as ensuring the motivation tank remains full. But be aware that this form of hypnotherapy is strong and delivered with a significant direct authority.
With many studies suggesting that the vast majority of those undertaking a diet pile it all back on, perhaps it is time to consider an alternative that still allows you to swill down your weekly weight loss success with a bottle of wine, if of course that is included in your 20%.
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