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Wedding Planning Checklist – 1 month to go

Following on from a previous post mapping out the two-months to go wedding planning checklist, your final tasks for the run up to the big day are below!

Please remember that all couples have different requirements and tasks to complete. This is a comprehensive one-month to go wedding planning checklist but it may not be inclusive for your wedding.

Getting ready to meet her groom

Getting ready to meet her groom

The finishing touches before the ceremony

The finishing touches before the ceremony


One Month To Go!

Chase any outstanding RSVP’s

Discuss table design during your final meeting with the Caterer. Think about linen, napkins, chairs, glassware, cutlery, charger plates, and decor. If you need to hire equipment do this now

Give your florist an update on numbers of banqueting tables and final number of bridal party flowers required. If an additional usher shows up they will not have a spare buttonhole. Arrange a place and time for the florist to drop off bouquets, buttonholes, and corsages.

Meet with your Officiant to discuss order of service, music, readings, and hymns. Double check that your license is in place and ready to go

Send out final payments

Finalise hair and make-up style for the day. Attend a trial if you haven’t already done so

Confirm hotel bookings

Confirm all vendor bookings, including the time they will arrive/depart, the equipment or service they’re bringing, the amount of staff they’ll have and any information on dietary requirements for those requiring a meal. You will need to inform them about the time they can access the venue and the time they can collect equipment/breakdown

Ensure all transportation is booked. The guests to the ceremony, bridal party to the ceremony, guests from ceremony to reception, bridal party and parents to the reception, all guests and bride and groom from the reception back home. If you want to drive down a specific route discuss this with the driver. appoint your wedding planner or a responsible bridesmaid to overlook transportation

If you’re not providing transportation, print out small cards with one or two local taxis that guests can call at the end of the reception

Make a list of “must take” formal photographs for the photographer

Furnish your musicians with a preferred playlist. If you’re having an iPod you should create different playlists so it’s easy for the wedding planner or venue to locate. You may have cocktail reception music, dinner music, first dance, in-between band sets, etc.

Purchase any remaining decor, lingerie, or accessories

Place an order with the printers. You may need the following: order of service, place cards, escort cards/table plan, menus, table names, and anything else required

Purchase outfits for the honeymoon

Discuss and finalise the wedding procession. Who will walk who down the aisle, will the wedding party stand or sit, will the groom watch his bride walk down the aisle or will he stick to tradition and have his back towards her?

Draw up a seating plan for the ceremony. I typically see the first two pews on each side reserved for immediate family and the wedding party. Make sure someone discusses this with the Ushers. If RESERVED signs are required, order or make these now

If you’re having confetti, appoint someone to be in charge of handing this out

Start seating plan for the reception. This task has to be left rather late as guests will continue to RSVP or cancel at the last minute

If you or your partner colour your hair, go in for touch ups

Book any necessary spa treatments

Appoint someone to be Toastmaster for the day if you haven’t hired a professional

Assemble any necessary guest favours, confetti cones, welcome bags, stationery, etc

Arrange to have your mail picked up and pets taken care of while you’re away on honeymoon

Once the place cards and escort cards are ready from the printers,

assemble escort cards into alphabetical order and place in an envelope for the wedding planner. This will save him/her a lot of time on the day so they can focus on other tasks

Arrange place cards into separate envelopes based on the table each person is sitting at. For example, put all the guests sitting on the top table in one envelope, guests sitting at table 2 in another envelope, etc. To make this even more organised, put the place cards in the order guests will be seated around the table. Should the planner receive a bag full of place cards, this will consume a huge amount of time figuring out where everyone is seated

The groom should start writing his speech

Wear shoes around the house to break them in

Finalise delivery of wedding items to the ceremony and reception venue(s).

Finalise the guest list and give the Caterer a final head count, including those with dietary requirements

Bride should go for final gown fitting

Mens’ suits should be purchased or hired at this point

Wrap presents for wedding party and parents

Pack honeymoon bags

Select an outfit for any pre or post wedding events

If any vendors need to be paid on the wedding day put payments in envelopes then give to your planner. You should also have an envelope with emergency cash

Collect bridal gown or have it delivered

Collect groom’s outfit

Make sure the bridesmaids and ushers have their outfits and accessories ready to go

Drop off welcome bags at hotels, if necessary

Update the Caterer on head count should this change – including the meals required for vendors

Call all vendors to re-confirm their attendance and arrival times. Get all their mobile phone numbers and give to planner or bridesmaid

Select an outfit to wear for hair and make-up on the wedding day. *Wear a button up or zippered shirt to avoid destroy your look*

Send wedding day itinerary to the maid of honour and best man

Confirm transportation and get mobile numbers for all drivers

Decide who will collect items at the end of the evening: leftover stationery, guest book, decor, flowers, etc

Have a relaxing massage if possible

Set your alarm and make sure you have a back up ready

ENJOY YOUR WEDDING DAY! Leave all your worries at home and trust your wedding planner to do a fantastic job




Jan 13

2013 Wedding Trends

Happy New Year! Similar to fashion, wedding trends are constantly changing. Most of our couples opt for a traditional wedding and ignore the fad, but for those of you that want a contemporary and trend driven wedding see the below for 2013 wedding trends – I’m loving them!


Coloured wedding shoes

This trend has been going for a while now and I don’t see it stopping anytime soon.

blue wedding shoes

via Fashion Choice

bridesmaids colored wedding shoes

via Fashion Choice



Leopard print, zebra stripes, and Chevron are big 2013 wedding trends

zebra print weddings

photographer unknown

zebra stripes weddings

via a Wedding Cake Blog



Crystals and bling were a big part of weddings in 2012. I haven’t seen this trend fade in the UK, which I’m glad of as I love a bit of sparkle.

crystal wedding shoes

Studio Rouge

Crystal Trees for weddings

Pearl Pictures


Art Deco

I predict Art Deco weddings to be a big wedding trend for 2013. Think lace, pearls, fur, feathers, gorgeous jewelery, and silky materials.

art deco wedding invitations

Ceci NY

art deco weddings

Bridal Style Boutiques



Over the past few years weddings have become much more personalised than they used to be. Couples have monograms, they name tables after personal places, people, or things, and  they’re hands on with DIY projects. This year we will see even more personalisation in every wedding across the globe.

via SMP

DIY weddings

FlutterFly Events

DIY weddings in London

FlutterFly Events


Dec 12

Fabulous Wedding Shoes

Looking fabulous is often a top priority for both the bride and groom. Today I’m going to share some gorgeous wedding shoes some of our brides have worn. Enjoy!

The City Bride

The famous red sole is a perfect pair to any wedding dress. These round toed Christian Louboutins are truly one of a kind but for a slightly cheaper traditional pair of white slippers head over to Benjamin Adams

wedding shoes

Pippa Mackenzie


The Chic Bride

These sexy open toed sling backs were designed by the king of shoes: Jimmy Choo. A coloured wedding shoe is very sexy, fun, and playful. For a cheaper alternative to a coloured slingback head over to Rainbow Club

chic bride

Lloyd Dobbie


The Glamorous Bride

For the queen of crystals and all things bling there’s nothing better then sliding on a diamante encrusted shoe. These stunning shoes are bride worthy and  deserve as much attention as the bride herself (well, almost!). These shoes are from Gucci but those on a budget can find crystal wedding shoes at Dunes. 

glamorous bride

Studio Rouge


The Traditional Bride

Strappy Jimmy Choo sandals are a perfect finish to a silk satin gown that flows beautifully in the wind. Many modern brides choose strappy sandals but they’re not for everyone. For a cheaper alternative to Jimmy Choo try Dunes Shoes.

jimmy choo wedding shoes

Lloyd Dobbie


The Classic Bride

These gorgeous Stuart Weitzmans are perfect for a bride who wants to have a little edge on the traditional look.

Try Elegant Steps for a budget friendly classic shoe

weddings at the langham hotel

Shell de Mar


The Bold Bride

We just love her! A bride that matches her shoes and lipstick is full of life and attitude. Coloured shoes make for great photographs and can help enhance a personality

weddings at fulham palace

Wild Weddings

Nov 12

The Truth Behind Wedding Food

I recently took a ‘wedding dinner‘ poll via my Facebook and Twitter networks to see what type of meat guests prefer to be served at weddings: Chicken, steak, or lamb. The answer? Chicken. That’s right, chicken! I often hear couples saying they don’t want to serve chicken because of the uncountable “rubber chicken” receptions they’ve attend but truth be told, guests prefer something that is well known and comfortable to the palate rather than foreign.

Brides and grooms are always looking for new ways to impress their guests. Many of these “wow factor” details are on the banqueting tables as guests are seated there for more than two hours. Of course food is the way to a guest’s heart, why not impress with the catering? As we just discovered, many guests prefer chicken over a fancier option. You can serve the chicken but think “outside the box” and come up with different ways to serve it. Now I’m not talking about a buffet as we’ve all been there, seen that, and done it, yet rather make sure it’s presented on beautiful china, is next to vegetables that add a pop of colour, or offer jugs of different sauce on the table for guests to top their meat. Little details go a long way.

Alternatively you could have a “family style” meal and put 4-5 dishes in the centre of the table for guests to serve themselves. If you’re afraid of serving chicken because it’s banal and boring, there are many ways to serve the meat apart from the traditional 3-course meal. Have fun and eat up!

wedding food

via Epicure

weddings at stoke place

Oct 12

Wedding Planning Checklist

Ah, the wedding planning checklist! With so much to do, wedding flowers, music, wedding invitations, table plans and so much more it can be tough to remember everything for your wedding. This is the ultimate guide for all couples planning a wedding but where do you find this guide and how do you know if it’s legitimate? There are thousands of wedding planning checklists on the internet, in magazines, and on blogs, but most of these only include the big tasks that must be complete and completely glaze over the smaller yet ever important details.So you ask yourself, “where can I find one of these AMAZING checklists you’re talking about!?”.  I’ve been spending years configuring a comphrehensive wedding planning checklist. But the truth is, every wedding is so different from one another that tasks will need to be tweaked to in order for your wedding to be successful. So please, I beg you, do not plan your wedding from a checklist downloaded on the internet or found in a bridal magazine. These are very generic lists that help you remember to book the big vendors but completely forget about the smaller details that will make or break your wedding.

I’ll let you view a copy of my “final countdown checklist” which is a typical list of tasks that need to be complete in the two months before your wedding.

Since the final countdown wedding planning checklist is lengthy and a bit overwhelming, I’m going to post the tasks that I typically suggest you try to tackle two months before the wedding. Your one month checklist will come in a later post so stay tuned!


For further help compiling your wedding checklist or for questions on the final countdown leave a comment below!

wedding planning checklist

2 Months to go, the wedding planning checklist’s final countdown


                                                        TWO MONTHS

Finalise ceremony music, hymns, readings and order of service with the officiant
Schedule ceremony rehearsal, if haven’t done so already
Purchase outfit(s) for pre and post wedding events
Order stationery for the wedding day. Order of Service for the ceremony and any other stationery for the wedding reception.  Menus, placecards, escort cards, personalised table names, etc- May be left until 1 month before wedding depending on when final numbers come in. Ask you printer how long it will take to print
Make sure gift list is up to date
Make sure all equipment has been hired.  Poseur tables, linen, salt and pepper shakers, table number holders, tea lights, umbrellas, furniture, dance floor, decorations, etc.
Reserve any parking spaces necessary for pre-wedding events and wedding
Talk to your attendants and anyone else you’d like to give a speech or toast at the reception.  Let them know when they’re going to talk, how long the speech or toast should be, and what the tone should be like. Explain the importance of sticking to timings
Go through budgeting sheet and send payments to vendors that require a payment 6 weeks before wedding (most will send an invoice)
Now that you have more of an accurate head count, order wine, beer and liquor if not provided by the caterer
Discuss wedding flowers in detail with the florist.  Think about every corner in the venue. Entrance, bathroom, stairway, escort card table, cake table, every room. Update them on wedding party numbers and final banqueting table numbers
Double-check the sizing of the wedding bands. If they’ve been sent for engraving, pick them up, if your ring size has changed send them in for re-sizing.
Start mailing thank you cards as you receive gifts.
Check in with the bridesmaids to ensure they have their dress alterations complete. Make sure they’ve all picked up their dresses, shoes and accessories.
Check in with the groomsmen to make sure their formal rentals are booked. Ensure they all have their shoes and accessories in order.
Purchase a guest book and pens. Where will the guest book go?
Purchase any remaining supplies, ribbon, carpet runner, candles, etc.
All gifts for the wedding party, parents and the bride/groom should be purchased by now
Compile a play list for the band, DJ, and iPod.
Select first dance then send to band or DJ. If you have a live band, make sure they will sing the correct version of your first dance song.
Liaise with ceremony musicians and discuss music for ceremony. Do they require armless chairs? Will the church/venue provide this? What will they wear on the day? When will they arrive/depart?
Book transportation to first night hotel if you haven’t done so already
Hire uplighters or a professional lighting technician if required
Decide where the cake will be displayed, when you will cut it, when it will be served, and how it will be served
Arrange a face to face meeting with your wedding planner and reception venue to run through and confirm final details and logistics. Layout of venue, number of guests, food served, dietary requirements, drinks served, where will musicians stand/sit, where will table plan or escort cards be on display, additional tables required for cake, guest book, etc., where can iPod be hooked up, where will speakers stand during speeches, where will cake be, who is the emcee, if required, who will move flowers from one room to the next, is there a cake knife and stand, is there an easel for the table plan, ETC, ETC. Go through all details.

Oct 12

Hot wedding trends for 2013

I’m predicting one of the hottest wedding trends for 2013 is the bride, groom, and their wedding party entering the dining room to fun and up beat songs. The past three months I have personally witnessed (and helped coordinate) all my couples and their attendants be announced into the dining room, couple by couple, to a song that represents their relationship to the bride and groom. The emcee announces each couple, the song plays, and they walk, twirl, and dance through the crowd until they locate their seat. It’s entertaining and has guests waiting in anticipation for what’s to come.

One of our winter wedding couple’s will play the “The A Team” for themselves and the entire wedding party to be announced into the dining room. I can’t wait to see what moves they have up their sleeves!

wedding trends for 2013

Lloyd Dobbie Photography


Another wedding trend for 2013 is lace, lace, and more lace. I’m seeing bridal gowns laced in lace all over the catwalks.

weddings trends 2013

Via One Wed

via One Wed

Via One Wed


Each year rings in dozens of new trends but I want to wrap up this post with one last trend I’m spotting: The bride giving a speech!! I never thought I’d see the day…!

Both the bride and groom have family and friends to thank for joining them on their wedding day. If the bride can find the courage to stand up and say a few words, it will be a toast remembered by all.

Sep 12

Wedding in the British Countryside

One thing I can’t deny as a wedding planner is that brides are extremely visual! They love pictures and finding inspiration from other weddings. Therefore, I want to show you a stunning wedding at Stoke Place I planned this summer. I had the pleasure of working with the unbelievably gorgeous bride and groom on their glamorous wedding filled with love, sunshine, crystals, and fantastic music. The bride walked out in her Vera Wang gown just as the skies filled with sunshine. We had been planning an outdoor wedding for over a year, which was a risk, and on the day it started to rain, but the sun gods were on this couple’s side just minutes before the ceremony commenced. Thanks to WildAbout Flowers for the great centrepieces and flowers, and thanks to Pearl Pictures for the fabulous photography.

Wedding at Stoke Place with Flutterfy Events, photography by Pearl Pictures

Bridal bouquet with diamantes

Wedding at Stoke Place with Flutterfy Events, photography by Pearl Pictures

Jimmy Choo bridal shoes – pure luxe

Wedding at Stoke Place with Flutterfy Events, photography by Pearl Pictures

Last minute preparations…

Wedding at Stoke Place with Flutterfy Events, photography by Pearl Pictures

Getting ready to walk down the aisle!!

weddings at stoke place

Beautiful ceremony aisle – wowza

Wedding at Stoke Place with Flutterfy Events, photography by Pearl Pictures

White twigs with crystal beads as centrepieces

Wedding at Stoke Place with Flutterfy Events, photography by Pearl Pictures

Carrying the crystal theme through to the place cards

Wedding at Stoke Place with Flutterfy Events, photography by Pearl Pictures

The pink lighting set the mood for a fantastic evening

luxury wedding planner london

A good wedding photographer will catch the details!

luxury wedding planner london

After dinner lounge area. White couches, black cushions, mirrored side tables

Wedding at Stoke Place with Flutterfy Events, photography by Pearl Pictures

The first dance on a twinkle dance floor – LOVE


Aug 12

Alternative Wedding Gift Registry Options

Gone are the days when couples walk around with laser guns in department stores tagging high balls, plates, pots, and pans. Most couples cohabitate these days and are therefore equipped with the necessary household items. So what do you do when it comes to registering your wedding? You could tell your guests to just bring themselves and send their best wishes – but we all know that won’t happen! Purchasing a gift is a traditional part of a wedding so below I’ve listed some modern ideas to the single department store gift registry:

alternative wedding gift list options

A gift registry for your Honeymoon!

Guests can contribute towards air fares, dinners, nights out, elephant rides, scuba dives, whatever you have planned on your romantic getaway!  Most of our brides and grooms are opting for this type of registry as the Honeymoon is a holiday you will never forget.

A gift registry to re-design your home

A handful of companies are offering interior design gift lists so the couple can start their married life with a fresh look to their home. Guests can buy pieces from the leg of a sofa to a chandelier to wall paint. If I could go back in time I would sign up for this!

alternative gift list ideas

Via JLD Designs Blog

A one stop shop gift list

I came across a company called The Bottom Drawer who offers couples a gift registry where they can pick and choose a mixture of gifts from multiple vendors. This might be money towards a new home, a massage on the Honeymoon, upgraded household items, or even cash gifts. There are fees to host your site here but the convenience usually outweighs these nominal fees.  

Charity lists

If you truly have everything you want, or you’d like to raise money for a Charity, then set up a registry for your guests to donate to a Charity of your choice. You can organise your list by visiting the Charity’s website or going to Give It.

Bride and groom on honeymoon

Via All Wedding Party

Jul 12

Southern Style Wedding

I’m currently working with a gorgeous bride-to-be who wants a traditional Southern style wedding that whispers elegance. Southern weddings are all about details, mason jars, and a rustic/vintage feel and look. Today I’m showing you ways you can display flowers using mason jars, cake stands, apothecary jars, and even getting creative by placing floral displays on oval trays covered in lace, on rustic bookshelves, and so on. I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do!

Cake stand

Southern Elegance

mason jars

Mason jars for weddings

Southern Style Wedding

southern weddings pictures

mason jars for wedding ceremony


Although every care has been taken to credit the source images, some images did not have a source. Please let me know if you are the owner of a picture and I’ll give you credit.    Martha StewartOne WedWhimsical Gatherings, Enchanted Florist

Jul 12

Last minute wedding tasks

Your vendors are booked, the payments have been made, now you’re in the final weeks before the wedding. There are some obvious tasks you still need to complete like finalising the guest list, chasing dietary requirements, creating a table plan, sending “must takes” to your photographer, etc, but there are other tasks that aren’t so obvious that are just as important. Below is small selection of the tasks you should complete the week before your wedding:

wedding planner london


Last minute tasks

  • Start writing a list of items you need to bring to the venue. Put this list on the refrigerator so you can write something down the moment you think of it. Items may include guest book, pens, table plan, escort cards, gifts, and so on.
  • Ask your venue event coordinator when your vendors have access to the venue on the wedding day. Also ask when they need to clear out equipment. This is essential information for you to pass onto your wedding team
  • Arrange a time to drop off and collect your items from the venue
  • Go through your signed contracts to see which vendors require a meal on the day. Approach each vendor to ask them about their dietary requirements then pass on the information to your caterer.
  • Decide where you want the wedding cake.  Make sure you have a good backdrop for photographs
  • Discuss who will be your MC. Your MC will announce movement of guests, announce the bride and groom into the dining room, announce cutting of the cake and first dance. The MC can be the best man, the wedding planner (me!), the head waiter, or a professional toastmaster.
  • Come up with a detailed ceremony procession. Who’s walking who down the aisle and in what order?
  • Where will your guest book be placed? If a table is required ask your venue or caterer to provide this
  • Decide what you want waiters to do in the event that guests ask for drinks not being served.
  • Tell your caterer if you plan on keeping the top tier of the cake
  • Think about transportation in great detail and make sure no one is left without a ride. Do any of the cars require a reserved parking space?
  • Talk to each person giving a speech to let them know how long the speech should be and what the tone should be like. Your food is prepared based on the timings you provide the chef so if speeches are overrun then your food may come out cold or even overcooked. It’s very important to stick to your timings and make sure each speaker is aware of this.
  • Where will honour attendants and guests sit during the ceremony? Do you want RESERVED signs?

This list is not inclusive of last minute wedding tasks.

Let me know what tasks you’re running into in the countdown to your wedding. I’d love to hear from you!

last minute wedding tasks

Pippa Mackenzie photography

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