A sunny honeymoon?

Prince William may believe Anglesey, where he has been living with Kate, is a Welsh kind of heaven. And, I’m told, in Summer it can be. Especially if, like that soon-to-be-wed couple, you have an isolated house with a sea view and your own private beach.

I must admit I was bowled over by the place last week but not in a good way. Howling, gale force winds almost swept me off my feet as I arrived at RAF Valley, where the Prince works as a search and rescue helicopter pilot.

The royal press pack were waiting for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to fly in from RAF Northolt, near London, on an executive jet, but the 50mph winds almost prevented their plane from landing.

blog-prince-william-01.jpgPrince William had planned to greet his grandparents on the airfield apron and show them around the Sea King helicopter he flies on rescue missions. But their rendezvous had to be moved into a hangar to avoid everyone getting hypothermia.

The ten minute rendezvous finally took place as planned, but as I left the strong wind blew my notebook out of my hand and I was in despair until a kind policeman chased after it and returned it to me.

Most of us reporters and photographers had arrived the previous evening after a five hour journey from London. When we all gathered in a hotel nearby for dinner there was just one topic of conversation – the royal honeymoon.

We are not planning to invade it, of course, but we were playing guessing games as to where it will be.

The snappers thought it would probably be somewhere like cold, rainy Balmoral. They reckon that during the recession any honeymoon in a sun-soaked luxury resort would make Kate and Will look extravagant and heedless of ordinary people’s troubles.

blog-balmoral-01.jpgThe Queen’s highland home, they argued, would also guarantee the couple complete privacy as well as a low cost break.

I disagreed strongly. This is hopefully the only honeymoon Kate and William will ever have as this royal marriage has got to be one that lasts.

So, why should they be deprived of a fantastic, once in a lifetime holiday in a sunny place?

Yes, I know they have fantastic holidays in places like Mustique, Ibiza and Kenya every year, but they aren’t like us ordinary folk who can grab a package deal and hop on a plane to Spain.

They can only truly relax in a secure place where the paparazzi can’t find them. Will (as friends and family call him) has an extremely stressful job and deserves a complete rest.

For me, Mustique would be a perfect haven. Kate’s parents were there in January which makes me think they could have been checking out villas for their daughter and future son-in-law.


Will and Kate had been there a few times most recently in 2009, renting the exclusive Villa Rocina, which has its own infinity pool.

Photographers, who are banned from the island, but cruise around in boats offshore, did catch them sunning themselves on a yacht. No doubt there will be heavier security on the royal honeymoon and paparazzi snappers could soon find no respectable newspaper or magazine will buy their pictures.

Who wants to publish shots which destroy the private happiness of these royal newlyweds? Most British newspaper readers would be outraged.

I would also suggest that there is another point to consider. Anyone who has lived and worked in Anglesey over this past Winter, deserves some sunshine and blue skies. In my experience (five visits) they are in short supply around that island which sticks out into the Irish Sea.

Let Kate and William go where they please, PLEASE! And let’s hope no envious Republicans dare to criticise them if they turn up on some exotic isle.

But Will and Kate have proved to be so clever at keeping secrets lately that perhaps we will never find out where they begin married life.


  1. Hot gossip!!!…I have heard that the royal wedding honeymoon will be in the Seychelles!!!…Check this out http://www.holidaysplease.co.uk/honeymoons/royal-wedding/

  2. Everyone,
    The Royals are staying at “Double Island” of Cairns on the Barrier Reef in Queensland. This has been confirmed in our press.

  3. Wow what a beautiful pic of Seven Mile Public Beach. In case anyone was wondering what Island that beautiful beach is on, it is in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands, not Mustique as alluded to in the article.
    It would great to have the royal couple visit us on their honeymoon!! All the best to them on their up coming nuptials.

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