That Dress!

I am getting rather worried about Kate Middleton. She must be under a tremendous amount of pressure created by all the speculation (and I confess I’m guilty of this) about her wedding dress.

Of all the royal weddings I have covered, starting in 1981, not one has kept the name of the wedding dress designer a secret as Kate has.

Diana had the Emanuels, Fergie chose Lindka Cierach and Sophie Rhys-Jones used Samantha Shaw.

So we knew well in advance who had been selected to create the bride’s frock and there was a lot of interest but nothing like the feverish anticipation surrounding this one.

Will it really be Sarah Burton of McQueen, or was that leak a red herring? Will this frock put Britain back on top of the fashion world? Or, will some snooty European designers and fashionistas say Kate’s choice, which she has reportedly helped to design, is a big disappointment?

All this must be incredibly stressful for a girl who has so many other things to worry about right now. As well as preparing for the world’s biggest wedding and her new role as William’s princess, she also has to get organized for her first tour abroad in July – traveling right across Canada for ten days. Each day she will have to wear something comfortable, something appropriate and something that will delight her fans. Phew!

Behind the scenes she also has a lot of last minute paperwork and planning to do. There will be hundreds of thank-you notes to write to those who have sent gifts or just good wishes.

She has to buy presents for her bridesmaids and a million other matters to sort out. Getting married is an ordeal for any girl, never mind one whose wedding will be a TV satellite spectacular viewed by billions around the globe.

So, just multiply the stress of planning an ordinary family’s wedding by around a thousand and you may understand how Kate is feeling. Of course, she has staff to help but the decisions will be all hers and William’s.

By keeping the designer’s name a secret she has saved him/her from unbearable scrutiny. The Emanuels had to cover their windows to prevent paparazzi trying to see what they were creating and Lindka Cierach reported similar problems.

All I know is THE DRESS is not being made at Buckingham Palace. A senior royal source assures me of this.

I seem to recall that the Queen’s sister the late Princess Margaret surprised everyone at her 1960 weddding (I wasn’t around to cover that one) by wearing a starkly plain dress. No lace, no embroidery, no nothin’, just a design that emphasised her tiny waist.

By doing so she focussed attention on her stunningly lovely face and she made a point we should all remember. A wedding dress is supposed to be a supporting player not the star attraction!

So, whatever Kate wears she will look gorgeous. And I’m sure Prince William agrees with me.

If she sticks to her elegant, classic style her dress won’t overwhelm her the way Diana’s did. It also won’t soon look out of date. Those wedding pictures will be endlessly published around the globe for years so something stylish but timeless is called for, I think.

Kate is a clever woman, so, I suspect she has two dresses being made right now – one to wow us in the morning and a totally different one to wear in the evening at the dinner for friends and family at Buckingham Palace. Two dresses equals double the stress!


  1. Has it ever occurred to anyone that she is going to wear her mother’s wedding dress?

  2. Debora Huggins

    I am going to throw this out there but I am about 99% sure I am SO wrong about it: What if she does it herself? Meaning she designs it herself and gets others to sew it for her? Maybe that is why know one knows who it is?

  3. Think her mother’s making it.
    Keeps the costs down!

  4. That’s what I came here to say. That would be a very sweet gesture.

  5. Maybe shes wearing Dianas dress, after all shes already wearing her ring and will be travelling in her carriage and might well end up living in her old home in Kensington Palace!

  6. She did work at Jigsaw, Right?!? I agree that she could be designing her own dress and WHAT IF her mother or friends are seamstress. Wouldn’t that take the snobbery out of it for you Judy Wade.

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